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  1. dennis

    Poor little snowflakes…….

  2. Louise Dwyer

    You may want to add Penske Truck rental to your list of businesses to avoid. The Penske family contributed a lot to the Trump campaign.

    Also, check out a Facebook page called “Boycott Penske Truck Rental” There appears to be discrimination against minorities who rent from them. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  3. Kathie

    I’m so glad I found your list. I spent money at four of the places on your list today. Now I know who to support. I also sent emails to the companies that have folded to your pressure letting them know that my business will go elsewhere. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Libtroller

      Bless your heart, Kathie. I’m not surprised you needed to wait for a website to tell you who to support. Thinking for yourself is hard, but so worth it. Give it a shot!

  4. Libs R. Dumb

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Do you effin libs think that this will really accomplish anything? Grow up and act like adults instead of whinny little spoiled brats.

    1. Libtroller

      Looks like you’re kinda wound-up there, little fella. Mission accomplished!

  5. Jay

    Great list! Now I know where to go for Trump products. Thank you for helping Trump supporters know where to shop. I know it wasn’t your intention, but that’s what we’re using it for. Must be infuriating.

    1. Libtroller

      When you expose poop, you’re gonna attract flies. Not infuriating, just the way it is.

  6. susan

    This site is actually not doing anything. Ivanka’s sales are through the roof! Thank goodness for your list of retailers we can all proudly be patrons at.

    P.S. libtroller spends entire day on this site taking jabs at those that do not support his views.

    1. Libtroller

      Correction, Susan: Libtroller spends a reasonable amount of time entertaining himself on the internet at the expense of morons, and occasionally exchanging ideas with people who actually have ideas.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        Susan just got her point proven with your response.

        1. Libtroller

          Dang it, Tina, you got me!

    2. Ellen

      I’m not sure that a boycott of Trump products will make that much difference in the bottom line of billionaires, but I do believe more should be said about why we should be boycotting advertisers on Breitbart News, such as Amazon. They are helping to finance an agency that spreads fake news and hate. This is much more dangerous than the Trump family making a few million more or less.

  7. Charles R. Schwenk

    I learned about Grab Your Wallet a few months after you started it. I got on your site to donate money to Grab Your Wallet but I saw that you do not accept donations. That means you are doing this work gratis, pro bono. As a fellow citizen, all I can say is thank you.
    I made a Youtube video a while ago where I argued for a boycott and mentioned Grab Your Wallet and other sites supporting boycotts.
    Some of the Trumpists’ comments on your website suggest backfire effects. One of them said, “Thanks for the list of places where I will be sure to shop more.” Do boycotts actually backfire? It depends on the boycott. The original boycott in Ireland against Captain Boycott succeeded. Evidence from Nordstrom and others suggests that yours may succeed as well. The most hateful of the Trumpists’ comments suggest that your boycott is pricking their consciences and they are experiencing cognitive dissonance. They resolve this dissonance by attacking you more vigorously.
    President Trump loves and cares for only one thing, his personal brand. If citizens can put pressure on the Trump brand through boycotts we may be able to constrain his worst excesses.
    Thanks again.

    1. Charles, you’re the 2nd best — right after the brave and dedicated woman who runs this website, who is #1.

      1. Libtroller

        Charles is the man…can I be third best?

    2. SD Cameron

      Pro-bono? Really? You don’t think that the organizations listed above are connected in some way and don’t have an agenda? Cognitive dissonance works for everyone regardless of political orientation and I think you need to check yours. Why don’t you use your benevolent energy for positive social action instead of using negative intention for negative action. This isn’t a grass roots initiative and the fallout unfortunately will be those who can’t afford the collateral damage. Earlier someone wrote “if those employees in those companies want a job, they should work for companies that do not support Trump” – is it really that simple? Smells like ‘mean spirit’ and oh the power one must feel in making that choice for others.

    3. Ralph

      The site works for me. Every time i go to Starbucks to order guessed it i say my name is TRUMP. sends them spooling. Went to Bed Bath and Beyond, loaded my cart with with pricey merchandise and got to the register. Inquired where i might find Trump products. Was told they no longer carry them. So i said i changed my mind on the purchases. The look on their faces was priceless.
      Now i suppose if Hillary were elected you would be drooling and cowing to her as per typical Democrat.

      1. Libtroller

        Ha! Employees at BB&B weren’t annoyed about losing a sale, they were annoyed about having to put all that stuff back on the shelves. You just made more work for them. You’re not clever, Ralph, you’re just a dick.

  8. Jay

    Great job! Appreciate your efforts and dedication!

  9. AB

    Thank you for assembling this non-profit list and the boycott list. ACLU and PP are already on monthly donations. Good info, even if sometimes inconvenient, but let the market decide if it supports democracy or a dictator. Probably most of the Trumpsters complaining offer an empty threat to double their support for those on the boycott list, just as empty as their leader’s mind. Counting down 1454 days until we get rid of America’s nightmare, maybe sooner if we are lucky (think impeachment).

    1. SD Cameron

      Speaking on behalf of many of my Liberal women friends we find this action suspect and vindictive towards actual Americans and Canadians that are struggling in this economy and trying to better their own positions in life. I have been a real ‘SJW’ for a long time and I do not agree with this kind of contentious action. Patriots and activists that allow themselves to get snowed by Clinton and her ilk are just engaging in ‘fake patriotism’. All of this is really designed chaos to which GYW is complicit in all of its unintended or actually intended consequences. HBC has been around since 1670 and I think they’ll survive your boycott.

      1. Libtroller

        Again, what does this have to do with Clinton? This is about Trump. Period.

