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In addition to choosing to shop at stores that do not promote Trump’s values by carrying his merchandise, here are more ways to actively get involved:


Contact the retailers who profit from a relationship with Trump and let them know that you want all products from the Trump family of brands removed from their stores.  Send a simple, yet direct message regarding your intentions as a customer:

Hello, I’ve been a loyal customer of yours in the past.  However, I’m no longer able to shop with you due to your profiting from your relationship with the highly politicized Trump family of brands.  If you decide to discontinue your relationship with the Trump family of brands, then I will consider returning as a customer. 

Sincerely, [your name]





The 2020 elections proved that the country is ready to move on from the Trump era. Learn how you can help at SwingLeft.org.


Donate your time, money, and/or other resources to charities and non-profit organizations that also have concerns regarding Trump’s potential conflicts of interest and abuse of power.



#BoycottDonald #BoycottTrump

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144 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Michelle

    Thank you for but for providing a list of all the stores that I will be shopping at now. I wasn’t sure which ones actually supported Trump, and now that I know I am so grateful! Now I know exactly where to shop you guys have done a great job at those thank you so much!

    1. Libtroller

      Thank you! For outing yourself as a traitorous imbecile…always good to know where you’re at 😃

    1. Jessica

      I would like to know this, as well. I know Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack officially cut ties with Ivanka Trump’s brand last year, but I’ve been seeing a resurgence of her shoes there. Surely this can’t be old stock? I rely heavily on Nordstrom and want to make sure nothing has changed before I refresh my summer wardrobe.

    2. Jimmy C Esquibel

      Viva el Trump!!!

      1. Libtroller

        No seas pendejo. Solo los latinos sin huevos apoyan a ese idiota.

  2. Don Falk

    This is really important work, thank you. For the companies that you have identified as supporting Trump’s corrupt empire, is there any way you could provide some information about the nature of their connection, that is, what in their business is the cause of the listing? This would make it easier for us to pressure them to change that part of their business. Now the links just go to the companies’ web pages which aren’t informative.

  3. Katherine Papini

    Thank you for your list of where not to shop. I just printed it so I can use that list of the only places that I will shop. You people are sick f…s.

    1. Libtroller

      Use the list to buy a new keyboard, you seem to be missing some letters.

  4. Charles

    Thank you. It takes guts to act on your convictions in such a big, important way. I just wrote to Lord & Taylor and let them know that I would not buy their products until they get off of this list.

    Hello Trump supporters. For the few of you who are racist or wealthy, I admit that you chose wisely. For the rest of you, please weigh our President’s actions against his words and at least consider the possibility that you may have been conned by an excellent con man who is not working hard for you or acting in your best interests.

  5. Alan Waggoner

    I just spoke with Ivanka. She wanted me to thank you for putting this boycott thing together. Because of your unabashed hatred of her and her father, loyal, patriotic Americans are buying her clothes and perfumes at a record pace. She wanted me to request that you double down on your hatred of her and her family. She thinks she can even bread the record sale of the last couple of months if you do. Sincerely, a true American who supports your right to voice your opinion. Unlike you.

    1. Barbara

      Great reply, Alan. Go Ivanka!

      1. Criswell

        Yes, by all means support her subminimum wage Chinese sweatshops. Make China Great Again!

    2. Libtroller

      This whole idea that questioning our leaders and taking politically-motivated action is somehow unpatriotic or un-American is asinine and ignorant. But so was your vote.

  6. Coleen

    Thank you for creating this page. I have now blocked a whole list of retail stores where I frequently shop. This is hard me because I really like some of these stores but I believe it is for the best.

    1. Astoria Jim

      For better or worse, we are free to shop at…or boycott…product or service providers with whom we agree or disagree, regardless of the quality of their product. Years ago, a contractor in my then all-white neighborhood made a point of hiring a disproportionate share of young black men as apprentices. The story was that a fellow black soldier had saved his life during the war, and this was his way of repaying him. Because of this, some homeowners were more likely to hire him, while others were less likely to hire him. In a perfect world the quality of the work would be all that mattered. But if anyone chooses to make political considerations part of their buying decisions, that is their business. Each of us is free to establish our own criteria.

    2. Jake

      You’re all robots. I’ll shop wherever the hell I want. It’s no different than buying Tommy Hilfiger. What are all the stupid stores gonna do sell her clothing again if her father does a great job for this crappy country. I see nothing wrong and what he’s doing. Liberals need to just shut up and move on

      1. Libtroller

        While I don’t agree with your point of view, Jake, at least yours makes some logical sense. You think our country is “crappy” and you want to see it destroyed, so of course you see nothing wrong with what Trump is doing. Thanks for being honest.

  7. Patriot

    Why don’t the stores that are boycotting simply put a sign on their doors…WE DO NOT SELL TO REPUBLICANS OR TRUMP SUPPORTERS HERE ? That way, the free people of the US would know who is discriminating against them and who actually believes in the Constitution, still.
    At least then I’d certainly ‘know my place’ and could choose freely where to spend my hard-earned money. When did POLITICS become part of marketing footprints? RETAIL and CONSUMER do not belong in the politico structure, any more than telling people which bathroom they could use based on their race ! Didn’t this U.S. of A. conduct a war on several levels and in several generations to establish that change of mind-set? Are “you people” purporting some kind of revolution? Watch out. People have long memories. RETAILERS: DON’T FORGET YOUR MISSION STATEMENTS AT TOP LEVEL…Who are your target markets? Use the old 80/20 rule…who is giving you 80% of your business? Radicals? Don’t count on it, they are too busy protesting (something-anything to keep them from going to school, college, work, etc). MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and drop this grab-your-wallet scheme.
    A Patriot and Citizen

    1. VFox

      “…the free people of the US would know who is discriminating against them and believes in the constitution…” What?? How in anyway is a store that does not sell a particular product discriminating against YOU?? How could it possibly mean the store owners do not believe in the constitution??? Do you even understand what you wrote? Freedom of choice is based on the US constitution, jackass.

