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Trump brands are carried in a variety of different types of stores including Department Stores, Marketplace Stores, Brand, Clothing, & Shoe Stores, Accessories and Household Stores, and Travel Agencies.

Trump Retail Store Locations to Boycott
Trump Retail Store Locations to Boycott


Although Ivanka Trump reported in 2018 that her fashion brand would be closing, it appears the reports of Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand closing are not true. Products are still widely available and large earnings (up to $1M) are being reported.

These retailers are on the boycott list for carrying one or more of the following brands: Donald J. Trump, Ivanka Trump, Trump Home, Trump Hotels.



These well-known department stores are profiting by selling merchandise from the Trump family of brands. Avoid shopping with these merchants until they remove these products.

  1. Herberger’s
  2. Hudson Bay
  3. Kmart
  4. Lord & Taylor
  5. Macy’s
  6. Rakuten
  7. Sears
  8. Saks Off Fifth
  9. Stein Mart
  10. Von Maur
  11. Younkers


These online marketplaces offer millions of products and unfortunately, there is a wide variety of Trump products available on each of them. Many of these sales will directly enrich the Trump family when they are sold.

  2. HSN
  3. Jet
  5. Rakuten


The Trump family loves to put their name on everything they do (whether it’s good business or not), so it should be easy to spot Trump products in these stores. Vote with your wallet and both avoid products from the Trump family and the stores that support this traitorous family.

  2. DSW
  9. Marshalls
  10. Ross Stores
  11. TJ Maxx
  13. Zappos


Trump products are in stores of many different types. Do your sense of style a favor and avoid Trump Home products as well as these retailers who sell them.

  4. FragranceNet
  6. Perfumania


These online travel agencies could remove the Trump properties from their inventory at any time. Choose better alternatives to ensure that your money does not support the Trump agenda.

  4. Kayak
  5. Orbitz
  7. Travelocity
  8. Trump Hotels


NOTE:  Freedom of speech is highly valued – for this reason, there are no stores penalized solely for carrying Trump’s old books. However, any future appearances, promotions, or endorsements of his books will be closely monitored for potential conflicts of interest.



To learn more about where Trump continues to make money that supports his policies, visit these additional “boycott” pages:



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Trump Retail Store Locations to Boycott
Trump Retail Store Locations to Boycott

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290 thoughts on “Retailers


    Thanks for making it super easy to shop & support all my favorite TRUMP stores!

  2. Ava

    Thank you so much for this site! Now I know what companies to support! #maga

    1. Trump Supporter

      Yes! Thank you for all of your hard work! I’ve been searching for a list of Companies that support President Trump! Now I know exactly where to shop, and I didn’t have to do any work for the info. You rock!

      1. Libtroller

        So you appreciate getting something you didn’t have to work for? You should be ashamed of yourself, Commie!

  3. April

    Is this website still active?

  4. Rachael

    Is this site still going?

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  7. Viny

    I am thankful to see you in the news this Easter 2017! Love being informed of the places like Amazon and Sears etc… to stay away from! Thanks LL Bean for manning up and cutting with Trump and Fox! Thanks again Shannon and team in your effort to make America Great for the first time EVER!

    1. Brigitte

      I love President Donald Trump so much.
      I love Ivanke Trump too.


      I pray for President D. Trump.

  8. GCS

    Thanks for showing us where to support the Trumps!

    1. Libtroller

      Thanks for keeping this one short.

    2. Jennifer Collins

      Do you think we really believe that you could actually afford to stay in one of that narcissist’s hotel or eat in one of his restaurants? Good luck supporting the most morally corrupt individual in history to ever hold the office of the President. If you pay taxes on the money that you are going to “support” him with, you are just another silly rube for the tax-dodging groper-in-chief.

  9. George

    Thanks for listing all the businesses and stores that oppose President Trump and Making America Great Again. Pleaser continue to keep everyone informed as stores and businesses join your stupid “GrabYourWallet” campaign, it helps us keep track of democratic socialists. I’m sure Bernie Sanders is proud of you.

    1. Libtroller

      Please continue to keep everyone informed as words and more words join your stupid comments, it helps us keep track of the Conservasheep.

    2. Kim

      OMG, you have believed his BS, hook, line, & sinker!! ?
      Hang on for the ride, the wheels are a fallin’ off the trump train ???

  10. Pierre Pressure


    1. Libtroller

      Best comment on the whole site.

  11. John

    Thank you for listing on your website the stores who support your Trump boycott. It helps me easily identify which stores I will no longer be supporting. I hope they pay dearly for caving into the pressure from your pathetic, frivolous cause.

  12. A more reasonable action would be to boycott the products themselves rather than politically masturbating by painting all of these businesses with one brush.

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  14. rludus

    Nordstrom Rack still carries Ivanka shoes.

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Been fun commenting and reading comments but time to move on. Bye bye

    2. K Murray

      Nordstrom in DC area still highly advertises Ivanka Trump and the Targets have put the Trump wine on the end aisles for easy shopping and advertising.

  15. Jim F

    This site is a prime example of what happens when non-business people attempt to make business decisions. Leave the heavy lifting of business to those that are qualified9and paid) to do so. Laughable!

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Neiman Marcus just announced will sell Ivanka Trump products again! I’m sure people purchasing her products at other stores showed them how much money losing by not carrying her products

      1. Libtroller

        Yeah, looks like two rings, each north of $4K…how many are you buying Tina?

        1. Tina Sveinson

          Love getting u riled up. So fun just mention sorry lost election

          1. Libtroller


    2. Teddybear

      Your comment makes me a little nauseous. You are insinuating that people should not be allowed to make their OWN decisions on what to purchase with their OWN money. While I may not agree with the point of view of all boycotts, like the recent one against Disney for example, I respect that people are entitled to do what they want with their own money. What could be more American than that?

  16. Jackie

    Thank you for providing a site where I can find a list of retailers where I can purchase Trump branded products. Makes it very convenient for true Americans!!!

    1. Libtroller

      Now I think you’re lying, Jackie. You said in your other comment to me that you scanned the site. If you really did, you’d know that this same comment has been made ad nauseam. Are you really this unoriginal?

    2. Beverly Gorman

      This is just a silly un-American, unpatriotic website. You should be ashamed of yourself. So many issues to be more concerned about like, killing babies, women being sold brought in illegally from Mexico, poor schools due to school choice. I don’t think this is anything but PETTY!!!!

      1. Libtroller

        Unlike you, perhaps, most of us don’t have the attention span of a fruit fly, Beverly. We can worry about more than one thing at a time and take action on several different fronts.

      2. Julian Hcikman

        I think we can pay attention to children, public schools and human rights while we work towards a better America. We can have schools that compare well with Europe or Asia. That goes for trains, roads, minimum wage etc. As far as un-American….I think of the Boston Tea Party as an example of being un-American. Does that ring true for you?

    3. Ivanka’s Brand is up over 300%! Thx to Grab Your Wallet, women are Supporting Ivanka w/ our wallets, Against LIB bullies

    4. James

      I feel the same as you Jackie. I have been looking for places to buy Trump products since they sell out so quickly. This list promotes Trump products very well!

    5. Amber

      Exactly!!!! HA HA HA That’s what I was thinking!

    6. Proud Democract

      The Trumps don’t give a damn about true Americans. They only care about how to enrich themselves or feed on their own egos. THEY care about Americans who have money to spend, theoretically, yet—the areas with the most money to spend are deep and proudly BLUE. The cities (and where liberal cityfolk vacation and do business) are where Ivanka and Donald will hurt the most when it comes to their real estate and retailing operations. So this site is one weapon in an arsenal of many true Americans need to defend their democracy from this plague of a shady, greedy family. They are a disgrace to America.

      1. Proud Democract

        Oh, and after I spend my store credits at Bed Bath & Beyond and Bloomingdales. I will no longer shop there. I will no longer buy from Amazon – despite Bezos’ public statements about his disapproval of Trump.

  17. Janet McLeod

    Just wrote to to thank them for my last order Aug 31, a book I enjoyed, but will no longer shop there while they carry I Trump products, asking them to stop so I could order some more things soon. I’m certain they’ll move with all deliberate speed to comply.