        1. SD Cameron

          Really? Hilarious. Please enlighten us again as you seem to have so much time to do so. I find your posts interesting but also odd. Let me give you an example – “I feel that immigrants are vital to our nation, even the illegal ones. I’m exposed to them daily through my business”. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Maybe you should check yourself there. Another one- “The environment is in danger already”. What does that say about the last 8 years? Going back to the main issue I think this boycott is a travesty of liberal ideals. The intentions behind it are wholly negative and hypocritical. If I have to explain it to you then I think you should call yourself ‘fauxlibtroll’ until you fully educate yourself.

          1. Libtroller

            Nothing odd about those statements. Not sure what you’re getting at. Further, please explain this travesty of liberal ideals and hypocrisy. It’s fine if that’s what you think, but how did you get there?

            1. SD Cameron

              I noted that the sentence was odd because you seem like a compassionate person so I am not sure if you made a mistake in choosing the words ‘exposed to’ but I wouldn’t have said it in that way with regard to interpersonal relationships. Since this board has very little movement I will expand my previous comment. I am clearly not a SJW – it was meant to be a sarcastic play on identity politics and the state of social activism as being somewhat co-opted which distorts the original intention for activism and ends up to be lacking in a good deal of sense and civility. I am sure that everyone on this board has an interest in social justice issues of varying degrees and we express them as social contract values of equality, common good and compassion. This means that we need to have a duty of care for our communities regardless of political orientation and that should be (and used to be) the true intent of social activism. It is more an issue of local activism vs global activism as power is consolidated and the politics of consensus divides, subverts or subsumes us. (This should be a concern for all of us…)

              Boycotts may have been useful in the past but today they are a low complexity tool for a high complexity economic system. Changes will happen but they don’t happen by name calling or bullying others though ‘armchair boycotts’. Change happens when we look within and try to engage in lines of thought that differ from our own and reset our habitual patterns of thinking. I really see valid points to all sides of the issue but we need to move towards negotiating a middle ground and be kind to each other while doing so.

              1. Libtroller

                Yeah, “exposed to” was just poor word choice, SD Cameron. I agree with your description of what social activism should be. However, you must see that the current state of technology and the levels of communication (and non-communication, unfortunately) it affords has created a climate where co-opting, epithets and sound bites are the norm, at the expense of deeper thought. The climate is irreversible. We can’t go back to pre-internet days, so we must look forward and try to mold the climate into something different that allows for meaningful activism, both social and political. There isn’t an instruction manual for how to do this, so who’s to say a boycott won’t help? It certainly isn’t a perfect solution, but to the extent that it is a combined effort that attempts to get the attention of the powerful in our society, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s fine if individuals act on their own to slowly counteract and/or change the partisan, sound-bite culture with detailed, individual interactions; it’s likely the way to lasting change. However, the fruits of those individual efforts will be slow to come. In the meantime, Trump presents what many people feel (rightly or wrongly) is an existential threat, both to whatever social, economic and cultural progress they perceive has been made generally, as well as an actual threat to their physical existence through retaliation by outside groups responding to what Trump’s administration bizarrely tries to pass as “diplomacy.” What do we do with that in the meantime, continue to change one mind at a time? While he makes things worse quickly? The core of movements like this is the notion that while the slow approach is great, things need to be done more immediately as well, lest we allow the house to burn down while we talk to our neighbors calmly and individually to make them come around to the idea of having a fire brigade (pardon the weird analogy, it just seems to fit). So, what you see as a negative boycott, I see as action towards a positive aim. What you see as a travesty of liberal ideals, I see as an attempt to preserve them. Whether the means are misguided is up for debate, but the actions are being undertaken for good.

      2. SD Cameron

        I would like to add as a disclaimer that my comment about ‘SJW’ was meant to be commentary about the SJW movement itself which is too complicated for this board. I do not support their message nor their actions.

  10. Teri Herich

    This is one of the most ridiculous, juvenile and hateful ideas the liberals have come up with. There are a lot stupid liberal ideas, but this is right up there. The people that put this absurd website in place only proves how vindictive and bitter they are. Actually taking the time to research the stores carrying Trump products and listing them, telling people not to shop there…wow they have way too much time on their hands. I support Trump and his family. Donald J. Trump is my president. This website and people like these snowflake crybabies are the reason we got Trump in office. You are in the same category as thugs, despicable humans and un-American. Shame on you.

    1. Dawana Mosher

      I AGREE COMPLETELY!!! this is just a bunch of CRYBABIES throwing a tantrum!!! “taking my ball and going home” GROW UP!!! this is STUPID!!!

      1. Jerri

        I ask you to put aside partisan politics and vote your values. Every dollar spent is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. I will do my best to support the rights of women, American workers and the poor and middle class. Mr. Trump and his contingent are pulling us backwards, on the wrong side of history and environmental issues.

    2. libtroller

      Yeah, actually taking time for political action. SO un-American!

      1. Jerri

        Libtroller, you are awesome.

        1. Libtroller

          Back at ya Jerri!

    3. patriot

      Sounds like the remarks of someone who cannot think beyond the use of cliche. This is the sort of thing real patriots do. this isn’t about conservatives, liberals, or those in the center; this isn’t about being a republican, democrat, libertarian, or other. This is about being a patriotic American who will do whatever they can to facilitate the upholding of democracy; to keep anyone from using the office of the President of the United States from undermining the Constitution of the United States of America and pitting citizens against citizens instead of unifying our country and upholding standards of decency and truth. Trump will have charges of treason leveled against him, and he will be impeached. Those who stand by idle or worse support this insanity are not patriots, but accomplices in not only destroying in this country what so many have given their all to steadily improve over generations, but are complicit in destroying our western alliance.