  8. Bob

    I want to thank you for showing all the stores who dropped the Trump products. Now I know NOT to shop at those stores again. Im pretty sure that your protests are just going to help the Trumps out. Thank you

    1. Anti-Bob

      Doubt you, most Trump supporters, could even afford to shop at “those stores” — your absence won’t make a dent to their sales.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        Wow. So Trump supporters have no money. Nice. Labeling people based on who they voted for.

    2. Hoping for Better

      Just sent this through to Bloomies–sigh–I liked shopping there….

      I am a loyal Bloomgindales (and occasional Macy’s) shopper. I am very disheartened that the two stores still carry Trump family goods. Now that Ivanka is officially assistant to Donald Trump, I can no longer sit passively and have my dollars ultimately support a family that I see as corrupt and disgraceful. I opened my wedding registry at Bloomingdale’s last year and I promise that I will not shop at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s again until I know that Trump goods have been removed.

      I think you might want to be aware of this but it is possible that an associate and Trump supporter insulted me at your store at 59th Street and Lexington (NYC) when I shopped there at your recent home sale. Let me explain. I am a female of Chinese descent. An associate was helping another customer and it seemed like a complex transaction (maybe a special order or something that was requiring a lot of paperwork). Because the customer and sales associate were quite engrossed at the register, I lingered far enough away from the counter so I could browse other merchandise but close enough so I could hear what they were saying. They were very pleasant to each other but when I came closer to the counter (because I knew that they were wrapping up paperwork) the sales associate (I did not catch her name or remember what she looked like except that she was probably in her 50s, Caucasian and thin) got a bit agitated and she said something like “that’s ok, because we’re Americans.” Her customer also seemed a bit perplexed at how her conversation got there. My theory is that she might have been saying that because I –not white, like her — was in her presence. Who knows…nowadays people say all sorts of awful things. In any case, it’s possible she didn’t mean any insult to me. But that said, in Trump’s ideal world, our divisions as a country have cracked wide open, there is no civility, there is no grace. Though I won’t assume Ivanka is a bad person, she now officially supports bad policies and a world which I will fight against with the small arsenal, influence and buyer power I have. Please listen.

  9. Momma

    Thanks for the spread sheet I now know where I can support the Trumps
    There are 60,000,000 of us
    I doubt we are all ignorant neandrathals…maybe we just got tired of the same old b.s.

  10. Drop Fox Now

    Did you know, your cable or satellite subscription pays Fox News every month?

    Whether or not you watch, whether or not you support their views — Comcast, Spectrum, Dish, Directv and all the other TV providers pay Fox News a fee, every month, for every subscriber.

    That’s millions of dollars every month — funded by you and I – through the cable subscriptions we pay, without any opportunity for us to say no because they bundle the channel with everything else.

    Why should we support views we find offensive??!

    It’s time we demand our cable and satellite providers make Fox News a separate, optional channel purchase.

    Tell them you want the option to exclude Fox News from your current subscription package.

    Let’s stop funding media companies with alternative agendas!

    1. Tina Sveinson

      What if I find msnbc bias? Shouldn’t I have right not to pay for that? We all need to be more accepting and more tolerant of views different than our own. Make choice not to watch, that’s what I do with msnbc.

      1. Drop Fox Now

        Yes Tina, you do have a right not to pay for MSNBC !

        Tolerance and acceptance of alternate views does not require we financially support such views. Demanding cable providers give us a choice of channels is a basic principal of capitalism.

        Call your provider – demand they no longer charge you for channels you do not want!

        Unless you believe in a more socialist approach by paying for all television channels…

        1. Tina Sveinson

          Then you would have to investigate every company you give money to and see what their political views are and who they contribute money to.

    2. D Ding

      Maybe you need to stop supporting Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo? Or is it only what is convenient for you? Grow up and put away your safety pins and safe places. This article was on USA Today. “Tech Giants Donated To Trump Innauguration”. If this is Fake News blame USA Today – not me. I support our president and his family!

      1. Drop Fox Now

        ROFL (literally)

        You still use Yahoo??!! They’ve been irrelevant for over a decade.

        Most US companies donate to both parties election campaigns and to inauguration events to ensure the new administration does not shut them out. Difficult to fault any company paying hostage fees to the POTUS-elect. This is entirely different than publicly supporting a particular candidate to the exclusion of the other party. But I guess that nuance is lost on low information voters.

    3. Claudette Walton

      I only watch Fox News. Bill O’Reilly, Tucker and Hannity As well as Fox and Friends. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC AND CBS are so filled with lies and hatred. I have never been so optimistic for our economy. The media on the left is like HITLER. Trying to shut people up and if they don’t like what you say, they try and destroy cities and college campuses! Burning up their own opportunities for growth.