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Yeah right

    1. Libtroller

      Is this a trick question, or are you really that dense? The obvious difference is the motivation behind the boycott. That “German guy” wanted a boycott based on people’s religion. This boycott is based on the REJECTION of a leader who is a narcissistic, racist, mysoginistic xenophobe. Given your interest in German history, I’m sure you recognize the type of leader I’m talking about.

      1. Jennifer

        So what does Ivanka have to do with your rejection of a leader? She isn’t the leader you are rejecting so what is this boycott really about? Just pure and simple Democrat Hate. You are the person who gives Democrats a bad name!

        1. Libtroller

          She is in a unique position to speak out against his racist, misogynistic BS, but she chooses to publicly support him. She’s complicit. That’s why.

  18. Valerie Rohrig

    I follow your lists and also the boycotttrump ap!
    I refuse to provide monetary support to anything trump related. Trump ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY, so hitting him in his wallet is yet another way to express my displeasure about his, and his evil minions, hate mongering !

    1. LMAO

      Thank you for providing a comprehensive list of retailers that you oppose! It helps me chose frequent those retailers to help them. My purchases will at least cancel one of you out.

      1. Libtroller

        You gotta buy a metric crap-ton of stank Ivanka perfume to cancel me out.

        1. Jackie

          Libtroller – Don’t you have a job? In scanning through the comments it looks like you must sleep on this site. Or are you just the Admin’s assistant?

          1. Libtroller

            I do have a job, Jackie, thanks for your concern! It’s a rather demanding one. Luckily, putting conserva-sheep in their place on the internet is easy. Takes no time at all!

    2. Bill

      Boy, your sure are brainless.

  19. redneck

    I applaud this site. Trump is an avalanche of lies. He is a con man who bankrupt us all, if we let him. Anything and everything you can do to resist this sociopath is a step in the right direction. I will use this list and share it with others.

  20. joe hill

    Why isn’t Wegman’s Food Stores on the list?

    I applaud the boycott. Lock him up. Traitor.

    1. Jerry

      Let’s all think now. Where, what countries, are all of the Trump products manufactured? That would be a good list to see. Just out of curiosity. And what’s being done to move those products to USA plants?

      1. Li potts

        Just my question too. Cant we get the press to bring this up? Guess theres just sooo much bad stuff going on. Cant wait for impeachment of the liar and cheat in chief

    2. L M Sky

      Ivanka may be a nice person, but my own support, and my wife’s support for women’s’ rights can’t make the quantum leap from THAT viewpoint to now seeing her sit in on, and assist, the president in his first meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. At present she is functioning as one of his advisors ( at his own request, whether official or unofficial). I appreciate THAT, since I see her as somewhat of a stabilizer. Her husband, Jared Kushner is now functioning as a Shadow Diplomat to Mexico and, more directly, as a Diplomat to Israel.
      I appreciate her “tweet ” about antisemitism, which appeared to prompt her father to say “Something” after a 2day silence, However, she WAS part of the campaign & IS still functioning in political ways on his behalf.
      Personally I have no reason to dislike her. BUT, from a political perspective, this insane & distructive new Executive Branch NEEDS a strong, immediate and comprehensive response…to Trumps’ family as well as to the Market.
      She won’t end up destitute, but the family needs to know…and feel the pressure…of the consequences of their united actions, over many, many years, to get Their Father elected as president.

  21. Robbie

    Why are GUCCI and TIFFANY not on your boycott list? They both rent space in Trump Tower (for a hefty fee I imagine). GUCCI parent company KERING makes a big song and dance about supporting women’s rights and yet GUCCI is supporting the bank balance of a self-admitted abuser of women…

  22. James Always

    Thank you for your thoughtful and conscientious work, and for providing the information in this list that helps me and my family to spend money wisely. We choose to use our earnings to support good people who have an interests in the welfare and well being of other people.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  23. Tina Sveinson

    Ivanka Trump perfume #1 seller on Amazon. Keep up the good work

    1. Donna

      I’m using the perfume to kill weeds in my driveway. Cheaper than roundup.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        As long as your buying it ha ha

  24. a.k.a. Rogue Hunter

    Let me understand this. A WOMAN runs this site but HATES other women
    who are smart and make something of themselves in life. STRANGE!
    Especially if they don’t believe in what she believes. Like she’s a DEM
    and if you are lets say a REP, “OMG”! Since the election TRUMP products
    have gone up 35% in sales. Thank You!

    1. Bernard

      If people support a President that lies about everything and has no solutions for anything you are dumber than a rock! All of his businesses should be boycotted.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        And the media is so truthful

    2. Miller

      Where is your evidence that those sales have gone up 35%?

      Do you have sales numbers aggregated from that list? If so, I’d like to see it and make my own judgements.

      Your broad statement of protest is weak and easy to dismiss without proof to back up your claim.

    3. wmnwrtr

      i am not sure what gender has to do with it. It’s the name, Trump. She has no protection because she is a woman.

    4. Carter

      Dear a.k.a.: This is not about woman vs. woman. This is about democracy-loving people protesting foreign interference in our electoral process, and a lying, serial sex-abuser “Reality” TV star who has played P.T. Barnum and suckered enough Americans to enable a far-right political agenda. He doesn’t believe in it any more than he believes in anything other than promoting his own pocketbook. Any more questions?

      1. Tina Sveinson

        We had a lying serial sexual abuser in office before, oh but he was a Democrat. Can’t talk about that.

      2. Tina Sveinson

        Wow. Trying to respond to Carter for fifth time and you won’t post. Using same language he is using except referring to a DEMOCRATIC president who was a lying serial sexual abuser. This is exactly why media not trusted because reporting one-sided and people find that hypocritical and then don’t believe anything they say, true or not.

    5. Hrperson

      So all women have to be sweet and can’t have opinions? And by the way, she was born into a wealthy family, she didn’t make it on her own.

      People can choose to boycott for whatever reason they choose – I won’t purchase from Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Chick fil A because of their corporate politics.

      I would love to see proof – or perhaps I should say alternative facts – of your 35% increase statement.

  25. Jeannie

    I boycott your stupid, cry-baby, liberal boycott. All the more reason to support theses businesses.

    1. libtroller

      And I boycott your boycott of the boycott! Your move…

  26. Bonnie

    Your putting fuel on the fire of hatred in this country. Its a disgrace. No one is going to tell me where to shop!

    1. libtroller

      Your inability to use apostrophes is the real disgrace.

  27. Jackie

    Thanks for the list now I know where I can shop and buy Trump merchandise. You really need to get over this he isn’t going away and you really need to get a life.

    1. PC Starr

      I use this list to go out of my way to buy Trump Gear

      1. GCH

        Isn’t going away…LMAO…if he lasts a year without getting impeached I’ll eat my shoe.

        1. Dm

          One down eleven to go. Do it on FB live.

    2. Susan

      Love the comments! So glad they made a list for me & conservative friends to support these brave companies who aren’t afraid. ?

      1. Claudette Walton

        Yeah baby!

    3. Bill

      These dopes make it easy for us. I agree with you totally.

      1. libtroller

        It’s morons like all of you on this thread that made Trump pursue the presidency. He sees the position as a business opportunity, and like the sheep you are, he’s herding you into his little pen of profit. Congratulations, suckers.

    4. EMP

      Don’t forget, if you want to support Trumps Empire, to buy Russian. Or be more like your super hero and just lie about it!

  28. Truthhurts

    Why don’t you spend your time and energy taking care of homeless people in America? Or taking care of your family. There must be so much hate in your heart to go to this extreme because you don’t agree with someone. At the end of the day, I hope your family doesn’t boycott you because of your bitter heart. I feel bad for your kids or your spouse…if you have one. Get a life!


      Ha ha, so true!

    2. libtroller

      I know it might be difficult for your feeble little mind to understand this, Truthhurts, but it IS possible to be politically active AND have a meaningful family, work and social life. Maybe you can only concentrate on one thing at a time, but most people can multi-task.

  29. Justin

    Lol. Thanks for the list of where to shop!!! Fool, grow up and try & live in reality.

    1. libtroller

      Are you high? The reality of the current political situation is why these actions are necessary. Well, you just lol’ed at your own ridiculous comment, so of course you’re high. Carry on.