    4. Larry Mulaire

      Kudos and my $$$ to ACLU. Anyone who stops the free press needs to be STOPPED every way possible!!!!
      Achtung Baby!!!

    5. Activist

      Boycotts have been a time-honored and legitimate source of non-violent protest. I voted, and I accept the president. I agree that normally, a president’s family shouldn’t be the object of political protest, but, unfortunately, that’s not the case with President Trump.

      His daughter and son-in-law are White House advisors. Ivanka has been photographed sitting in the president’s chair in the Oval office. President Trump has not divested his holdings to prevent conflicts of interest between his family’s personal wealth and the country’s well being. We cannot know that he is putting the country before his own interests until he releases his tax returns for the past 7 years! Because of the entanglement between President Trumps actions as president and his family’s holdings, boycotting is a legitimate form of protest.

      I am not a crybaby. I’m a patriotic American who cares about the purity of our water and air, the rights and necessity of a free press, the value of free public education. I believe in the constitution. If you don’t think my concerns are legitimate, imagine if Clinton discussed national security in a public space, imagine if she double the fees for a club where only club members could get access to her on weekends, imagine if she barred some members of the press from White House briefings, imagine if she hired her friends and biggest donors (deVos) to prominent positions. Would your outrage be that of a “crybaby” or that of a patriot?

  11. rick

    It is wonderful to see so many folks that will either ignore this website or do just the opposite. This country is way too good for the idiots who create such forums. Move to Iran, Yemen, or Syria……you will be welcomed with stones, guns, and knives. Also, if your health insurance is from Aetna better start shopping for another carrier. Obamacare is in a nose-dive, and it was not due to Trump….blame Pelosi for not reading the Bill.

    1. Claire-Marie Hemmerling

      Thank you for the list!
      I will now only shop those places.

  12. Michael

    You are completely un American and a disgrace. Your motive is nothing but revenge. We did not see you boycotting the Clinton Foundation. You ae doing horrible revengeful things and although there are left wing radicals that support you, I assure the rest of us do not. This will cause you nothing but grief somewhere in the future. You are ignorant, selfish and pure evil. Your intimidation is on a par with the Mafia. You should all be in jail for threatning and intimidation.

    1. Carol

      I agree with you. I will shop all the places they want to boycott

      1. Doc

        I agree completely, these people are insane and I am shopping at stores they are boycotting.

      2. Shannon

        Thanks to you #grabyourwallet. I now have a list of stores that will now shop at! Makes it easy for us. Thank you! We love the Trump Train!

    2. John Smith

      Thank you for putting a list together of place I should be shoppping. My President Trump is putting the United States of America first and all of us United States citizens and legal residents first. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. You put your family first before a stranger…that’s all he’s doing…by the way, consider opening your home to some Muslim refugees and let’s see what happens

    3. libtroller

      Yeah, Michael, I can see how an informative website can seem intimidating and threatening to you. If you could actually handle information, you probably would’ve voted differently.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        Posted a relevant reply but hours later it has not posted. Awaiting moderation. What’s going on?

        1. Tina Sveinson

          No wonder media so distrusted

  13. Carlos K

    The clowns running this site and their minions remind me of the ‘Brown Shirts’ (Sturmabteilung) who played a significant role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920’s and 30’s. Their minions would disrupt meetings of the opposing party ( remember riots at Trump rally’s where George Soros’s paid minions burned and destroyed property, harassing Trump supporters, also the riots at U C Berkley). Some clown a few posts up said that Trump won in a illegitimate election – ha-ha. If you want to hear about an illegitimate election talk to Bernie Sanders about his loss to Crooked Killary Clinton.

    Before finding this site I probably would not have thought about going out a purchasing a Ivanka Trump Product. But now to help “Make America Great Again” I plan on it.

    1. libtroller

      She makes some fetching lingerie you would look nice in, Carlos. Send pics!

  14. BFOX

    Want to thank you for bringing to my attention the Ivanka Trump clothing and Shoe line. I had never heard of it. Now I am a proud owner of 3 pairs of Ivanks’s shoes. Cannot wait for them to arrive so I can show them off at the office.
    Shannon have you heard of that saying “you are guilty of what your small mind accuses others of”?

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Love seeing the support for Ivanka. U would never see a backlash against Chelsea for supporting her father and the same consideration should be given to Ivanka as well.

    2. Your Name


  15. Eric

    Idiots. Lend time or money to habitat for humanity, salvation army, food kitchens – do something that actually helps. go volunteer in a school, help the elderly, care for someone who needs help in their lives. Such idiots. Think a bit more about practicing the golden rule and reflect on what this country at its core is really about.

    1. This is a Liberal attempt to hurt BUSINESS’ that don’t agree with the questionable supporters of CROOKED Hillary and who attempt to disrupt American Politics. You give nothing back to this country but show your pathetic attempt to SWAY opinions to your AGENDA, not the people’s agenda, losers…..well do as you may after Trump’s second term.

      1. grs


    2. libtroller

      Your assumption that people involved in this political action don’t also volunteer and donate is, dare I say, idiotic.

  16. AgScience

    Thanks for your stupid movement. My winter boots are getting old and when I learned of your tantrum decided to order new ones from LLBean. Can’t wait to wear them.

    1. Libtroller

      You’ll have to wait till next year thanks to that climate change Comrade Cheeto doesn’t believe exists.

  17. Clayton88

    The Grab-Your-Wallet movement is vital to maintaining our democracy. After the fraudster Trump assumed the White House after the illegitimate election, the 54% of the population who voted against him, but whose votes were disenfranchised, must now turn to their other constitutional right – which is to allocate their resources toward companies that support the type of country that the 54% majority wanted. Not the cess pool of corruption and self-interest Trump has created.