    4. Sean Roth

      For the same reason us conservatives have to pay to support your goofy MSNBC and CNN.

      Come on liberals! You had your president for the past 8 years. Time for a real president now.

  11. L smith

    Thank you now I no where I can shop and support the trump family

  12. Beast

    Thank you for publishing all the outlets carrying Trump products and the ones boycotting them. That way I know the stores to support that failed to give in to your “blackmail.” Why don’t you have a few more riots, destroy personal property, prevent the exercise of political free speech, and then accuse your political adversaries of being Nazis. Too bad you don’t see the irony.

    1. Libtroller

      There’s no irony here, Beast, only blind, thoughtless following on your part. If you’d think for yourself, you’d know that the people participating in this boycott are not necessarily the same people stupidly destroying property or stopping racist morons from speaking. You’ve been conditioned by your overlords to think that all people who don’t think like you do are all the same and all evil. That’s right out of the fascist handbook…create a common enemy and demonize them. Congratulations, genius.

  13. Bob

    Grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Libtroller

      Okay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jim

    ….noticed your comment — “I don’t instigate, I respond”. Seems like you might have more in common with “The Donald” than you realize, huh? He’s the President now- I didn’t vote for him, but want him to succeed.

    1. Libtroller

      What exactly do you want him to succeed at? Gutting healthcare? Destroying the environment? Reversing years of social progress and acceptance? Starting World War 3? No thanks.

  15. sam reed

    Nordstrom.com is still selling Trump(Ivanka’s products). Just type Trump in the search field (I did a few minutes ago) and (3) items pop up.

  16. Marlene

    So, thinking patriotically and all, I think people would be more tolerant of Ivanka’s brand if she opened a factory in, say, Indiana and actually employed Americans. But she doesn’t. Her stuff is all made in China, which is nice in that people buying her products support jobs for the Chinese. The Chinese company that makes her shoes is planning a move to Ethiopia, so soon people who buy her shoes will support jobs for Ethiopians, which is also very nice. (https://qz.com/803626/ivanka-trumps-shoe-collection-may-be-moving-from-made-in-china-to-made-in-ethiopia/). Of course, this doesn’t help American jobs in the least. So if you really care about American jobs, it doesn’t make sense to buy Ivanka’s shoes. Better yet, start a group to ask Ivanka to make her stuff in a factory in the US and see how that goes.

    I got curious and looked up her shoes at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, her own website, and Walmart. I found an Ivanka shoe, a black suede block heel pump, for sale on all websites. The only difference is that the shoe costs $130 at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and her own website, but only $68 dollars at Walmart. So, I don’t know but all of you who went to buy her stuff anywhere but Walmart are paying way more than you need to.

    1. bill jessen

      liberal morons. Donald Trump is President not because he is liked. He is President because people are fed up with your extreme liberal Obama agenda that most decent Americans reject. I will gladly shop all the companies that you want to boycott.

      1. libtroller

        Most Americans didn’t want Trump, and still don’t. Facts are inconvenient, aren’t they?

        1. Steve

          Visited this site for the first time yesterday. Like the passion but discouraged by the stupidity. Hey libtroller, do you spend your entire existence on this site? You must be very proud of how much effect you are having on others opinions. Dripping with sarcasm.
          Reminds me of Facebook users who post political opinions. When will you understand that people couldn’t care less about your opinion. But if it makes you feel important and powerful in some way, go for it. Completely wasted time.

          1. Marelene

            Exactly right. Most American do not approve of Trump and many Republicans do not either. This will come down to liberty or authoritarianism. If Trump is able to suppress the media, eliminate the right to assemble and protest, override the power of our courts, create lists of “others” considered enemies of the US, escape all investigations of ethics and conflict of interest, and rule with a tight click of un-elected advisors and family members, we no longer have America. Our Constitution will just be a piece of paper. We would have a dictatorship, people.

            Americans used to say, “give me liberty or give me death” and they were fiercely resistant to any authoritarian regime. This is what kept America great, this is the good fight. We fought against authoritarian regimes in WWII but I have the feeling that today’s Trump supporters might be quite sympathetic to the Axis powers. Mussolini, Hitler and all the little despots of Europe suppressed the media, eliminated the right to assemble and protest, overrode the power of the courts, create lists of “others” considered enemies of their countries, escaped all investigations of ethics and conflict of interest, and rule with a tight click of un-elected advisors and family members. This also describes Russia today. It is unbelievable that there are Americans in 2017 who have lost sight of the good fight and seem to welcome authoritarianism. You may have disliked Obama but it is absurd and dangerous to pivot to supporting a dictatorship.

            We are speaking out, libtroller and I, because if we do not do so whenever we can, we are complicit in the destruction of our Constitution. We love our country and don’t want this to happen. We don’t want to live in an American version of Russia. I don’t think Trump supporters have fully understood the implications of Trump/Bannon’s worldview and how dangerous it is for all the freedoms we take for granted. Our soldiers died for these freedoms, for the freedoms in the Constitution, remember that.

