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Although Donald Trump has found a way to put products on shelves in many places, there are still a lot of great places to “vote with your wallet” and support businesses that do not sell Trump merchandise.

Trump-Free Places to Shop
Trump-Free Places to Shop

These stores that do not currently carry any Trump branded or owned products:







Trump-Free Places to Shop
Trump-Free Places to Shop






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76 thoughts on “Shop

  1. a

    homedepot should be off this list now right?

  2. Laurin McCarley

    RACIST ALEX JONES…isn’t TUMBLR, where he’s spewing, owned by OATH, INC, which is owned by VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS?

  3. kim

    why i home depot on the list of places to shop when the ceo is a trump supporter and wants hd to be a part in building the wall? i will never go back there.

  4. You people are ridiculous! The only reason I looked on this site is to boycott any store that doesn’t support the Trumps. I hope you all stay safe with your ridiculous safety pins. This shows how easily you all are brainwashed. Trump supporter!!!

    1. JEL

      You support Trump, who flat-out lies, breaks his promises repeatedly, breaks the law (emollients clause, ethics rules, nepotism, conflicts of interest), admits to sexual assault, and can’t pass a 9th grade civics class … and you call GYW supporters ridiculous and brainwashed? How sadly hilarious and hilariously sad. I wish you well. Good luck.

      1. Jean Clelland-Morin

        Kneal to your master, Brenda, he will unzip for you.

    2. Rebecca

      Obviously we think you are ridiculous, as well as “brainwashed” for supporting Trump–if you don’t like the site don’t use it–I don’t go on pro-Trump sites to troll them why don’t you rise above and stop getting on a site like this just to criticize and complain.

    3. JOE BIDEN

      America Loves Donald J.Trump! #MAGA

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  6. D T

    I’d like to start out by saying that I am not an ardent or enthusiastic Trump supporter. I’m neither a democrat or republican. To my point. And on the topic of boycotting; we might want to think about the single mom who works for Home Depot or Macy’s, making 10-12 an hour trying to do the best to raise her children. (Republicans boycott one and Dems the other.) If we impact a company to the point where they lay people off? I don’t think I could have a good feeling thinking that I might have had something to do with that! And how many of the companies that are supported never carried Trump related products to begin with. Or for example, do the Trump companies even make a product that fits, for example a hardware store like Lowes, model in the first place? So I hope this helps some of you think about your actions. I was in a large store last November with my wife and we noticed some trump clothing. It was not heavily stocked and was placed in a far corner where most people would never see it. (Maybe why it wasn’t selling well?) The first time that I had ever seen anything even resembling a trump product. Do you have a list of Trump products and the companies that produce them? Oh – sometimes boycotts backfire.

  7. Paul

    The repubs must be running out of trolls, now employing the illiterate, or creatures too stupid to use spell check.

    1. Nasty One

      Amazon should be on the boycott. Ivanka Trumps signature perfume is No. 1 on Amazon

    2. Tina Sveinson

      Neiman Marcus selling Ivanka again!

      1. Mo

        Macy’s selling Ivanka Trump too ??

  8. Kim Klein

    What about Do It Best Hardware’s? They don’t carry the brands. Also, thank you for all of your hard work!

  9. Grandma

    I will shop where ever I want. No one tells me different .. all the store you boycott I will shop, Get over it

    1. Paul

      With what when tRump takes away you SS check you idiot? Enjoy poverty.

  10. VFox

    Why do allow the comments with mean-spirited name calling to remain? Discourse and opinion are healthy, but all these ugly comments are distracting and frankly, I am really baffled as to why you let them go through.

  11. Tracy

    Wondering if Western Union should be on the list? I use Western Union to send money once a month. The day before yesterday the fee was $5.95 today it is 12.50. I know for a fact that’s how the hispanics send money back home to their families. Could the price hike have something to do with that? I’ve tried to research no information available? How do we find that out?

    1. tina sveinson

      Western union just had to pay a $586 million settlement. Maybe they need to recoup their losses.

    2. James

      We’ll all the contributors do get a TAX break, and we pay for it! Since we the poor and middle class don’t! He does pay hush money! And the holy ones believe in him! WOW! So the rich get a tax break we pay for it, he didn’t serve in Vietnam, I volunteered! He filed for bankruptcy 6 times, I did once, almost died in a car accident, he uses our money & flies to Florida OUCH, Vietnam always in my thoughts, he thinks of Nasty women! LATER

  12. MaDonna Hunter

    The only thing we have is to hit Trump and his cronies in the pocket. Take back our consumer power.

  13. Steve

    I will only shop at the stores you banned. Let you stupid anti-America LibTards shop at the others and see how soon they will go Bankrupt.

    1. Bill

      The libtards don’t work and live off our tax dollars. These companies don’t truly understand where the money being spent comes from.