      1. Trish

        Fool? That is only appropriate for those who voted for him. LOL.

      2. Lame-Liberals

        Haven’t bought anything from these stores anyway and some are going bust !

    2. Jen

      Awesome-I will be sure to support as many on the list as possible-thanks!

    3. Mark

      Amen Justin. FYI, Sears and Kmart just dropped Trump products. I’ve just canceled my account at these failing retailers. It was very nice of GYW to publish places to shop.


    4. Sick of you people

      Plan to go on a huge shopping spree at all of these retailers. No bunch of losers like you sickos that have started this domestic terrorist organization will stop me from buying whatever I choose to buy and from whom I choose to buy it. Sick to death of creeps like the grab your wallet types.

      1. libtroller

        I don’t think “terrorist” means what you think it means.

    5. Grandma Kathy

      I appreciate it too! May run into you as we now know where to shop! Love the Trump family!

      1. libtroller

        After you run into him, be sure to put it in reverse and run into him again.

    6. Claudette Walton

      Thank you! You are so right! Why don’t they go and go feed some homeless vets and Americans? Why? Because they care less!

      1. libtroller

        People that put up websites can ALSO volunteer, donate and contribute meaningfully to their local communities, Claudette. Don’t project your own laziness and inability to do more than one thing at a time on others.

  30. Iamaliberal1

    You supporters of Uncle Trump are amazing….running around blind and oblivious to FACTS. And always making excuses for this loser. WAKE UP!! He doesn’t give a damn about YOU! Look at the history of his cabinet selections! Unqualified Depolorables! Get off this blog and get yourself some edumacation. Yeah, that word is for you, Uncle Trump supporters.

    1. Alex

      Why is it that liberals work to shout down, or financially ruin those with perpendicular view points to their own? Might it be that they are intimidated by the ideas of others; that they are inept at fully examining issues, and arguing the issues in a climate of respect, where the merits of any argument are won or lost in the absence of personal attacks on those who make the argument? It seems that the “benevolent, loving” left only feigns to support academic freedom and discussion as they try to force their ideals onto others. This is most unfortunate for the heard and unheard arguments, and those that deliver arguments on both sides of any issue. What is to fear? Another’s viewpoint?

      1. Jackie

        Liberals you are the ones who are clueless, but hey you now make shopping so much more peaceful now that you aren’t in our way at these stores. Why don’t you move to one of the many countries that you are in support of and well, next time you think about abortion why not save time and just kill the source you know yourselves that just saves all the unneeded time of killing a baby. I just can’t get over how stupid all of you are it baffles me to how your minds work. I guess you just don’t use your minds for anything good. You know like building up a country, life, freedom, equality because you don’t really respect any of those qualities. Just my observation(sure many agree)

        1. libtroller

          It baffles me how your mind doesn’t work.

      2. libtroller

        Alex, I am not intimidated by ideas. Rather, I am aware of and respond appropriately to ACTIONS. By way of analogy, I am not intimidated by the idea of knives, for example. But if someone puts one to my neck, I’m going to respond appropriately and eliminate the threat. It’s not Trump’s ideas that are my problem, I can debate those civilly all day. It’s him acting on those ideas that creates the threat people like me are responding to. Hope you understand.

      3. Clearly, YOU are the one that fears another’s viewpoint as you felt the need to post yours here. You are free to shop wherever you want. You are free to have your opinions, and I am free to laugh at them.

    2. Marilyn

      Thanks for all these lists. I can and will shop at only these stores. You have made my shopping easy now. Now don’t you have something else to do like go to work.You lost and are vey bitter at that lost. So go back to work and move on. I guess you like living in the past. Move forward not back wards.

      1. Claudette Walton

        Amen. Go TRUMP


      Look at the US economy, loss of US jobs and chaos in the world under 8 years of King Obama.

      1. libtroller

        You must be getting ONLY the alternative facts.

    4. Piprlady

      Hear, hear, lamaliberal1…hear, hear!

  31. joe

    Thank you for such an informative website. Now I know exactly where to shop and who to boycott. For example, today, for the first time I also purchased Ivanka Trump jewelry for my wife as did an earlier poster. I will NEVER shop at any of the businesses that have dropped this woman’s products simply because she supports conservative causes. Cowardly business owners who foolishly buckle under these kinds of far-left attacks deserve to lose their companies along with their now shredded integrity. I took similar actions when liberal fools trashed Chick-fil-A. Their business boomed after being attacked by left-wing fanatics. So will Ivanka’s. Liberal fascism will never win in the USA!

    1. libtroller

      Wow, it took a political movement to get you to buy your wife jewelry? Whatever it takes, I guess…

      1. Claudette Walton

        You don’t know the meaning of the word. Go to the Middle East. You would be beheaded immediately. America FIRST

        1. libtroller

          I’ve read your post a few times, Claudette, and I still have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.


    1. sw

      Oh, you poor thing – you’re as delusional as he is. God bless you.

      1. AlawonB

        Ohh, bless your little heart. You don’t even understand what it means to be an American. We have as much right to decide where to spend our money as you do. If this “SICKENS” you why don’t you move? I hear Russia is looking for like-minded Americans. Or maybe just take a break from the entertainment channel Fox News (which even they admit isn’t “news” but is “entertainment”) and Breitbart and read up on some facts. I know, I know…facts are very scary. Especially when they prove everything you believe with your feelings is a lie.

        1. Iamaliberal1

          Screaming delusional!

      2. Coco

        Quit drinking the kool aid…he is a billionaire…his daughter is a millionaire/billionaire to be…do you really think this narcissist pig ? really wants to help you? He’s a sick person who needs help!! How stupid are you people who voted for him? Like tell me why you voted for this liar, scammer, mysoginist loser!!!

      3. Jthomp

        Excuse me, but didn’t Mr. Trump just settle a lawsuit for $25 million seems like that might be a crime. Oh, and what about when he was renting only to white folks in his early days. Went to court on that one. No crimes? Wait til we see his taxes..possibly impeachable crimes.

        1. Claudette Walton

          Have you looked up the word bigot? Because you are one.

          1. libtroller

            Your ability to post nonsense is impressive, Claudette. I feel like I can learn from you.

      4. Claudette Walton

        I agree and keep spreading the word. Shop at all the stores and businesses that are anti Trump. They are thousands, but WE ARE MILLIONS

        1. libtroller

          Delusional much?

    2. And please post pictures of those “MADE IN ETHIOPA” labels on her shoes and be proud of the American jobs Ivanka refused to create.

      1. Claudette Walton

        I posted to shop at anti Trump stores. I meant boycott stores that are anti Trump

        1. libtroller


    3. Why is it that Trumpets are always telling liberals to leave the country? Because they FEAR us. Because they CAN’T engage in simple discourse and debate. Because respect of others is something they never learned. Because the orange oragutang has made insults and disrespect fashionable.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        No its because some liberals said they would leave if Trump elected. We didn’t tell them to leave, they offered. I can engage in debate respectfully without insult. You say you don’t like how our president and his supporters insult and disrespect and then you insult and disrespect him with comment. Doesn’t make sense

    4. Tyra

      Hmmmm how much has Frump paid in taxes on the money you mindless, brainless sheep have paid for his products in the last 20yrs? Go about blindly following a creep who has done nothing but line his penthouse with gold from the money you spend on crap he has manufactured in other countries. Taking jobs from Americans & giving his loyalty to the lowest bidder. When he brings manufacturing of his junk back to this country maybe he would be deserving of a shred of respect from true Americans. You only have the freedoms you have because people gave their lives to protect the rights Frump wants to take away. You really are as dumb as you look.

  33. a.k.a. Rogue Hunter

    You know Hitler was a Socialist Democrat.
    The Dems are the party of the KKK & slavery.
    Look it up if you don’t believe me.
    Get off your lazy ass and get a real job.
    Walmart is hiring.
    You lost the election, so get over it looooser!
    If you were to say anything about president B.H.O. they would call you a racist.
    Now Trump is president, so I guess your still a racist.
    Clearly your misunderstanding of the facts shows how “STUPID” you are.