            1. Mike Allen Morrell

              Well said Marlene, my sentiments exactly

            2. Concerned bystander

              ??as a Canadian watching this catastrophe develop in the USA, I applaud this intelligent response. Daily the world is subjected to the unintelligent and non-factual remarks made from the highest office in the land, the unstable tweets, and a dictatorship agenda begin to unfold. We, the world are flabbergasted that this narsacistic, mysoginist, racist and unethical liar could be elected by any group of people in this century. That people actually think he is a representative of the people or God is mind boggling. Do the individuals who voted him in not read or have access to resources or tools that would clearly prove most of what he says is untruthful or embellished? Of course he and anything that represents his name, “beliefs” and agenda will be boycotted. It is my hope that Canada will also boycott anything Trump branded. Keep up the great work and don’t allow your voice to be silenced. This man and his agenda demonstrate daily that he is not for the American people, life or liberty….he is about himself, a portion of the American people and his distorted truth.

          2. libtroller

            Hey Steve! I appreciate your concern with how I spend my time (not really). You should probably pay more attention. I’ve managed to have a couple of good, meaningful exchanges on here, but that only happens with people who don’t post foolishness. You bring foolishness, that’s what you’re gonna get. Luckily, whoever runs this site seems to be OK with me posting. I fight fire with fire, and ridiculousness with ridiculousness. I don’t instigate, I respond. Passion takes on different forms, this is just one of the many forms my passion for this cause takes on.

          3. Richard Mckoy

            But God did, so who do you think will win?

          4. p c

            go trump

        2. BP

          Obviously you don’t understand the electoral college and seem to forget the dems have lost in every election since 2012. Facts are inconvenient. 🙂

      2. Cookie girl

        Bill, they will never get it. These are the lesser of the human race as depicted by their actions. They don’t realize two can play this game. As a, at least once a day, Starbucks former supporter, I am finishing what they started. I no longer support Starbucks. I spent a great deal of $ there each day including tips. I will do the same with every company that wants to play this game. Their loss not mine. What’s comical, I’m more liberal than conservative. I couldn’t support anymore Obama babies in the White House.

    2. Katina

      I cannot believe that this is the way that American Citizens are behaving, just because the outcome wasn’t what you wanted. Very sad how you attack a woman for being a productive human being.

      1. libtroller

        I should try not to get tired of explaining this over and over again. This is not about the election. The election is over and no longer matters. What matters is the current president and what he is doing. That is what this is about. And that woman you’re talking about actively supports Trump politically. When you throw yourself in the political ring like that, behind a person like Trump, you’re naive to not expect this kind of blowback.

    3. ran

      I will buy from stores on boycott list. Let sears and kmart and the rest of the stores be loser.

      1. libtroller

        Hey ran, how about we just let you be loser and call it a day?

    4. Steve

      So short sighted. Yeah, let’s boycott these companies so they realize a decline in sales and in turn lay off hard working staff. No concern at all about the lower or middle class just an obsession resulting from getting your asses trounced in the election. Yeah, those libs are really concerned for the working class.

      1. libtroller

        I’ll try not to get tired of repeating this as well: tell me who has been laid off because of this boycott. Tell me about one person you know of. I’ll wait…

    5. Dan

      You talk about where her stuff is made but this group wants you to support Nike where do you think all of there stuff is made. The is the dumbest statement I have ever head. Because of the backwards trade deals we have almost all of our stuff is made out of the country. You need to read and learn before you type workds

    6. Tina Sveinson

      Whoopi Goldberg makes her sweaters in China aldi. Do we boycott her?

      1. Libtroller

        Wait, Whoppi Goldberg is the president?? This all makes sense now!!

    7. Claudette Walton

      Good for them! Products should not be about politics.

  17. Donald

    I will encourage all my friends to shop at LL Bean! Great store and quality merchandise!

    1. libtroller

      I’m sure LL Bean will enjoy the 2 additional customers.

      1. Claudette Walton

        I will boycott all stores that don’t support our president

  18. Lisa H.

    Thank you for what you are doing. I am sickened and disheartened by the damage that donald trump has already done to our democracy, the incompetent people he has appointed, nepotism gone awry, etc. So much of it is for his own profit and furthering his own interests. NOT what a president should be doing. He seems to be greatly influenced by “MONEY” and if that is the language he speaks, then I will start speaking it too! Nothing mean spirited about that. !

    1. Mike

      Why do you what to punish a daughter for supporting a father.

      1. libtroller

        She’s not getting punished for familial support. She’s getting punished for political support. She helped him get elected and appears to be a close advisor. That’s much more than just “supporting dad.”

        1. None of your Business

          Not libtroller you mean libtard, wake up you hating Nazi, Thanks for putting us in Power in Washington for a very long time,,backfiring sucks man,,,,,So funny you idiots are when angry everyday!

          1. Dan

            Amen to that. Name someone that is not influenced by money. Lisa do you work if you do you don’t do it for your health you do it for money. He is not even drawing a paycheck did Obama do that. No he did not. I voted for him and I hope he does good. There was no way I wanted Hilary in there and have four more years of the same crap. He is not a normal president he is not going to kiss your all and make you feel good all the time. Get real and quit complaining and help bring the country together

      2. Claudette Walton

        Prove it you moron

  19. RA Jones

    “Grab Your Wallet” was posted in one of my groups. I tried making the contacts from the list of businesses. By the time I made about 25 contacts, the majority of the replies were from Customer Service for the business, stating they were not able to address my concerns. I tried calling some of the numbers for corporate Has but kept getting diverted by to the customer service telephone menu. Only a couple personally replied to my email. For anyone that has used the list and had success, what is the solution for the invalid, useless contacts?

