Donald Trump’s Blind Eye Towards Russia

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As each day goes by, more damning evidence reveals the multiple failures of the Trump administration’s inability to act on Russia’s tampering with the security of the United States. Despite the selective blindness of the Trump administration, the patterns of Russian hacking and election manipulation are clear to see, and cause for concern for those who value fair elections and security from foreign invasions.


President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia go back much farther than the 2016 presidential election, but the blatant disregard for national security since Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign began should cause concern for all Americans:

Donald Trump formally launches campaign for US President

Donald Trump is elected as the President of the USA

Trump takes the oath of office to become the 45th US President

Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty

Rick Gates Pleads Guilty

It is no longer enough to just Boycott Donald Trump and his business interests.


Demand action from your representatives and vote to remove and keep Trump’s treasonous enablers out of office.


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One thought on “Donald Trump’s Blind Eye Towards Russia

  1. Bj

    Can’t b serious about Russia /Trump connection. If they had something we would have seen it by now. Especially, as bad as they want this president out.

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