    That also means taking away spending from those who support Trump. Not only were 54% against Trump, but the 54% also represented an even higher proportion of the income in the country. That makes this movement even more important. We must reward those companies who do not support Trump so they will be able to prosper and employ people. Those companies that support Trump will not get our dollars to perpetuate their self-enrichment and, if employees in those companies want a job, they should work for companies that do not support Trump and the cess pool he has created in Washington.

    Keep this movement going and growing – exercise your constitutional right to spend your dollars for those whose values you share.

  18. Bob Smith

    Have you snowflakes been ass holes all of your lives? Every time you boycott a business your are putting the lives of the employees in jeopardy of that business being harmed. It’s time to grow up. You just made me want to shop and support these business even more.

    1. libtroller

      Scientific fact #1: Snowflakes are crystalline structures made from frozen water. As such, they are not, nor do they have, assholes.

      Scientific fact #2: Boycotts work precisely because of the effects you outlined. The fact that you noticed means you’re maybe not as dumb as you probably look (I’m being generous).

      Scientific fact #3: While I don’t know you, the weight of evidence suggests that you’re the one who’s been an asshole all of your life.

      Isn’t science fun?!?!

    2. Dawana Mosher

      You are ILLEGITIMATE!!! This is STUPID!! Just because your candidate lost you are being CHILDISH!!! Why dont you do your talking at the voting booths and ACCEPT the outcome??? Do you really think EVERYONE voted for obama??? NO!!! but we acted like ADULTS and did NOT take our frustrations out on INNOCENT people or stores!!

      1. libtroller

        Nobody who helped put that dangerous, disgrace of a person in office is “innocent.”

      2. VFox

        Dawana, what is “illegitimate’ about this site? Do you think the authors of this site do not actually have a right to publish this list?

  19. Tina Sveinson

    So intolerant of the left to punish Ivanka for sins of her father. Would u do the same to Chelsea Clinton? Let the public make the decision of what to buy or not buy. Let us have the choice.

    1. libtroller

      Ivanka isn’t being punished for the sins of her father, she is being punished for the sin of backing her father politically, which was her choice.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        Again, u do not punish Chelsea Clinton for backing her fsther. Intolerant left

  20. ray

    Over the weekend heard steve bannon owned a piece of ‘Seinfeld.’ Would it make sense to say ‘stop watching Seinfeld?’

    1. libtroller

      Trump has his little hands in so many cookie jars, I suspect a complete boycott is impossible. But we do what we can. Enjoy Seinfeld.

  21. Jym

    Sure looks like you cater to a bunch of Democrats “sheeppeople” love lists that help us Patriots know where to shop and all the idiots that we should not shop at…..Retail Politics…boy yall are hard up for reasons to cry about WHY YOU LOST… Forest Gump says about yall STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES…..just ask a liberal whinner

    1. libtroller

      Jym, so you’re gonna use the list that you’re critizing for telling “sheeppeople” where to shop to…wait for it…TELL YOU WHERE TO SHOP! ? Amazing

  22. Conservatives – EMAIL EVERY link on this website. Let them know DECENT America is watching them.

    1. libtroller

      Only the naughty ones watch…

  23. Thank you for compiling such a nice list of businesses. We conservatives are using it as well, but in an opposite fashion. Cheers!

    1. libtroller

      I would say it’s the same person posting this same comment all over these sites using different names, but then I remember y’all just follow the same little playbook, because that’s what your masters tell you to do. You can improvise and still successfully be a right-wing jerk, you know…the two are not mutually exclusive.

  24. P.J. Squilik

    The hypocrisy of the left has no bounds. This is same “mean spirited” action Chuck U Shumer literally cried about when making his accusations of Trump. I hope the national Women Owned Business Enterprise organization takes legal action against the founders of this site for restraint of trade.

    1. libtroller

      Damn, P.J., here I thought I’d seen the most full of ? person in Trump. You realize that a restraint of trade claim requires a contract with clauses that restrict trade, right? Of course you don’t, you talk out of your a$$.

  25. Amybeth Hoffman

    I am going to make a point to shop at every place this communist website is telling to boycott. If you don’t like the politics in this country then move to another! I am willing to help all of you sorry excuses pack!!

    1. libtroller

      Amybeth? Is that really your name? That’s not really your name. Really? Anyway, the politics are fine, it’s the current lead politician that blows. And he’s there because of geniuses like you and the electoral college. Spend your fascist money, you’re in the minority so it won’t make a difference.

  26. Getnoldfast

    What the heck happened to our moral compass? Human dignity? Respect for others? We’ve done our best to raise two girls to be contributing citizens of this great nation. I am completely blown away that not just a few people, but a whole group of my fellow Americans can be so petty and vindictive. I also can’t believe that a whole generation of parents raised such hateful and just plain mean children.

    I get you’re upset about the election. I wasn’t happy when Obama won a second term. But please, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and see if you recognize you self anymore. Ivanka has absolutely nothing to do with the Presidency. This isn’t guilt by association. Give the man a chance…or its going to be a long and painful four years.

    With our fearless leaders in the House and Senate having temper tantrums about every little thing, we will never get to a common ground. Somebody has to be the grownup and say no more. It reminds me of that kid’s game called ‘got you back last’.

    When I see this much hate, I can tell it just consumes everything you do. Stop judging and let’s move forward!

    1. libtroller

      IT’S NOT ABOUT THE ELECTION!! IT’S ABOUT THE PRESIDENT! HE’S GOING TO WRECK THIS COUNTRY OF HE’S NOT STOPPED!! IF YOU DON’T SEE THAT YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF!!! Sorry I yelled, it just gets frustrating to have to say the same thing over and over again. It’s astounding how many people don’t understand the reason behind these protests.