  20. Cannot find an e-mail address for grab your wallet?

    Thank you
    Mary Hart
    We sell Ivanka Trump fragrance

    1. Michael Kafir

      Don’t CRY liberal loser! WE DEPLORABLES are also “boycotting” EVERY Liberal retail store, Starsucks,, Ben & Jerry, Facebook, Twitter, Planned Holocausthood, UNESCO. And every Demorat candidate. Two can play your little game. Now go crawlinto your “safe space’, get your Blankie, and legos, and CRY some More. Because we Deplorables, who unlike you, belive in HUMAN LIFE, will REELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP in 2020.Let’s play ball, shall, we, Soros?

      1. libtroller


    2. Claudette Walton

      Grabyourwallet is USELESS. Look at the Dow since TRUMP was elected! God bless President Trump! I ditched Nordstroms, Target and all that are anti Trump and businesses that hate his supporters. The press is going down! This is a war against the people who voted for a REAL president who calls out LIARS ON THE AIR!

    3. Barbara

      Yes, doesn’t GrabYourWallet have an email address? I understand Wegmans is selling Trump Beer. Is Whole Foods selling anything Trump? BTW how much money is #45 spending to go down to Florida every weekend on our dime?

  21. J V

    Don’t you have anything better to do than attack people? You’re a disgrace to our country. One nation under God…..

    1. RA Jones

      Actually, we’re preventing ourselves from being “One Nation Under Trump – and his deplorable.”

      1. You silly progressives just don’t get it. O’s policies were REJECTED. This pathetic attempt to attack our legally elected President through attacks on his children is disgusting. I don’t care if you do publish my email. I proudly support our president and his agenda. Thanks for the list of places to support. If you try to punish our president with these tactics we will use the same against you. Stores and organizations that fall for this cheap, pathetic sore loser plan will lose my business. So, you lose some and you gain some. You, whatever your name is, are a pathetic, childish sore loser. remember…”Elections have consequences” Barack Obama 2009.

        1. libtroller

          blah blah blah blah same same same same

          1. Dan

            Great comment P singer. That is exactly there problem. Amen. Oh that is not PC oh who cares we got the guy in the white house that will allow us to say those things

          2. Claudette Walton

            I agree! Anyone boycotting President Trump is the enemy. Not President Trump.

  22. Tina Sveinson

    I think it’s horrible to punish the child of Donald Trump, Ivanka, who has done nothing wrong. Such intolerance being shown by the left. Should Chelsea Clinton be punished for the sins of her father? I have contacted Nordstrom and let them know the unfairness of what they did and that I will not shop at a store who will decide what I can or cannot buy based on the agenda of a group to punish someone who has done nothing Let the shopper decide

    1. libtroller

      Uh, she helped get that racist blowhole elected. She did plenty wrong.

  23. Kay Carpenter

    Thanks for the list of stores to “boycott”. I will be using your list to SUPPORT every one of these stores. And I will be boycotting stores that are weak enough to bow down to your ridiculous actions. Grow up and quit pouting!

    1. J V


  24. esther fusco

    What a great idea. I am going to boycott every place that I use to go to now that I know what you are doing. Congratulations, this is a great idea. The Trump family only loves money and really do not care about America. Boycotting their goods may help.

  25. Beverly

    You people make me sick. You are what is WRONG with our country. He was elected, give him a chance. You all need to go get a life!!!!!

  26. Shari

    Time to boycott anyone who complies with this nasty un-American boycott. I will use social media to spread the counter boycott of anyone who is a client of yours at Double Known Marketing. One good deed deserves another.

  27. JCD

    There is no need to boycott these businesses; they deserve our support as U.S. companies. It’s easy to know what the Trumps own – just don’t buy their merchandise or stay at their hotels/clubs etc.

  28. Ken

    Moat Americans that work everyday, attend church, and pay taxes for the dead beats are glad we finally have a patriot in the White House. Too many years of liberal jerks wanting to tear this great country down led to the election outcome. Progressives are communist. Communism does not work. Individual freedom is more important than collective group thought. Liberals are like sheep being led to the slaughter, and don’t realize the problems they have created until it’s too late. Thank God for Donald Trump!!

    1. Marlene

      I think we all agree that communism, an outdated concept, does not work, no quibbles there. You know, of course, that the largest share of your taxes is going to support your elderly relatives on social security and medicare. If you and your family are really concerned about “deadbeats” you can start at home and refuse to accept government entitlements of social security and medicare. If all the deadbeat elderly would refuse to accept government handouts, then at least we could eliminate this socialist redistribution of income in our country. Speaking of the elderly, you are probably pleased that Trump has eliminated that pesky requirement that financial advisors no longer have to put their clients’ interests above their own. They can now promote 401K investments that may not be good for the clients but provide a nice commission. So much better for the finance business. But then , stupid people who need a financial advisor in the first place probably deserve being scammed, don’t you think.

      The boycott has to do with Trump, his mental instability, and his disregard for our Constitution, the document that binds us all together. You may want to read it. For example, the Emolument clause of the Constitution states: “And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.” (Article I, Section 9, Clause 8) Trump’s businesses are not in keeping with our Constitution. Yet another reason not to support Trump products, as his businesses are currently breaking the law. But if you don’t care about this, and if you feel that Trump is not rich enough and you would like to help, then by all means empty your wallet and fill his.