    1. libtroller

      Hitler was a socialist? Why, because the Nazi’s called themselves the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party? Yeah, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea!) is actually Democratic. Are you serious? I guess you believe every label you see.

      Dems were HORRIBLE back in the day, you’re correct. But so were a lot of things. Most things progress, like the Democratlc Party. Some things regress, like the Republican Party.

      And I’m certainly not lazy. It’s tedious work schooling and outsmarting morons like you. It’s not “hard” work, because it’s like outsmarting hamsters, but there are so many of y’all, it’s certainly tedious.

      1. Claudette Walton

        So right!

        1. libtroller

          Wait, who’s right?? You continue to baffle and amaze me, Claudette.

    2. Tyra

      You’re the only ones who don’t realize the election is over. We’re exercising our right to not like who won just like you’re exercising your right to be stupid.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        U can not like who won without insulting the other side. Just makes u look like the stupid one when hurl insults

  34. It is time to revise your lists. Nordstrom’s has dropped Ivanka’s clothing line, and after Trump’s tweet, so did Marshall’s and TJ Maxx (from the letter to employees: Ivanka Trump signs are to be discarded). And NEVER stop fighting for what you believe in.

    1. Thanks Criswell, but there are still Ivanka products available on Until there are zero Trump products available on, they will remain on the boycott list. Also, TJ Maxx and Marshalls haven’t actually stopped selling her products — they just don’t have featured ads in their stores promoting her brand anymore. The good news is that Neiman Marcus dropped Ivanka’s line this week, and they have been moved to the SHOP page! For more information on Boycott news and updates, check the ARTICLES page.
      Thank you for the updates though, it’s definitely being watched!

  35. Jason Crocenzi

    I don’t need someone telling me where I should shop just because they support someone who was elected to the presidency. I am going to shop where I want, when I want, and watch what I want. What happens if you already have some of the products made by these companies, are you demanding we just throw them out. Do you want me to walk around barefoot because I bought shoes at a boycotted store? Do you want me to walk around naked because I bought my clothes at a boycotted store? My family should starve because my food was bought from a boycotted store? Where does it end? That is why I do what I want.

    1. sw

      That’s right! You do what you want. That’s what America is all about – the freedom to do so. But make no mistake – Trump is not a President (he said so himself that he’s not a politician), he’s a businessman & he’s proven both of those facts since the election, since he has not been able to separate the two & all of his actions have been what would benefit his companies. I’m just glad that he’s being shown that there’s a limit to that power he was salivating for. You think he cares about you? Not in the least!

      1. AlawonB

        No body “demanded” you do anything with your possessions. Over react much?

    2. Debra

      nobody is demanding anything from you. if you don’t agree than just move on geez

    3. Tyra

      And aren’t you proud to live in a Great Country that allows you the freedom to do what you want?! You really think Dump gives a crap about you?! You really are living in a dream world aren’t you?!

  36. spfeiffer

    Please consider reminding folks to keep in mind Who May Hold Nordstrom Stocks in their Portfolios. This is why Tax Records Do Matter to Avoid Conflict of Interest. Folks may want to Hold Tight to the Power of the Purse and NOT Celebrate too Soon with shopping sprees that Could Funnel Profits Inadvertently. Thank you for your efforts in helping the public recognize that it is Consumers who Fuel the Economic Engine, more so than the banks and industrialists, and that they can Harness the Power of the Mighty Dollar.

  37. LibTrollerer

    LibTroller – The reason you can’t be reasoned with is that you identify with what you believe. So you can’t ever see from a differing point of view, because you’d have to reevaluate your whole identity. You were fooled into thinking you’re a free thinker while you were simultaneously brainwashed into identity politics. Groups over people. Group rights over the rights of the individual.

    Newsflash! You aren’t your thoughts, nor your beliefs. You’re just a person. Just like me. Capable of hearing more than one side and approaching things logically. But you don’t. And won’t. That’s not part of the progressive program of group-think. And it would be a betrayal of your platform to do so. You’d alienate everyone that you virtue to.

    You’ve already lost, and your attempt to salvage the little bubble-world you’ve created for yourself would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. Plus… you still don’t know who you really are. And the masks you wear to obfuscate your identity (i.e. your trolling) conceal nothing. Cheers.

    1. libtroller

      Hey LibTrollerer! I guess we’re related?? Anyway, you think you know me, but you don’t. I’m like a mirror. If people come out with foolishness, that’s what they get. The few people (and I mean FEW) who really want a dialogue and exchange of ideas get that from me. I’m open-minded…my mind has been changed before. It’s just that no Trump supporters have provided any cogent arguments or evidence to change my current opinion. I can be reasoned with, you just gotta come at me with reason. Finally, I don’t know you any more than you know me, LibTrollerer, but you do appear to be wildly arrogant with your armchair psychology.

  38. KLynn

    Libtroller, you are one very, very intelligent and well-informed person. Thank you for this list. Just as the boycott in the ’60’s got the attention of “The Establishment”, your list is making the same possible today. Shame it has to happen again. Thank you for saving me the effort of suggesting a boycott!! I’ll be printing, emailing, and spreading the word the good ol’ fashioned way. Thanks again and keep up the good work. BTW, I was a Hillary voter!!

    1. The absolute best way to fight tyranny and threats to our Constitution is to use our spending power or lack of spending with companies who are silent to the President’s lies, fake news, threats to people and companies or actions that tear down or form of government and the rule of law.
      Judicial independence is a separate and equal branch of the government. The President does not understand how our government operates.
      Companies we target will change their ways or suffer the consequences.
      Congress will become aware that companies are losing income – government is losing tax dollars – the 3rd Branch – Congress will be forced to act responsibly.
      It is imperative we keep and expand this pressure.

      1. sw

        Especially with this one – it will definitely hit him where it hurts. Maybe it will force him to resign (or abdicate the throne as he probably thinks) to go save his companies.

      2. Claudette Walton

        Well then you are still a LOSER

    2. libtroller

      Thanks for the kind words, Klynn! I can’t take credit for this site, though, it’s not mine nor am I associated with it. I found it and, because most commenters are dissenters, I found the comments sections to be good places for catharsis and the (extremely) occasional real exchange of ideas with people who hold differing opinions. The former is fun, but really wish there were more of the latter.

  39. Vicki

    Thank you for this list! I am in the process of copying the link to your site to send out via email to everyone I know, asking each person to personally SUPPORT each of these businesses you have listed. I cannot believe the level of hat, and intolerance that motivates such reckless behavior against other hard-working Americans, but I plan on contacting each of these companies to thank them for not caving to bullies.

    1. libtroller

      I, too, cannot believe the level of hat, Vicki. So much hat… ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    2. sw

      I don’t believe what I just read – you can’t believe the intolerance? Where have you been the past couple of weeks, on another planet? Has trump put a veil over all his supporters’ eyes? Oh no, that was God – which he certainly is NOT!

      1. Lost My Glasses

        I must confess, I’m getting a kick out of your comic renderings 🙂

    3. Alan

      There are some really good anger management sites you should checkout, libt

  40. Betty J Ruth

    So helpful and obviously working!

  41. LRM

    Thank you so much for sharing the “Boycott” list. Now I know where I’m going to shop because I don’t want bullies like this affecting those who work hard at each of these retail/online locations.

  42. Tamara

    More Liberal lunacy.
    I am boycotting Liberal businesses. You all are sorry losers, cry babies. I’ve never seen anything like this. We despised Obama the TRAITOR but NEVER acted like you idiots. You lost. Grow the hell up!

    1. Diana Mautino

      How is Obama a traitor? A great father and a great president. No one mentions the fact that all of Trump,s products are manufactured in 12 different countries. Ivanka,s jewelry, shoes and clothing lines are manufactured in 3 different countries. All this talk about manufacturers going to Mexico! The Trumps are hypocrites.

    2. sw

      I am sooo tired of trumpeters all thinking that if not a trumpeter, then must be a liberal. Talk about narrow-minded. There are so many of us that are not liberals, or affiliated with any party, necessarily that can’t figure out why you can’t see what a total buffoon he is. Are you all “The Apprentice” fans? Did he brainwash you? I’ve been watching him since he was a young buffoon and he’s always been a privileged, spoiled, narcissistic jackass!