      1. Getnoldfast

        Hi libtroller,

        I can certainly feel your frustration about all of this. And I get it…Trump is not Mr. Popular with the left of the MSM. But honestly, what can we do at this point? I know, protesting Trump from a business perspective might make some folks feel better, but let’s say a year from now, Trump has been so distracted by this type of attack that the country is now even worse off that before. Congress is in a stalemate once again and absolutely nothing gets done.

        As we both can agree, there is not one living soul on this planet that could be elected President that every person in this country would agree on. That would be an awesome thing. And were there questions about the election that make people say “WTH” with respect to email hacking and Russian interference. It appears that there may have been some influence there.

        My concern has to do with how folks are reacting to a situation that will only get worse if either something happened to Trump, or his duties as the President are altered in such a way that we become gridlock and we have four miserable years of nothing getting done. I love this country, I fought for this country and I’m really proud to be an American.

        I get that you don’t agree with Trump, his ideas, his background or his family. But, let’s go back eight years and recall when Obama was elected. I, like you with Trump; wasn’t real happy. We lived in a different world, even just eight years ago. My biggest concern with Obama was that he really had little experience as a politician, world economics, foreign affairs, etc. He was a Senator with about 150 days of experience and his main attributes were that he was a good orator and a community organizer.

        At the time, I had to accept the fact that Obama was now our President. I didn’t like it, but I just thought he wasn’t very prepared with his limited background having to do with the duties and responsibilities to lead the free world. But, because I believe in the system and only want the absolute best for our country, I really had to take a step back and give the man a chance. I mean he was elected the leader of the free world so let’s all put all the animosity behind us and give the man a chance, right? I think it was the right thing to do based on the fact that a system was in place, the people elected Obama and that was that.

        I guess my main concern is that I think we, as a country, need to give this man a chance. If he screws up, let him know. But to go after his family because he wants to be the President just seems wrong to me. I mean if I were in a position of political authority, it would blow me away if my kids or other relatives were targeted for something I did or was doing. For example, let’s say you ran a stop sign and clipped my front bumper. But because I didn’t like how things went down and you damaged my car, I’ve decided to start harassing your daughter or mother at their work, or setup a website targeting your whole family just because I didn’t like the way our accident went down. Seems a little overboard to me.

        I’m sorry I’m being so long winded here, but I guess I’m just astounded by the lack of respect for the Office of the President. Hate the man, fine. Disrespect the office and try and bring it down because of your dislike for a man and his family and that you might not agree with his decisions or agenda just seems well, kind of childish.

        In your opinion, do you think we will ever be a unified country again? If Trump decided next week to say “the hell with this….I quit”, well then what? Would people calm down to a point where we can all be civil, or would the left then start things up with Pence as our President and go after his slightly meager holdings, or his family for that matter? I guess I would just like to know what it would take for like-minded folks that believe what you believe, to stop and allow things to move forward. If Pence became President then Ryan would be VP. It’s still a Republican controlled environment. I’m sure that Pence would carry the torch to a degree for Trump since his agenda was what was promised. Would the left suddenly stop boycotting Trump assets, or would that just continue into oblivion?

        Look, I know you’re upset and I get that you don’t like Trump or his slightly awkward way of doing things. But 60+ million folks wanted to try something different. I think we owe it to not only those 60+ million voters but to our country as well, to let things play out a bit before we crucify him right out of the gate. We gave Obama a chance so I am just asking you to not make this so personal and see how things unfold. To go after his family, his businesses, etc just because you don’t agree with his way of doing things just seems un-American to me.

        Finally, and I’d like to get your opinion about this, but, I think that children reflect how the parents raised their kids. Some of the hillbillies I live around give me little hope for the future. But when I look at all of his kids, how polished they are and how successful they have been in their own lives…that tells me that Trump might just be a decent guy deep down. He’s different I’ll give you that. But I think it is time to step back a little and see what he has to offer. I wholeheartedly believe he has the best interest of the country at heart.

        I’d also like to hear what it is that you think he going to do that will wreck the country.


        1. libtroller

          Thanks for your thoughtful response, Getnoldfast. It’s rare to see a sober point of view. I understand where you’re coming from with your comparison to Obama and how you felt about him getting elected. The problem with that comparison is that this is a wholly different situation because of the man. I don”t have a crystal ball, but I can virtually guarantee you that this type of protest/website wouldn’t exist if ANY OTHER Republican candidate had won the election. Nothing like this level of backlash happened even when Bush allegedly “stole” the election from Gore. People on the other side weren’t happy, and they were vocal, but nothing like this. And that’s because, unlike you, I don’t feel that Trump has the country’s best interests at heart. I didn’t vote for Bush Jr., and I didn’t agree with a lot of what he did, but I’ve always felt and said that he did what he did because he truly felt it was good for the country (misguided though he was, in my opinion). In him I saw a basically good man with a different political ideology than mine. And that was not a popular opinion in some circles, believe me, but I expressed it openly. All that to say that I can deal with a difference in political ideology. What I can’t deal with is a poor excuse for a man. Because of all the media hype surrounding him, I researched Trump extensively. I wanted to form my own opinion based as much as possible on unbiased sources. So, I went directly to his own words to learn about him. I looked for quotes, interviews and videos, and I researched the context of his statements to get as close as I could to the intent of his words. I found a lot of unsubstantiated crap, which wasn’t a surprise. But I also found a lot of direct, clear statements from his own mouth that gave me a window into the man. Those statements revealed him to be a racist, sexist, mysoginistic narcissist. Is he pure evil? No, not many people are. I’m sure, to your point, that he’s an excellent father who truly loves his kids and raised them to be polished, driven go-getters. That doesn’t negate his extremely bad other qualities. And I just can’t ignore those qualities. I can deal with a president that is politically different than me, what I can’t deal with is a president who I can’t respect as a human being.