      1. Paul

        Duh just got that off a bumper sticker brainiac? Of course if you are a liberal the government gives you $100k a year! Thanks repubs for the free money! Now go to work and pay your taxes so I can just sit on my arse and smoke weed all day. I’ll say hi to your wife when I see her while your working.


      Yes, shop at them all. Thanks for the list. You got ousted!!! You lost!!! Now our turn for 8 years to clean up your mess!

      1. Shaun

        7 months in and we are already trying to figure out how to clean up the mess trump has left so far. At this rate we will never get out from under the mess he is leaving us with. Hope you are happy with your narcissistic leader. Bet you wish now you could have that vote back. If you still have not come to your senses then you need to be rounded up with the rest of the idiot trump supporters and walled in to your own little corner of the US so the rest of us can get on with progress and not be brought down by the trump idiocy.

  14. Elston Rickey

    Thank you for the list so I can shop at stores that is favorable to Trump. Makes it easier for me.

    1. catfoodgen

      The longer Trump is president the less you will be able to buy anything after he tanks the economy, alienates trading partners and only brings back jobs that pay minimum wage (which the Republicans don’t want to increase, ever). So, spend your last dollars to enrich a billionaire if you like. It’s a free country.

  15. Doc

    Dang, you perverts got Home Depot and Lowes to join your sick movement? Now I have to get one of them to change. Or are they only on the list because they don’t sell any of Trumps products in the first place? I will check with them on this.

  16. Anne smith

    I’m letting you know and all your ‘SUPPORTED’ companies know that Won’t be shopping with them. Thanks for making it easy to identify the fascists in this country.

    1. libtroller

      Yes, Anne, thanks for identifying yourself!

  17. Do you think you could add some small businesses to your list that support the boycott? I fall into that category, and would be proud to be on your website! All of my products are also proudly made in the USA.

    1. American

      Get a real life .The USA is ok but I will boycott your business just because you are stupid .
      And falling for this liberal movement .
      Making all the products would be a much better idea make jobs keep our neighbor working help us pay taxes instead these liberals want to take this action which may backfire just as many that supported trump as crooked hillary .Get smarter .Lets put this energy to work for a good cause not something uselless.

      1. libtroller

        Need to work on your punctuation game, bro.

  18. Kimberley

    Thank you. I am setting up a new condo and need lots of things. This list helps!

  19. Kathleen

    Thank you for doing this! This “Snowflake” supports you 100%! I will only shop at stores that don’t benefit the Trump family because they are violating the law by profiting from making money off of his position as President.

    BRAVO and keep up the GREAT work!

    1. My thoughts on boycotts in general. To measure the effectiveness of a boycott, you need to analyze the size of 4 different populations.

      (1) I don’t know that the boycott exists, so I’m going to shop where I want to shop.
      (2) Boycotts aren’t effective OR This issue isn’t important to me, so I’m going to shop where I want to shop.
      (3) I will honor this boycott and not shop there.
      (4) I will NOT honor this boycott and will INTENTIONALLY shop there. (We saw this with Chick-Fil-A appreciation day following Chick-Fil-A boycott/protest day. We can see this by the number of such comments on this board.)

      Nordstrom’s sales are up 7% since announcing dropping Ivanka’s clothing line AND the President’s tweet response and this shows that group 3 overwhelmed group 4 and possibly showed group 2 that this boycott was and continues to be effective.

      1. With all due respect (and that equates to ZERO when it comes to most Trump supporters) it never ceases to amaze me that they seem to think that they need to insult and name call those who disagree with them. I was taught to debate points, not people; issues, not individuals. Eleanor Roosevelt said that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Often these Trump supporters think they win and we lose with an insult, because “I win means you lose” seems to be Trump’s only guiding principle. No, your insult does not hurt us, only makes us stronger. Snowflakes are beautiful, unique, and in large numbers cause avalanches and bring traffic to a complete halt.

        1. The more comments I read, the more they look like copycat Trumpet trolls. As trolls refuse to be reasoned with, perhaps the best way is to outtroll them. LibTroller, keep doing what you are doing. Michael Moore was right. Trump will be the only president taken down by satire, done in because of his own thin skinned narcissism. You are my hero. And you can use @HalfOnionInABag to make a hero. (@HalfOnionInABag is a twitter account trying to prove that it can gain more twitter followers than @RealDonaldTrump)

      2. Tracy

        Boom! Is all that comes to mind now! Great Response!!

  20. Michael E. Kerr

    You can’t be President and a billionaire CEO of your own company and be trusted to work for the best interests of the American people! Trump refused to disclose his tax documents and create a blind trust on his investments, as all previous recent Presidents have. He is now making personal attacks on companies that won’t carry his family Trump products. He deserves this boycott! Every Trump tweet against the boycott helps promote it! Trumps big mouth is his Achilles heel.