      1. sw

        Trumpsters, not trumpeters – got autocorrected. Proof – technology doesn’t even recognize his status.

        1. libtroller

          I like Trumpeters! Sounds loud and obnoxious!

  43. Jen

    I don’t understand the protests and boycotts. Trump campaigned tirelessly while Hillary barely spoke to the press or made an appearance. A lot of people in this country are in trouble, losing jobs to overseas companies. They were looking for someone to address those fears. Donald Trump did, so he won the election. Legal immigrants shouldn’t and won’t be deported. Illegal immigrants won’t either, unless they break the law. But doesn’t that seems fair that if they’re undocumented and commit a crime that they lose their right to live here? The minute an American baby is born we register him/her with a Social Security number. I think the same should be done with anyone who wants to live in this wonderful country. The Women’s March was to express frustration and disappointment at Hillary’s loss. Okay, I can see that. But now a boycott of all things Trump? It’s petulant, ridiculous and a total waste of time. It’s called a democracy and Trump won. Get over it.

    1. libtroller

      Are you paying attention? Legal immigrants are now being excluded from entry into the country because of Trump’s unconstitutional executive order. And the protests, including this one, have nothing to do with sour grapes over Clinton’s loss. If someone like Pence, Kasich, even Cruz would’ve been the Republican candidate and won, you wouldn’t see this much blowback. It’s all about Trump and who he is as a person and how he’s been as a president. He is unqualified for the position, in addition to being a despicable human being. That’s what this is all about. Think about it, was there this much pushback when Bush Jr. allegedly “stole” the election from Gore? People flipped out, but nothing like this. Trump is in a league of his own, and not in a good sense. You need to realize that he’s what the protest is about, not Clinton. She doesn’t matter anymore because she’s not the President.

      1. rhonda cieplechowicz

        Legal immigrants are not being allowed in TEMPORARILY until a better vetting process can be produced. The area being targeted is from Obama’s own list, libtroller. I do believe it’s a 90 day ban, not indefinitely. It seems like you all pick and choose which pieces of a sentence you wish to listen to. The whole idea of stirring up fear among the illegal immigrants already here is mean and vile. Only illegals committing crimes will be deported. Maybe when you have turned every city or state into a Sanctuary city or state you will be happy. Get your wallet out and be ready to pay because someone has to pay for the millions of illegals coming here with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I am sorry for these people and I believe the majority just want to work and have a better life. But the reality is that we tax payers absorb the cost and it is getting out of hand. Tired of listening to all of this political backlash.

        1. libtroller

          Hey Rhonda. I assume you are in the country legally. You probably live in your home legally too. Would you be okay if the government said you couldn’t go into your house “temporarily” for 3 months? Based on your comment, I assume you would be perfectly OK with that. Because you seem to feel it’s OK for the government to deny you something of critical importance to you that you obtained legally, as long as it’s “temporary.” I work with immigrants, legal and illegal, daily. I’ve seen what happens. The fear is real and justified.

      2. Jen

        Libtroller, how exactly will not ordering from Amazon or not buying clothes from Ivanka’s line make Donald Trump less of a “despicable human being”? I’m having trouble connecting the two. You also state this boycott is in response to “how he’s been as a president.” Trump wasn’t even sworn in yet as when this Grab Your Wallet idea began in October 2016! It’s obvious that you and others who are engaged in this ridiculous boycott don’t even know what you’re doing it for. See, I am paying attention!

        1. libtroller

          He wasn’t in office then, but he had been showing his true colors all campaign. The idea isn’t to make him a better person, Jen. I ain’t his mama or his shrink. The idea is to expose all of his despcability and have people act on that knowledge to show that the majority of the country does not approve of his racism, bigotry, mysoginy and xenophobia. Because he and his family (who are closely involved in his political affairs) have SO many financial conflicts of interest (which he has refused to correct), a financial boycott is an obvious way to achieve that end. Clear enough?

          1. The goal is NOT to make Trump a better human being. He has said repeatedly that he will not change who he is. There is only one thing that Trump cares about and that is Trump. Putting your money in his pocket is one way Trump cares only about Trump. There is also the philosophy of “I WIN” means “YOU LOSE” (also Trump caring only about Trump). We, the taxpayers (he brags about not paying taxes as being smart) will be paying Trump $1M a year for the military to rent space in Trump Tower to protect him even when he is not there. He can refuse the $400,000 Presidential salary when charging US $1M rent means he’s still up $600,000. He wants to grab your pussy AND your wallet without your consent, so Grab Your Wallet is all about stopping one of those.

            1. sw

              Well said!

        2. A

          The purpose of these boycotts is it retaliation. The purpose of the boycotts is to dry up the rubles that allow the Trumps to wage political campaigns. If Trump supporters really want to Make America Great Again, they would be wise to generate a list of products to buy that are manufactured in America. Instead they are buying Ivanka’s products made overseas. The Trumps are con artists and hypocrites. So are the Trump supporters trolling this page. Quit wasting your time and make your own economic impact elsewhere.

      3. This is about more than who won or lost the election. if you can’t understand that then that’s on you.If its buy American then buy American don’t have your products made else where and then say your about jobs for Americans. this is the double standard that trump has been showing us and you people think that it is okay.. then to they’re billionaires or so they claim why do you feel you need to support them financially.

    2. Suzanne M. Cork

      He is breaking the Emoluments clause of our constitution and it is causing massive conflicts of interest. I am not a Hillary voter and this is about ethics not who won. Did not vote for Hillary cause of conflicts of interest concerning the Clinton Foundations questionable donations.
      Case in point: Trump has offered no proof that he divested his shares in Philips 66 or Energy Transfer Partners which are own/putting the Dakota access pipeline. He signed an order to have this project expedited in his first week. This is also violating the National Environmental Policy Act as no EIS was done as to the possible impact to the Missouri River they are crossing with major oil pipeline. This water supply is one of two water supplies that supplies the water for mid west agriculture and people. A spill would ruin Midwest corps for years.

    3. Anke Koning

      Jen: The Women’s March was the Popular Vote speaking; Trump won the Electoral College but lost the Popular Vote by 2.9million. Trump is trying to leverage his position in the White House to support Trump business but he is unwilling to disclose his many conflicts of interest, including debt which may in fact, exceed Trump assets. We know that Trump has debt overseas: $650million in China and $364million in Deutsche bank. What we do not know is how much Trump debt is financed by Russia. The Trump-Putin link warrants investigation; we know Russia was in touch with the Trump campaign (acknowledged by Foreign Minister Ryabkov Nov 10, 2016) and that Russia hacked data bases with the express purpose of supporting Trump candidacy. Putin should not participate in USA elections.
      For these reasons, the Popular Vote boycotts Trump business.

    4. sw

      I could scream whenever I hear someone say to get over it. The reason we can’t let it go is because of the catastrophe we can see coming with him in the White House. And he didn’t win – at least not fairly. He only won at the hands of Putin. Can’t you see what they’re trying to do? Why do you think he’s building up the military, getting law enforcement loving him, getting all his high-rollers in place, easing off all the regulations & sanctions? It’s not for us…

  44. Jackie

    Thank you for compiling this fabulous list! Now I know exactly where I’ll be shopping from now on.

    1. libtroller

      You get the prize for most boring comment. You are like the thousandth person to say this. Typical conserva-sheep.

    2. Jen

      Let me say that I am an independent and voted for Hillary. I am not a Trump supporter in the least. He didn’t win the popular vote, but he did become president. I despised his disgusting remarks about women. He’s a terrible public speaker who comes across as the brash American who brags about how much money he has. Do I like him as a person? Not in the least.

      BUT he’s our president and I’m willing to give him a chance. I said exactly the same thing the day Barack Obama (who I also voted for) was sworn in as president. Doesn’t each incoming president deserve that, an open mind? I also educated myself over the last year by reading both conservative and liberal news sources. I looked for actual facts and numbers instead of believing the spin from both sides. And I think when you see what Trump is trying to accomplish instead of who he is as a person, it makes it clearer. We elected him to be our president, not our friend.