          As for wrecking the country, here are just a few: I feel that immigrants are vital to our nation, even the illegal ones. I’m exposed to them daily through my business. Trump’s action against immigrants is appallingly un-American, and I feel will lead to dire economic and social consequences if it continues. The environment is in danger already. Nevertheless, Trump has vowed to roll back regulations in this area. This is nothing less than an existential threat, in my opinion. As for social issues, he has, for example, vowed to implement a Religious Freedom law (never mind that we already have freedom of religion written into the Constitution) that will basically codify discrimination. This would be a huge step backwards socially. I would write more, but I’m afraid whoever runs this site might not let me post anymore if I make this novel any longer ?

        2. Dawana Mosher

          what a CROCK!!! really??? just another ANARCHIST!!! do you really have that much frustration and hate in you???

          1. libtroller

            Frustration and hate? You’re the one that’s yelling.

        1. ” I would LOVE to shut down the Beijing factory and open one in Jamaica, Queens.” That was 4 years ago, and he still hasn’t done it.

      2. Karen

        Libtroller….It is your hate that is going to ruin this country….not Donald Trump.

        1. libtroller

          I don’t hate anybody, I’m just having some fun. And let’s be clear, Donald Trump is going to ruin this country if we let him. I and many others don’t intend to let him.

  27. mike

    See’s Candies is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. I guess he likes it both ways, advertising on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and backing Hillary Clinton at the same time. Shame on you Warren.

  28. jl

    This website shows everything that is wrong with the world today. This is disgusting and should be taken down! These snowflakes have no life! I also find it funny that you are calling for a boycott. In my opinion, you are just covering up the fact that you clueless, tasteless no job, protest for nothing hippies couldn’t afford to shop in any of these stores anyway! What is going to happen when some of the clothing ends up at the salvation second hand garbage stores that you shop will you clothe yourself? When did being a liberal be so trashy! You guys are a joke. Anyone on here showing support is a joke as well! The founders of this site or horrible humans

    1. libtroller

      This comment holds the record for most stereotypically incorrect assumptions based on ignorance and partisanship. Quintessential Trump voter.

  29. Jack Braddell

    We need to boycott Exxon/Mobile to have a real impact. Most of Trumps supporters shop at places like Nordstrom anyways. Everyone purchases fuel. We would not have had much impact boycotting Haliburton since most consumers were never their customers, (only military purchases). Exxon/Mobile would make a difference though.

    1. jl

      you are a clueless human being

      1. libtroller

        See my comment to your previous comment. So predictable.

  30. Jennifer

    Whole thing is appalling. Ivanka set up her company years before her father ran for president. She is an accomplished businesswoman. It’s time for you privileged liberals to accept the fact that President Trump is our president.

    1. libtroller

      I’ll accept it when you accept that I can grab your ? without consequence. You in?

      1. Getnoldfast

        Hey libtroller,

        I played basketball for close to 30 years. Been on a college team, an All-Navy team and countless other teams in between. I’ve said some things in my day that might make your hair curl. I’ve also heard my teammates say stuff that you couldn’t fathom. I’m talking jaw-dropping. Do I regret them at this point in my life? Pretty much, although there were a few things said that won’t change.

        When I look back on some of these statements or remarks that I’m guilty of, not only am I embarrassed, but I realize that I’m also human. There are very, very few people alive today that can honestly say, without reservation, that they have never said something stupid, rude, insulting or degrading in their lives. To judge a person for saying things that are offensive to others seems hypocritical to me. Can you honestly say that you’ve never said something you regretted? Don’t care about the content….just something that you wish you could take back?

        Trump is not perfect by any stretch and I’m sure more will surface that will get everyone all riled up. I just have a hard time listening to someone hang onto one statement and assume that it’s all that person says. After looking back at his life, he’s done some pretty stupid stuff. But I also think he takes this job seriously and has changed as a person.

        1. libtroller

          If that statement of his were the only statement showing his attitude towards women, you might have a point. As appalling as it was, I get that what’s said behind closed doors is meant to stay behind closed doors. However, when you combine it with with his very public statements, things he WANTS people to hear, it’s just hard to dismiss all of it. His public words matter, and they give context to his private words. I don’t know you, Getnoldfast, but if you went around in public saying what he does, it would be hard to give you a pass on something mysoginistic said amongst the “boys” by just calling it “locker room talk.”

  31. Phoebe

    The women who started this have waaay too much time on their hands and need to grow up. Don’t like the Trump brand? Not interested in it? Hey here’s a novel idea…why not be mature adults, ignore it, and DON’T BUY IT! Hope legal action is taken against you by the Trumps.

    1. Danny

      Phoebe, why not sue the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech while you’re at it? Thank you Grab-Your-Wallet for all your hard work keeping track of Trump and his financial interests. It’s important to hit the Trump Empire in the pocket book!

  32. David Anton

    Thank you for letting me know who to boycott – any wimpy company who caves to this BS.

    1. libtroller

      Second most unoriginal comment on this site! Congrats genius!

      1. Doc

        It is unoriginal simply because it is too true. I also will reverse the lists and buy only from those listed as boycotted.

  33. Snickers

    This website is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Try to take your anger and do something good instead of inciting riots and ruining people’s lives. Just a disgrace.

  34. Sandy Barnes

    If possible, please add Penzeys Spices to your list. Their CEO, Bill Penzey, really walks the talk and the product is good, too.