      1. Dennis

        Your so called deadbeats are the ones that gave you life. They have paid into a program that was offered to them when they first starting working. It would be like when you get ready to retire and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and the next generation decides you need to give that money to support all of the illegals that you so willing to let into this country. Based on your comments about Trump it sounds to me that you would be happy to give away the money you saved.

        I think if they (the elderly) paid into a program they should be able to use it. If you want to stop giving out social security and Medicare than stop giving it to the illegals. Government programs should only be for US citizens and US citizens are the only ones that should be able to receive any government subsidizes.

        If I want to donate to the illegals, than that is my choice. But if I don’t want to than that is my choice as well. I am tired of my hard earned income going to help people that come into our country illegally. It’s not my fault they had to leave their countries. Maybe instead of protesting in my streets they should do it back in their home country. I just hate it when I see someone protesting in America carrying a Mexican flag. If they love Mexico so much then go back home and fix your own country. Don’t try and make my country like the one you left.

        1. libtroller

          You clearly seem to think that illegal immigrants are walking around with wads of tax dollars in their back pockets. Got any kind of legitimate source for that “fact?”

          1. Marlene

            Well, I would be upset too if the government decided to give all my savings to undocumented immigrants. That would be weird. I don’t know what tax law or federal program you are referring to. Instead, the government takes my taxes and redistributes it to social security and medicare and to the military (a huge national employer) and a teeny tiny bit to national parks and the like. The reason we have social security and medicare is because of the extreme poverty experienced by the elderly in the past and it was felt that we needed to help these Americans.

            Still, if people believe that they should only live by their bread alone and they hate government entitlements then they ought do what they preach and reject all government assistance such as disability payments, unemployment benefits, the ACA, and government job re-training programs and the like. And elderly people who have never worked, say widowed housewives now receiving their husbands’ social security, should reject it. I mean, either you are with the government or against it. You can’t pocket benefits and then say you hate government handouts. Paul Ryan is there you there as he would like to eliminate all government handouts.

            But I now understand that the deadbeats you are talking about are illegals, not Americans on disability or unemployment insurance or social security or the ACA who, in some political spheres (Paul Ryan, for example), are deadbeats and ‘takers’ as well. I must say I am confused about how your “hard earned income is going to help people that come into our country illegally”. What do you mean? Who is donating your money to the illegals? To do what?

            The vast majority of illegals are here working hard, really hard, doing hard jobs like picking tomatoes or lemons for 12 hours a day in the baking sun. Taxes are taken out of their wages but they don’t get any benefits in return because they are undocumented. So, in fact, they are subsidizing you. And you should be reassured that far fewer illegal immigrants are coming to American than ever before, which is creating a problem for farmers whose workforce is often around 70% illegal. Farmers all say it is really hard to find Americans willing to do these jobs – would you do it? If we deport all illegals, you will find a lot less produce in your grocery store and what there is will be much more expensive. Read this article on how farmers who backed Trump are getting nervous about the immigration ban: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/09/us/california-farmers-backed-trump-but-now-fear-losing-field-workers.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=second-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

            1. libtroller

              All of this right here. Amazing comment.

  29. Jeremy

    Thanks for list. My family WILL SUPPORT TRUMP FRIENDLY BUSINESSES…and boycott stores that cave to the new nazis. …
    Jobs are jobs..money is money…that’s what a business is…

    1. libtroller

      I honestly don’t get the “new nazi” thing.

  30. Marlene

    Thank you for starting this boycott and for putting together this webpage. It is having an impact. Blue states and blue cities are wealthier than red states – in fact, we send them annual subsidies – so our spending decisions have a significant impact. Ivanka’s shoes are now being made in Ethiopia because even Chinese workers proved too costly. Now she can expand her profit margin even more because the prices are not going down to reflect cheaper Ethiopian labor. It would be one thing if she repudiated her father’s policies but she stands by him and continues to profit from her name (she has not yet filed the paperwork to separate herself from her business). Why should I make her even richer than she is by buying her shoes?
    This has nothing to do with Hillary losing the election but has everything to do with who won. The right wing is making up reasons for the protests against Trump because if they actually asked a protestor, not a one would say “because Hillary lost”. It is because we have a mentally unstable, unqualified man in office who is unable to maintain even the basic decorum and dignity required of the Office of President. He is picking fights with every world leader, allies and enemies alike, apart from Putin, which is deeply troubling in its own right. He is being advised by Bannon, a troubled man with a demented view of the world who has said he is a Leninist committed to the destruction of society. Do all of you Trump supporters want more war? The Founding Fathers would be appalled and horrified by Donald Trump as President. They were learned men, deep thinkers, who had great respect for education and knowledge. Everything Trump is not. Trump is dismantling our country, challenging its very Constitution, and those of us who consider ourselves patriots cannot stand idly buy. We do not want to live in an authoritarian society, with all media controlled by the government, all dissent suppressed, oligarchs getting even richer as the rest of the country stagnates, wars everywhere to distract from domestic troubles, etc. even if Trump supporters do. Remember this: the Ayatollah in Iran began his power grab with “Iran First” and then attacked the free press, kicked all “others”, and began jailing dissenters. Trump is starting to do what every authoritarian figure always does, nothing new at all.
    I follow the conservatives press. I would dare all trump supporters to read some centrist and liberal media to at least understand what the arguments are against Trump. Don’t just rely on Fox and fake Facebook news to tell you what to think.