      We need our military to protect us here and abroad in this post 9/11 world. Law enforcement deserves respect for the job they do every day (not all being labeled racist thugs). We need less regulations to start a business (I know because I’ve tried). No other countries allow illegal immigrants to live there undocumented, receiving benefits and housing for their children, so why should we allow that? If abortion was legal under Scalia, that shouldn’t change under Trump’s pick of Gorsuch. What about the Americans whose jobs were lost when the factory closed to go overseas, don’t we owe it to them to get work and their dignity back? These are the foundations of what Trump is about and I support these ideals.

      The rhetoric, marches, boycotts and division really aren’t helping anyone. Libitards and Trumpsters? Come on people, we’re better than that. All conservatives are not racists and all democrats are not communists. When you march for women, educate yourself about the lives of women in the Middle East and in Africa. Consider what Bill Clinton actually did with Monica Lewinsky while in office compared to what Trump said on the hot mic or called Hillary during the debates. Look deeper into foreign countries’ financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. In other words, get some perspective, please.

      So boycott Trump products if you like. But don’t make it a litmus test of whether someone is a great or a horrible person. Will you call out a friend wearing Ivanka’s shoes, when she got them on sale and they’re her favorites? Does that make your friend despicable? And why are we tearing down other women? If any designer had refused to design a dress for Michelle Obama the way many did for Melania, they would have been crucified rather than celebrated. What has Melania done that’s so abhorrent or Ivanka for that matter?

      We’re all people with different ideas who are also Americans. So in at least one way that makes us the same. Just consider the other side of the argument, please.

  45. How about a list of places we CAN patronize, if there are any?

  46. Anne

    I just cancelled both Nieman and Nordstrom accounts. Both are in trouble and can’t afford to lose customers but now they will. I reminded both that we can find anything they sell online. Keep it up dems. This is exactly why Trump is president.

    1. Jackie

      I’ll be doing the same, Anne.

      1. libtroller

        Ha! This is too much. No originality. Of course you’re doing the same. Between your re-hashed earlier comment and this, it’s clear you literally can’t think for yourself. Good luck in the world, Jackie.

      2. Vicki

        Yes, Anne, I’m with you!

    2. Jimmy

      Anne, Trump was installed by the FBI and Russia with deception and hacking, NOT by a majority of voters, Hillary got 3 millions more votes then tRump, you think about that.

      1. libtroller

        I like you.

  47. Lori G.

    Thanks for posting this. I was looking for Trump stores to promote. I’ll make sure I shop at all the ones that you say not to. And I’ll share with all my friends. The funny thing is when you boycott stores it doesn’t really make an affect but when we do it really does. Take a look at what happened to Target. And when people like yourself went after Hobby Lobby and Other Christian based stores, their sales went up. And Chilis tried to support Planned Parent hood and that didn’t go so well for them. So once again thanks for sharing. I’ll tell all my friends about your sight so We Can Make America Great Again.

    1. Kd

      You are an incredibly misinformed individual. Before you pontficate you might want to have your facts straight.
      Oh I guess your using those alternative facts. Wishing you the best in your righteous indignation.

    2. Ds

      Good for you. A long string of whoppers. When is your boy and Vlad going to market Viagra? And yellow hair coloring? What a fraud little fingers is!

    3. libtroller

      Oh, Lori…you appear to be a standard-issue conserva-sheep (the “alternative fact generator” upgrade seems to be included in all models now). Bummer. Although I’m sure your Supreme Tangerine Leader would be proud that you’d rather continue to line his pockets while he wrecks everything decent and good about this country than see what’s really going on.

      1. Happy American

        I can’t believe how easy this list makes it for “how to support Trump”! I was online searching for businesses to support (in the market for big ticket items) and BAM here is the reverse opposite list and exactly what I needed! Not up to date of course, but expected since the anti Trump movement will soon be an out of date joke. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Time is money for us workers, and you saved this spender lots of time. And as a side hobby I have a zillion IG and FB followers, and have shared this!! SPREADING THE LOVE THANK YOU!

        1. libtroller

          Hmm…the “reverse opposite” list would be the exact same list. You know, that whole “double negative” thing. Wait, you don’t know. Maybe one or two of your zillion followers can help you work that out.

            1. libtroller

              I’ve said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again. Do you know of a single job that has been lost because of this boycott? Because I guarantee you, the second A SINGLE JOB is lost, it’s gonna be plastered all over Fox (fake) News. Until I see that, I refuse to accept your premise that this boycott is leading to job losses as opposed to just other types of adjustments by businesses.

    4. JJ

      Many thanks to the excellent service. Now fellow Trump supporters know where to shop to support patriots.

      1. libtroller

        Boring! I’ll give you this, the conserva-sheep talking points are being distributed well.

    5. Mark

      You didn’t include Home Depot and Papa John’s, two well-know Trump supporters!

      I wish you could tell us more about the ones listed. I use Amazon all the time.

    6. Tom M Byrnes

      I am glad to accommodate you but I also know of millions of people will boycott

    7. Roger

      Great to hear from a deplorable. You should learn how to spell and use proper grammar. You make many broad brush statements without any verification. Oh that’s right, you folks on the religious right have your own facts. God bless you. I’m sure he spoke to you and inspired your response.

    8. Jimmy

      Lori, sadly trump supporters are a minority and your support means nothing, that is why 2 departments stores have dropped tRump lines, more will follow.

  48. Trump has 1 billion + $ debt to Wells Fargo, Chase, etc. That debt was bundled into bonds and sold. Find out who sells those, and who buys and publicize, maybe turn up his Cyrillic connection. Thanks for the opportunity to exercise my rights as Republicans did to Obama.

  49. Mary

    Please add the company “My Pillow” to your list of companies to boycott!! Just look online at all the money the owner, Mike Lindell, contributed to Donald Trump. Also, he went to the Republican Convention, and Donald’s Inauguration, and took pictures with Mike Pence, etc. He is a huge supporter of the Donald and all of his hateful rhetoric. PLEASE PUT “MY PILLOW” ON YOUR BOYCOTT LIST!!

    1. Jackie

      I just love my My Pillow! I fell in love with it even more when I found out Mike Lindell was a huge Trump supporter, customer for life!

      1. Diana Mautino

        Now I will not buy My Pillow!

  50. Elizabeth Haggerty

    The whole world is appalled at the damage the King of Chaos has managed to inflict in just a few weeks. Let’s hit him where it hurts. In his wallet. Show the world that not all Americans are racist bigots.

  51. MARIA

    Excellent list…..will definitely not be shopping there. Neither Trump nor his business should be profiting from the Presidency. Such a disgrace. For God Sake, Jimmy Carter sold him family owned farm when he was elected so as to not to show any conflict of interest. These people are so unethical.

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much for the list. Will definitely pass it along to friends and family.

  52. Natalie

    If it has anything to do with the Trump name, I WILL NOT SUPPORT IT! I will post it on FB to help keep the movement going. Thank you so much for the list. They have already kicked Ivanka out of Nordstroms and as her numbers continue to fall, I pray they continue to drop her ass!

  53. Gail

    Better boycott ABC “Good Morning America” too because they partnered with “Burlington Coat Factory” (on your no-no list) for the annual coat drive around the United States…you know the one….to benefit those without coats! and sure, let’s boycott “these” stores….their sales will go down and they’ll lay off those that can’t afford to loose their jobs…yes, by all means “Grab your Wallet” pat yourself on the back for helping those out of a job….good job!

  54. Mavis

    Trump is wired to be a mega dealer in the business world. He doesn’t have the President gene. Try as he might to run the country like a business, he should be discovering quickly that these are two different worlds, powered by different values. You might be able to act out the role of authoritarian father figure as a CEO of a corporation and be as narcissistic, erratic, game-playing, deceptive, self-interested, vengeful, disrespectful of women/ minorities/ codes of behavior and common decency as you think your employees, customers and shareholders will let you get away with being. If you don’t give a damn about conflicts of interest, you can probably get away with that too as a corporate mogul. (And just to be clear I’m not saying that being a corporate mogul makes a person dishonest. Not at all.) But in government, the first and most fundamental thing to understand as President is that you are the employee of the people and are in office only by their continued consent. And personal characteristics such as mentioned above will not wear well. Even from great distances the people can tell if their president is thumbing his nose at them– at their rights and civil liberties — and that is what’s happening. And he shouldn’t expect that the people will just put up and shut up. Business is Trump’s language. To get a message through to him, boycotting his products seems like a logical choice of terms to communicate with.