  35. Brenda

    Thanks for the list. I’m going to #GrabMyWallet and shop these stores to support the Trumps and Make America Great Again! God bless President Trump and his family! #MyPresident #QuitYourLiberalWhining #WeWon

    1. libtroller

      Yep, you’re a real winner, Brenda.

  36. Kelly Taranto

    Really? This is so ridiculous. Accept that Donald Trump is President of the United States and do something productive with your time and stop being a bully. While I didn’t vote for Obama, he was MY President and I respected him. The same respect is not being given to President Trump because people are still in the midst of their temper tantrum. That you are boycotting Ivanka Trump’s products is unbelievable. She is pro-women and does a lot of good for women. She works and has a family and is being bullied because she supports her father. It’s a very sad day in America that all the negative energy being put into this effort couldn’t be used in a more productive manner.

    1. libtroller

      You may not have voted for Obama, but he is a man worthy of respect, which is why you respected him. Trump, not so much. It has little to do with his politics for me. He’s just a poor excuse for a man.

      1. Getnoldfast

        Hi libtroller,

        Not stalking you here, but your comments keep getting my attention. Maybe I missed something here, but in your own words, why is Obama worthy of your respect? I’m all about understanding different points of view…I just want to know what it was about him that got your total respect.


        1. libtroller

          He is intelligent and approached problems with logic, as opposed to unchecked vitriol. He shows respect to others, even political opponents. That’s not to say he doesn’t express is views vigorously, but I don’t recall him ever just insulting people for the sake of insulting them. And I believe he always had the country’s interests at heart. In these specific ways, Obama was not much different from prior presidents. In fact, I can’t think of a single president I’ve lived through that I haven’t respected, even if I didn’t agree with his ideology. Until the current one.

  37. annie

    all these businesses have plenty of Stuff to sell besides TrumpStuff. they really won’t be hurt. a store is not going to close and layoff employees because no Ivanka handbags or trumphats are sold. with the millions of businesses in this country even losing all the ones on this list won’t make a dent in American commerce. unpacked my cart at a listed merchant and sent the money to a charity instead. if they dumptrump I will order; if not I can live without so much stuff anyway. it’s just an ordinary citizen’s way to speak up with our money as well as marching.

  38. Wayne

    You realize that by boycotting these companies, you are taking wages and benefits away from employees who might be “let go” because of low sales. All you can think about is your own selfish actions because of who and who didn’t get elected. This is totally ridiculous and one thing to remember, if one of these boycotted companies has something that a person needs, they will buy it there. All of your effort is for nothing. Just your 5 minutes of fame. Congratulations for ruining some people’s lives.

    1. libtroller

      When you have evidence of people actually being laid off because of this boycott, get back to me.

  39. Thank you for this list. Keep it up. It’s funny, you all think only your opinions matter. If you live in a country with free elections, your candidate some times loses. When OScama won, in 2012, I voted against him but still put country first. I will be sure to shop at these stores. Sadly, I voted for OScama the first time and all he did was set us up to fail. What US President in their right mind would fund Irans Nuclear ambitions? Your and other liberal behaviors like this will continue to power us. It’s nice to see a President actually do what he campaigned on.

    1. libtroller

      Ha! That’s kinda like saying “it’s nice to see that dude who said he was gonna beat the crap outta me and ruin my life actually go through with it. His honesty is so refreshing!”

  40. Just asking…should HobbyLobby be on the list?

    1. Do you realize that women and children depend on these companies for food, shelter, insurance, etc? You are defying your very purpose. Punishing innocent people is not how it should work. Work through your Congressional reps. Don’t attack businesses that employ thousands of people. Everyone is entitled to his or her views in this country. I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I vote after being informed on the key issues and what I think is best for the whole country. If my guy or gal wins, great, if not, I support the new administration and the will of the people via the election. Anyone who would wish companies out of business or jeopardize their success and the livelihood of innocent, hard working people, is vile and Un – American. May Kharma not have mercy on you if anyone suffers as a result of this campaign.

    2. jl

      just asking…are you really that dumb?

      1. libtroller

        Just answering…I don’t know about Suzanne, but you definitely are.

    3. Trump branded merchandise is not sold by Hobby Lobby, only their own brands. There are certainly many other reasons to boycott Hobby Lobby.

  41. Joe Sinopoli

    I just bought a Trump necktie, you are a bunch of idiots!!!!!!

    1. TruPatriot

      Thanks Joe…. Nothing like seeing the “tolerant and inclusive left” in action. If these goofs would give the guy a chance maybe the country could actually move in a direction that lifts EVERYONE. Be careful if you happen to visit Berkeley,, California!

      1. libtroller

        Dude, giving Trump a “chance” is like giving a toddler with a live grenade a chance not to blow you up. That said, I like my chances with the toddler better than with Trump.

    2. libtroller

      Careful, Joe, those Trump neckties squeeze pretty tightly.

        1. libtroller

          Ha! I’m just having fun, LAIB. Loosen up

  42. Ragin' Nana

    Wow! You are doing such a great job! Not only are you showing how intolerant you are of anyone whose ideology doesn’t match yours, you’re willing to go the extra step and ensure that anyone who has supported Trump, or is associated in any way with Trump ir his family, will go out of business if they don’t bow to your demands. For example, Uber. Many of those drivers are immigrants. Soooooo – let’s boycott Uber until they give in- which they did. Congratulations! You were willing too take the food of the table from someone who is just trying to make a living. How tolerant of you. You do realize that your demand to boycott those businesses that you want biycotted can have a tremendous impact women and children who rely on that income? That income that feeds thousands of people? Oh, but that’s right – you are one of the tolerant liberals. A tolerant person who wants only leave and love and inclusiveness – until it doesn’t jive with your beliefs. And then, you want hate, and intolerance, and destruction. Get over yourself! You and others like you are not tolerant, and you don’t promote peace and love. You are a fake and a bully!