    1. None of your Business

      Your a funny Socialist,,,,Get a life. Republicans will now be in power in Washington for the next 20-30 years! Thank you

  31. Donna

    Lets boycott all the things that the Clinton family are involved also. After all, Bill did get a very public blow job under his desk while his wife turned the other cheek. What is worst as a man saying what you might do or having many open affairs while you were a sitting President. And while we are at it lets punish Chelsea for her fathers mistakes also. Only seems fair! Reality is Reality.

    1. Betty Boo

      Best idea yet–I had no idea all these stores were affiliated with Trump. If you don’t go out to protest, boycotting his businesses, calling and emailing Congress along your state reps are very effective. Can you believe the carnage this man has caused in 2 weeks–DANGEROUS. He is a disgrace to the U.S. and the world.

      Thanks for this list.

    2. libtroller

      Nope, Clinton ain’t President anymore, nor is he in a position of power at the moment. Boycotting him would be pointless.

  32. Bob

    You guys are sick and your followers are pathetic cry babies. Get over it sore losers.

    1. Eric James

      When “President Trump” sends your babies to war, who will be crying then? When “President Trump ” dismantles our constitution and removes the laws that protect our environment , who will be crying then? When “President Trump” and is cronies in Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act and 20 million of our less affluent citizens are without healthcare , who will be crying then? When “President Trump” and his Republicans Stooges on Congress dismantle Medicare and send block grants to the states and let the states decide who and how much their citizens receive, who will be crying then ?

      1. Dennis

        I think everyone has to do their part in protecting our environment so why don’t you start doing your share. Turn off your electricity, stop using your computer, stop driving your car, stop eating meat because cows are a big factor in destroying our ozone layer, and stop using anything that is man made. Go back to the stone age. Everything you touch has traveled by truck and unless those trucks are powered by air, you shouldn’t buy or use anything that is carried on them.

        For your so called 20 million people that would lose their coverage under the affordable care act if it is repealed is really not my problem. How many of them are illegals, or not willing to get a good education so they could afford their own medical insurance. Why should I pay for their short comings?

        1. libtroller

          Ah, the old “appeal to extremes” logical fallacy. Was wondering when that would turn up.

          As for your healthcare argument, how many of them ARE illegal or willfully uneducated? You must know, otherwise your argument is worthless. If you know, please tell us…

      2. esther fusco

        Wonderful response.

    2. karen

      Yes I will boycott..I will boycott Grab Your Wallet. You people are ridiculous! You didn’t get your way in the election so you want to force everyone to bend to your will by boycotting. I will boycott every store that supports your stupid temper tantrum movement, Starting with Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Everytime I see a store give in to your ridiculous demands, I will stop shopping at their stores.

      1. libtroller

        I know it’s easy to think this is about the election, because that doesn’t require you to look at the real reason for protests like this. The election doesn’t matter anymore because it’s over. This isn’t about the election, this is about Trump and what he’s doing to our country. But you don’t want to see that, because that would require to think critically for yourself about what has happened since he’s been in office and how it has already negatively affected the country. No, it’s easier to put your head in the sand and read your Fox News and Breitbart talking points over and over so you know what you’re supposed to think. It’s fine if you don’t want to do the work that democracy and freedom demand. It’s not for everyone. In the meantime, movements like this and what they’re fighting for will continue pushing on to save the country you live in. You’re welcome.

      2. F. Brown

        Do you even shop there>? Probably not. You can keep going to Wal-Mart and TJ Maxx for your wardrobe.

    3. Jim

      I totally agree about the sore losers. I am actually not freaking out over the left’s reaction riots, crying rooms, rhetoric worse than Trump etc. They are imploding on their own stupidity.

    4. Susan Roesch

      Is that the best you can do, Bob? My wallet speaks much louder than your words.

  33. Susan Evans

    Just went to Ivanka Trump’s website. Nice stuff! Decided to purchase a top and a pair of shoes. Thanks Grab Your Wallet for giving us Trump supporters the list of stores you want boycotted. That’s where I’ll be spending my money. Your boycott is laughable!

    1. libtroller

      Your taste in shoes is laughable.

      1. Congratulations. Make sure to post a photo of that MADE IN CHINA stamp on the sole, and be proud of the American jobs that Ivanka killed by outsourcing.

  34. Susan Evans

    Wow, this organization is ridiculous. Like the Trump’s care if you buy their products or not.lol They’ll be just fine without your money. For all of you that are refusing to buy their products and getting stores to boycott their products, there are 10 Trump supporters that will buy their products and boycott the stores that are boycotting the Trump’s. So you’ve only accomplished to hurt a few innocent people that will most likely lose their jobs due to lack of sales. There are also people that hate the Trump’s that will continue to buy their products because they do offer quality products. Also their hotels & gulf courses are top notch. Great experience at any of their establishments. To Connie Bird, don’t you think that it would be a little childish to go to different websites just to write false reviews? You do know you can get in trouble and get sued for that, don’t you? You people need to grow up and accept that Trump is President and no matter what you do it won’t hurt the Trump’s, and it won’t change the fact that he is the President for the next 4 years. So what is this boycott accomplishing?LOL Absolutely NOTHING AT ALL!