    1. Donna

      As a Canadian, who is one of millions of non Americans watching, I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

      1. patricia

        I apologize for our countrys appalling behavior, neighbor. I assure you, we are better than this,.

  55. Cris Dupont

    Thanks for the list! I will definitely keep shopping at each of those stores in support of our President. I’m really so bored with protesters and their tantrums. But, you all go right ahead and keep it up and in 4 years I will vote for him AGAIN!!!

    1. Zenobia Howard

      Please post your comments on trump in another 4 years.

      1. J A

        Like how the Republicans protested Obama literally EVERY SINGLE DAY of his presidency?


        1. Anne

          The republicans gave obama everything he wanted….also why Trump elected. Drain the swamp of them all.

          1. libtroller

            Haha! “Drain the swamp” is such a joke. It’s a freaking mafia up in there.

    2. Nancy

      Cris- I came here to see where to shop to support President Trump and Ivanka too. He is our president and they both don’t deserve this. This stuff is further dividing the country and is the reason I’m no longer an independent but a Republican. Let’s be real, they aren’t protests they are riots. I’m bored with the tantrums, boycotts, riots, identity politics but especially the hypocrisy-Bill Clinton calling for a wall and tough action against illegal immigration and the ban Obama had for 6 months on Iraqis and yet somehow those were “racist”

      1. libtroller

        Hey Nancy! Not surprised you’re no longer an independent. That takes critical thinking skills and an open mind. If you don’t know the difference between a protest and a riot, independent thought is probably not for you. Glad you found your “happy place” with the Republican Party. Now you don’t have to think for yourself ever!

    3. libtroller

      Yeah, those pesky protesters and their “tantrums” about rights and the American Constitution and what’s good for our country. SO BORING!

  56. Leslie

    Thank you so much for this list, I will be giving them all my business. It is hard to recall who supports our President and who does not and your boycott list is the list myself and all my friends will use to show our support for our President. I am fairly sure there are enough of us to balance you all out!

    1. libtroller

      Dude, Leslie, if it’s hard for you to tell who supports Captain Tiny-Mitts and who doesn’t, you have the perceptive capability of a gnat. But by all means, keep shopping. Your Orange Overlord will appreciate all the tens of dollars you throw his way.

  57. Hollie

    Dictator Trump, lord help us. Ivan the terrible/Ivan the great.

    1. Frank

      I can think of 2.6 million people you will need to “balance”

  58. SandyCVat

    Thank you so much for this list. Now I know WHERE to shop.

    Ivanka Trump’s shoes are professional and comfortable. Why would I buy anything else?


    1. Sandy

      LOL! I though the same thing. These are the store I WILL suppport.

    2. Lisa

      If you can afford a pair of Ivanka Trump’s boots, you’re not supporting her daddy because you desperately need a job to FEED YOUR FAMILY, you’re supporting him because you are a RACIST BIGOT.

      1. Nancy

        Bigots are those that don’t want others to have differing views–so who are the ones rioting, protesting, shutting down others views on campuses?? Is Obama racist because he banned Iraqis from this country for 6 months? Is Bill Clinton racist because he called for a wall and tough anti illegal immigration policies in his 1995 state of the union address? Is Hillary Clinton sexist because, unlike Trump at his businesses, she didn’t have equal pay for women at her foundation? I bet you all still believe he made fun of a disabled reporter! (search on youtube-Media exposed Donald Trump did not make fun of disabled reporter) …You all are being played and you don’t even know it.

        1. libtroller

          Why do y’all keep bringing up Clinton and Obama? NEITHER OF THEM ARE THE PRESIDENT OR ARE IN ANY POSITION OF POWER! Anytime Trump gets called out on his BS, not a single Trump supporter can defend his politics or actions with logic. It’s always “well what about Obama?!” Just once, I’d like for someone who voted for Trump to explain to me how ANYTHING he’s done so far has been good for the country. I won’t hold my breath.

          1. Tina Sveinson

            Clinton gets brought up cause hard to understand why the same outrage wasn’t directed his way. Don’t like what Trump has said about women either but just seems hypocritical and makes hard to take this boycott seriously

    3. libtroller

      I’m sure Ivanka will be thrilled to know that her shoes are professional, comfortable and totally hold up on the pole. Keep dancin’ SandyCat!

      1. And NOT made in America. Make America Great Again by buying Trump family merchandise made in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, and NOT in America.

      2. Michelle Vargas

        Libtroller how about stock market? I know im sitting pretty from it and most hard working americans who save and have 401k’s are richer as well. There is your one thing thats good for the country Trump has effected, well at least the working taxpaying class you know the ones who are the backbone of this soon to be great country again! Sorry if you got left behind, you should try working instead of posting here 24/7.

        1. libtroller

          The stock market goes up and down on a sneeze. If that’s your measure for how well Trump is doing, you’re in for a wild ride. Next…

  59. Peloplatino

    Thank you for publishing this list of businesses to boycott. It serves as a very useful directory for conservative shoppers to patronize.

    1. libtroller

      Yes, please shop conservatively…spend as little money as possible.

  60. Michelle

    Thank you!! just cancelled my HBC card, and will not shop from Hudson’s Bay until they stop selling Trump products.

  61. Jenifer

    Can you explain why Amazon is on the list? Is it because they carry goods made by Trump(s) – and if so, couldn’t we just boycott the Trump goods they are selling? And wouldn’t that apply also to stores like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s etc.

    Also, are Travelocity and other e-travel groups on the list because they offer an option in lodging in Trump hotels? And couldn’t we just boycott the Trump hotels?

  62. Mary bass

    Thanks! The list should go over well.. Trumps, doesn’t need anymore money! I’ll keep mine to pay my taxes..

    1. Margaret

      Jennifer, I know this can make online shopping difficult as well as brick and mortar stores but this is the point of the boycott. If these companies want our business for the tens of thousands of other brands they sell they will feel the pinch of a boycott and remove the few items being sold by the Trumps. They make millions (billions) from all of the other products so if we can all hang in there and continue the boycott they will get the message, just as Nordstrom’s did. And remember the purpose of this boycott, it is not to be against women in business around the world as Valerie has stated (and misses the point); it is to point out that when you choose a government position and become a civil servant you should not be able to profit from that position.

      1. Barbara

        Another Lib throwing a tantrum. I don’t give a crap what you boycott. Trump won and your miserable candidate lost. Enjoy the next four years!

        1. libtroller

          Gee, Barbara, you took the time to read all these comments, and left one of your own. Seems to me like you give a crap. That means you lied when you said you didn’t give a crap. Probably make yourself feel stronger than you really are and to hide your insecurity. Your vote makes perfect sense.

    2. S Adams

      To send an even stronger message we have to boycott that particular business. The more money they loose the more likely they are to cut strings with those Trump produxts

  63. Valerie C

    Thank you for offering advice that women around the world should boycott Women entrepreneurs such as Ivanka and Melania Trump. It’s certainly good to understand your point of views, and to know that your organization is AGAINST Women in Business, and that you do not support Women’s Equal Rights to be self-employed and own a business in this day and age. For example, Ivanka did not choose her family, and good or bad, she is the daughter of the president of the United States. Asking people and retailers to boycott her products hurts the cause of millions of women just trying to get a break in a predominantly man’s world, and punishes those that have brains and work tirelessly to own their own business. Very smart indeed Grab Your Wallet. Thank you for helping my cause as a Woman.
    Please know that I do NOT plan to support your advice. I will shop at retailers that choose to carry not only Ivanka Trump’s products but those of other Women Entrepreneurs such as herself. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Women should be helping other women be successful!!!

    1. Nichole

      Valerie, only a moron would think this list is about boycotting “women entrepreneurs”. It is about boycotting a man who grabs women, total strangers, by the pussy, who lurks in the dressing rooms of teenage girl beauty contestants, and who allegedly raped a thirteen year old girl. This is about a man who wants to ban immigrants from hostile countries- that means banning women, children, and LGBT people who are often the victims of that hostility.
      Yes, women should be helping other women to be successful- not at the expense of all of the rest of the women.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        Real nice, name calling.