    1. Anne smith

      WOW – I’m not a Trump fan – but I have had with the level of vitriol the left is posting, promoting and the level of hatred that you all are fomenting. He’s no more dishonest than any Democrat. He can’ be bought. Or controlled by any party. Sorry, he’s president for four years at least and you need to get a grip. It’s obvious the people who voted for him didn’t care about any of the things you and CNN are going on about. So, get over it, snowflake.

      1. libtroller

        You speak of vitriol and then go name-calling…hypocrite much?

      2. Pick a Trump cabinet nominee. ANY one. Then look at how much he/she contributed to the Trump campaign. He is 100% bought and paid for.



    1. libtroller

      Don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a Trump “motel,” and have no idea what the hell a “shopmat” is. That leaves three questions: which dimension are you from, what wormhole did you use to get here, and how’s Elvis doing??

    2. Anne smith

      Wow, and you wonder why conservatives carry guns.

      1. Tracy

        So you’re advocating violence by saying, “no wonder conservatives carry guns?” Why are you wasting your time trolling this site. It clearly doesn’t line up with your values-so why come on here and fight and rant and rave. Start a website or a movement that counters this one. That’s what a democracy is all about. In the meantime someone needs to take the gun comment seriously. I take it as a threat. Because I’m sure you’re one of the conservative(s) that you were referring to.

    3. Paul

      Don’t know how to work the caps key? I doubt if your minimum wage job will afford you to bankrupt anyone but yourself.

    1. Hello, That is an older article (from November). There are a couple of stores that have stopped carrying Trump branded or owned products since then!

      1. NICK

        You people are all about free speech unless you don’t agree what being spoken about. Its ok to shout down people trying to speak at colleges because they don’t think like you.

        1. NICK

          Moderate my comment, because that’s what free speech is all about….


            ha ha

            1. Yes, free speech is a great thing. That’s why your comment IS posted here. Where do I find HIPPOCRATS? At the zoo? Is that a new political party? HIPPOCRAT is not a word I can find in my dictionary.

        2. Paul

          The teach you how to spell in grade school. Too bad it didn’t stick.

          1. Tina Sveinson

            That’s when they also teach good manners

  22. yeah right

    Target is listed as a “market place store to shop” but when I searched, I quickly found Donald Trumps book “The Art of the Deal”, So my question is why is Target allowed to sell Donald Trumps book but Nordstrom isn’t allowed to sell Ivanka Trumps shoes? Does Donald Trump not get royalties from the sale of his book?

    1. Mutzli

      Read the notes under the boycott section. Old Trump books are not included.

  23. Cheap website if you can’t even get a simple spread sheet to work properly.

  24. Frank

    Wow cut out the division! We need to come together.He is our president! Deal with it snowflakes. Look up Truth

    1. libtroller

      Next time that raging hemorrhoid flares up from all the crap you’re spewing, remember to just “deal with it” instead of doing something about it. Seems like a good approach, right? And Infowars? Do you have a nice fake cup of coffee when you read your fake news? Just don’t spend too much time on the internet, wouldn’t want your fake plastic/rubber/latex girlfriend to feel neglected.

      1. TheGoodWillPrevail

        Not a like bottom. So like

        1. libtroller

          Whatever you’re smoking, I want some.

    2. Shelly

      Shopping, according to my conscience, is my right. You have the right to complain about it, but you can’t stop me or my family from spending our hard earned money however we see fit. #SnowflakesMakeBlizzards

    3. Nichole

      So, did you say that when Obama was elected too? Or were you adamantly against “coming together” then? Fight against your brainwashing. Distinguish truth from “alternative truth”.

      1. Cassandra

        …and Blizzards shut everything down!

    4. Barbara

      Info Wars? You might as well get your news from the Onion!

      1. I get my news from @HalfOnionInABag (A twitter account designed to see if a half an onion in a ziploc bag can get more twitter followers than Donald Trump)

  25. Randy Kliewer

    i would like to suggest Patagonia and Penzey’s Spices as business that deserve support

  26. Becky Cardenas

    I am also having trouble printing the spreadsheet listing contact info. for boycotted stores. I want to email, call and inform these businesses that I will not purchase from them until they disinvest themselves of all things Trump. Can you fix the spreadsheet page, please, so I can print it to work from. Thank you and many thanks to you for setting up this site.

    1. Anne smith

      And i’ll be letting all those safe space stores you mentioned with no Trump products that I won’t be shopping with them.

  27. Gail Pelote

    I’m having difficulty printing from your website. I want to make friends lists of where to boycott and where it’s okay to buy.

    Thank you for doing this service.

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