    1. libtroller

      Uh, 1 boycotter for every 10 supporters?? Do you get your numbers from Fox News? Most voters didn’t vote for Trump,
      so the numbers are probably reversed. Math and real facts are hard, I know, but they’re worth it.

  35. andrew

    You people are absolutely disgusting. Typical liberal logic in that if someone disagrees with your opinions that you want to destroy their livelihood. We know you are against free market but creating a space like this is very low. I truly hope that this bigotry stops. Hate is a very ugly thing you promote.

    1. libtroller

      Typical conservative logic that if someone exercises their rights to political speech and action they’re somehow hateful and un-American.

  36. Greg K

    I think you people are pathetic. I’m not a registered Republican nor did I vote for Trump. But you people are ruining America more than anyone else. You are causing such companies from selling products that will maybe affect their income and profits which could cause some smaller businesses to go out of business. You are disrupting the economy and most importantly making our county look worse then it could. This is our President. Respect him. You disgust me and you are a disgrace to American values. Get over it. Deal with it. Grabyourwallet?? Grab something else.

    1. libtroller

      Respect him? That’s a stretch. If you can respect that racist, bigoted, sexist douchebag, I question your ability to discern character.

    2. I have a Brain

      Well said

  37. Sharon

    Thanks for your list. Great places to shop and I will.

  38. Sharon

    You people are not allowing comments that speak truth about what you really are.

  39. Personally I’m appalled by your organizations actions. To think that you would want to cause harm not only to the person who created the brand and their welfare, but to the retailer, manufacturers who make their product(s) and all the people who are involved from the lowest to the highest. You think you’re hurting the Trumps but you’re not even thinking of others involved who could lose a job or a store that could lose profits etc. Shameful and downright hurtful. Trump won. Get over it, grow up, MOVE ON already! Life is short and it’s counter-productive to be hurting to more than just the Trumps all because you’re not happy he got elected.

  40. Betty Lankford

    Herbalife should be on this list due to the fact that Carl Icahn is one of the biggest share holders of Herbalife and a very loyal supporter of Trump, Icahn is also a adviser to Trump, so why is Herbalife and all its products not on here ?

  41. Art Lambert

    I really appreciate the list. Now I know which stores I will shop at and buy products from. I never thought about buying from many of these stores but now I will. At least Trump will shake things up in the status quo in Washington and he certainly can’t be any worse than the previous administration. I know, don’t want to be confused with the facts.

    Tanks for the list.
    Art Lambert

    1. Susan

      Honestly, I don’t know how all of you protesters have the time to protest and to create so much animosity in this country. I’m too busy working to support my family and pay my taxes for the less fortunate to benefit from. I would hate for people to loose their jobs because you don’t like what they sell in their store. Are you bullying us to believe in only what you believe in?

      1. Libtroller

        Susan, I’m busy too. But if you can’t make time for political speech and action when you feel it’s called for, you’re not a responsible American. I make the time.

    2. Sharon

      Art I posted a reply but the website would not post it. Obviously, there is not freedom of speech on here. It was not inflammatory. Just the truth. Thanks for your post.

  42. Rhonda Knapp

    I agree with Joan! We will be doing all of our business at the boycotted stores!!!! How can you punish all those people just because they are trying to make a living. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t make it right for you to play with their lives or the lives of others. Who made you God!!!

    1. libtroller

      There is no God, silly. Is this a trick question??

      1. I have a Brain

        How sad

        1. libtroller

          Perhaps for you, but not for me.

  43. Joan Hathman

    Thanks so much for this list. I’ll will be sure and shop at the boycotted places. Makes it so much easier to show you deluded people just how in the minority you are.

    1. libtroller

      Looks like you don’t know what “minority” means.

  44. Connie Bird

    It is so good to hear of an organization that does something to directly hurt/shock Donal Trump, rather than just “talk at” him. Given his escalated behavior, it seems like there are many legal things that could be done to deter guests from his hotels,/golf courses and to deter shoppers from Ivanka’s stores.

    I had been thinking about “guests milling around Trump Towers/outside near the entrances, just annoying. Scruffy looking people could hang out. Food/rooms could be ordered, but found repeatedly unacceptable and sent back. Posts/twitters could be posted either discussing possible “yucch” problems at the Towers or just indicate that to go to Trump’s places is to support our individual/National/possible International demise. Or whatever you could think of that is legal and would cost Trump $. He is very clear that being very very rich, and thought to be wonderful is all that he cares about.

    Thank you!
    Connie Bird LCSW

    1. andrew

      you are a disgusting human being for even thinking this.

    2. CB

      Y’all are really nasty, mean -spirited people! I have never been a Democrat or a republican, but always tended to lean toward the more liberal candidates. However, I am appalled at the way you people have behaved after the election! He is the president! Get over it and quit whining! You are just making yourselves look like spoiled, self-entitled idiots! There have been plenty of presidents that I was not happy about also – but this is counter productive and divisive. Take the high road and channel all that negative energy into doing some good.

      1. libtroller

        As citizens of the United States, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to question our leaders when they are behaving in ways we don’t agree with, and it is our right to protest and resist power that we feel is harmful. It is how dictatorships are prevented, and it is one thing that makes our country great. If you’ve had presidents you didn’t agree with and failed to speak your mind and be active to try to enact change, you’re not doing American democracy right.

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