  64. norris smith

    I’m an Australian and will be boycotting America period until Trump and Pence are no longer in the White House.

    I spent 3 years living in the US in 70s including US navy service, in 40 years the country has gone down the drain.

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Trump and pence have only been in office one month. Not sure who made country go down the drain last 39 years and 11 months but not them.

  65. TIM S


    1. Barbara

      Thank you Tim for being an intelligent American! Wish more people would think before they vote

      1. a commenter

        LLBean has nothing to do with Trump — never has (and hopefully never will). But including Bean on your list is a dumb knee-jerk reaction to grow your list without thinking below the surface. That is the Trumpian way of dealing with things. Linda Bean does not represent LLBean just because her name is Bean. To expect the board to force her off of it is nonsensical. That would not affect LLBean, only her. It is pretty stupid to think they would do that, as a matter of fact, since the board is not going to tell its members what their political leanings should be and how they should express themselves, so long as they do not posture themselves as representing the company. The company is not associated with Trump. Get smart, and react less mindlessly.

      2. Tina Sveinson

        I did and voted for Trump

    2. libtroller

      Tim, dude, quit yelling.

      1. Cathi

        LIBTROLLER: Following along and reading your remarks. The name calling, snide belittling comments and rude comebacks are embarrassing to witness. You are a “small, very insecure person”, brainwashed with your indignant self righteousness and intolerant all encompassing “wisdom” of the world. “We” can only pray that you Liberals are but a passing fad – much like the Peace & Love era of the 60’s. Your narrow-minded fanaticism and your need to “label” and name call is dangerous, divisive and nonproductive. You have demeaned and disparaged every person that does not view the world thru the same narrow lens as you – just what is your point? Never mind, please don’t answer. I would simply suggest – since you have aired your viewpoints for all the world to see – that if you are SO convinced of your noble causes – that you find a more effective and kind avenue of discussion …….

        1. libtroller

          You clearly haven’t read ALL my comments. I simply respond in kind. If you post ridiculous, childish vitriol, that’s what you get. If you make a reasoned point, you get reasoned discussion. Simple. The problem is that most dissenters that comment on here and other sites are morons that post unsubstantiated opinions or insults. I would love more reasoned discussion.

  66. Tana

    Grow-up! This is pathetic. Are you going to boycott every time you don’t agree with something.

    1. Malcolm

      Yes. Money speaks loudly in America. I don’t disagree with Trumpism. I detest it. I’m not against his politics, but his lack of character. His morality is situational. Given his fading fortunes, Trump’s run for the presidency was nothing but a grab for attention, money, and power. He doesn’t care about you or me. A little inconvenience is not big price to pay. How are you voicing your opinion about this man with a sixth grade vocabulary?

    2. Caldwell

      Actually, I pretty much do. How I feel about the ambience, the attitude, the citizenship of the merchant or brand factors right in with dollar cost. In the case of Trump I am so repulsed that I would go out of my way to avoid benefiting anything or anyone that is connected to him. It’s also dollars and cents. His tax plans, his readiness to abandon the ACA, his eagerness to inflict damage on the environment and to ignore climate change will cost my family a great deal in the not to distant future. Even if it costs me now, it is a good investment to register a protest with anyone who contributes to his wealth or his politics.


    Thanks for putting this list together. Looks like I’ll be cancelling my Amazon (booo). Though I seem to be in the clear with what’s identified so far. Thanks again.

  68. Pam Rousseau

    A thousand thanks. I have been looking for just such a list!!!!!!

  69. David

    Thanks for the list. I can now post it on Facebook as places to shop that are pro Trump!! Saved me hours and hours of research.. great job guys!

    1. libtroller

      See there, David? People helping out and working for each other. Isn’t it nice? You are officially the most liberal Trump supporter I’ve come across. Way to go brother! ?

  70. kathy

    Do not boycott the department store, but the product. They sell many brands so boycott anything by Trump, wife or daughter. If these products are not selling then the product will be dropped. They don’t want to lose money.

  71. kathy

    Department stores sell other brands than trump’s or daughter’s. With a department store boycott the product. If sales drop then then store will drop the line. It is not making money off the line.

    1. Anne

      No, boycott the store that submits to the lefts insanity/temper tantrums. If they are going to cave, they deserve to go out of business.

      1. libtroller

        No store that drops Trump products will go out of business. Most people in America don’t support him or his policies. Boycott all you want, you are in the minority.

  72. Aaron

    Ignorance is bliss. You all obviously only listen to the media. Watch youtube, listen to his speeches, and see the work he is doing in inner city Detroit, Cleveland. If you actually took the time to listen to him, you would see what he is really all about. I am African-American and I support Trump. He is not perfect, but he is about unifying the nation. He is about helping inner city youth and about bringing back jobs. He is not going to send immigrants back if they are legally here. I had to apply to become a U.S. citizen. If someone is coming in illegally, then need to step back and wait in line. Many people come here the legal route. Thank you for letting me know which products I should buy, as I will be boycotting the ones that don’t support my president.

    1. libtroller

      I think the real hero here is your drug dealer, Aaron. He’s managed to source for you what are clearly the BEST mind-altering drugs on the street. I’ve listened to Emperor Orange a LOT. It’s his own words that tell me he is, at minimum, unfit for the office. Look at for a taste. But by all means, keep calling out “ignorance” while you yourself remain willfully ignorant of the obvious…’ol Grabby Mitts has you right where he wants you.

      1. Tana

        Nice comment!

        1. Tana

          So much put out there about Trump is falsehood and it’s each person’s interpretation of what they read. Have you fact checked everything? Because once again, many times what’s printed is only part of what has been said just so it can be distorted to fit ones own agenda and thinking. We need to give the current administration a chance. At least give them a year before you judge. I sure wouldn’t want to be judged about my work performance after only being at a new job for a week.

          1. libtroller

            Tana, I fact check EVERYTHING. I don’t drink anybody’s Kool-Aid. And you want me to give him a year?!? If you took a dump in the coffee pot in your first week on the job, you’d be out of a job after the first week. Somehow this clown still has a job.

      2. Gil

        Doing what in Detroit

        1. He went to a black prosperity gospel church. He said he was going to quote from a certain bible passage. The crowd cheered. Trump responded, “Oh? You know that one?” What a surprize! Church goers know the bible! Apparently this is news to Trump.

  73. Steve

    So every four years is one half of the country supposed to boycott the other half

    1. libtroller

      No. If you don’t see how this election was so different from previous ones, you aren’t paying attention.

  74. bebe580

    QVC should be boycotted because they carry Melania’s jewelry line.

    1. admin

      Agreed. I’ll look into adding her line. Thank you!

    2. admin

      Hi bebe580, I checked the QVC website, and it appears that they are not currently carrying any Trump products (Donald, Ivanka, or Melania). There is a link to a “Melania Trump” products page (confirming that she has sold things through them before), but the page does not currently display any products for sale. At this time, QVC will not be added to the boycott list. However, if they start selling her stuff after the website bio mention, then QVC will go directly to the top of the list.

    3. Tana

      The reason this one is so different is for once we don’t have a politician with an agenda in office. We have someone who wants to put American and it’s people first, which is the way it is suppose to be.

      1. libtroller

        What?!?!? Trump’s agenda is TRUMP! That’s why he hasn’t divested from his businesses. Too much money to be made in the presidency!

      2. Vanessa W

        Tana, I’d love to think Trump wants to put the needs of his constituents first, but I see no evidence of that despite what he says. His cabinet appointments suggest that what he most wants is to funnel the tax dollars of ordinary people into the pockets of his wealthy supporters. As for putting the U.S. first, we have been first in the world militarily for a very long time. Since we live on and share the planet with many others I think our future lies in cooperation rather than competition.

  75. Paul Donner

    LL Bean why isn’t that on this list???

    1. admin

      Hi Paul, LL Bean does not currently sell any Trump branded products, so they are not on the boycott list.

      1. Al Pierce

        So LL Bean sells mostly China=-made goods and Linda B. overspent her Trump campaign dole by 45K( 5 K is allowed, no?) I’m done with them. Al (30 yr customer)

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