  43. Mike Dattero

    You leftists are such sore losers. How does it feel knowing that your efforts, in the grand scheme of things, will carry few results — just like Democrats all over America! Trump and others will go on making their millions, Trump WILL make America great again. And you? Your failed efforts will be in vain, just like those of your political party.

    You’re grown-up babies. You lost, lost big. Get over it! How ’bout listing the companies that sell pacifiers in bulk. You could pass them by the millions to your constituents.

    1. libtroller

      Everyone lost big with Trump’s election, Mike. Lost BIGLY! These efforts are effective. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be taking the time to post on a website like this. You know it’s having an effect, and it’s a little scary for you, so you pump your chest on these sites to make yourself feel better. The pacifier is a great idea…for you. Enjoy your Marmalade Master while you have him. In the meantime, keep on sucking! ?

      1. jl

        Reading your posts shows me exactly why Trump won. Please keep posting so we can have him for 8 years! Also if needed, I believe a second round of coloring books will be passed out…so don’t cry snowflake! it will be alright. If possible, get a job and contribute to society. I am tried of working hard to pay for your BS

        1. libtroller

          Snowflakes and coloring books! Glad you got your alt-right handbook to memorize. Do you have ANY original ideas? And I doubt Trump got elected because of clever, intelligent, successful dudes like me mowing down idiots on the internet. I would hate to take credit for him anyway. Smooches! ?

          1. Iamaliberal1

            libtroller – don’t know who you are and don’t care. I LOVE YOU! Keep up the good work and I will too!

            1. libtroller

              Back at ya!

  44. P.J. Squilik

    Let me see if I understand your mission: you folks promote the boycott of businesses that employee women like my wife, sister, cousin, nieces, and neighbor’s wives…all of whom took part in the peaceful women’s march recently. The founders of Grab-your-wallet, and people who support their short-sighted misguided actions, are the new American ISIS….and I hope you’re dealt with in the same manner that any threat to our democracy should be.

    1. libtroller

      Any jobs lost is on the shoulders of the corporate heads that used their companies to make a political statement by supporting Trump. And if you think this type of political action is the same as what ISIS does, you are a special kind of moron. Then again, you probably voted for him, so not surprised.

  45. Cathy Parker

    shame on you, a bunch of cry babies didn’t get your way! Disgraceful, I will be sure NOT to shop at Nordstroms anymore and any other retailers who fold under your movement!

  46. Lorrie

    Thank you for these lists. Much easier than trying to find them on your own. Do you take recommendations for companies to add to the list?

    1. TruPatriot

      Agreed… This makes it much easier for me to find places TO SHOP! THANKS A BUNCH!

      1. libtroller

        Happy you found the page with merchants that don’t support Trump, most people miss it. ?

  47. None of your business

    Ms. Coulter

    Thank you for the list of stores to boycott in your stupid Nordstroms article I will make a point of shopping there.

    Make America Great Again!

    1. Jennifer J Knight

      Good that you’re supporting Nordstroms; they just Dumped Trump!

  48. Valerie Bolduc

    Thank you so much for offering advice that women across the world should boycott Women entrepreneurs such as Ivanka Trump. It’s certainly good to better understand your point of views, and to know that you are an organization AGAINST Women in Business, and an organization that does not support Women’s equal rights to be self employed and own a business in this day and age. This woman did not chose her family, and good or bad, she is the daughter of the president of the United States. With that said, asking people to boycott her products hurts the cause of thousands of Women just trying to get a break in a predominantly man’s world, and that have brains and worked hard to own their own business. Very smart indeed Grab Your Wallet!!! Thank you for helping my cause as a Women. Appreciate it lots. Way the go!

    As a result of your stupidity, I will do the absolute opposite. I will shop all the retailers that support Women in Business and diversity of women as entrepreneurs. I will shop all the retailers that carry Ivanka Trump’s products as well as those of other women such as herself trying to make it in a man’s world.

    1. libtroller

      Hahaha! Holy crap! You, a TRUMP supporter, is suddenly on the side of WOMEN!! Oh my god…the laughter…it’s too much!!! ??????

  49. Mick

    Thanks for the list of businesses that you would like boycotted for their support of Trump products and services. Please keep the list maintained and available to everyone so that we can make sure to support them. The left – aka “mainstream” – continues to exhibit the type of behavior that alienates the majority of people. Please continue and intensify your activities. Why don’t you start a drive to change the 1st amendment so that it becomes illegal for dissent?

    1. libtroller

      Mainstream = majority. Words are hard, it’s ok buddy.

  50. Brad

    I will be supporting the retailers on your list! Thanks for letting me know which retails deserve my business for supporting our president Donald Trump.

    1. Jennifer J Knight

      There are lots of Russian retailers that will thus delight you, Brad.

  51. Thank you for your list of these 30 retailers. I will make sure to double up on everything that I purchase from them and remove from my purchasing list immediately

    1. Good Idea Ray Im think Im going to do the same. This list really helps.

    2. Jennifer J Knight

      Ray, where will you get your spikey heels then?

    3. libtroller

      Ray, you missed an opportunity. You shoulda said you’re gonna “buy BIGLY!” No imagination. ?

      1. This isn’t America! It is the face of tyranny and chaos! Liberals should head north and/or south and leave this wonderful democracy. . There is no place in our country for leftists/progressives/radical democrats. Get over the fact you lost the election!!! We are now making America great again. You idiots have no place here.

        1. libtroller

          So you are saying that an entire political group has no place here, and we should be silenced, yet WE’RE the face of tyranny?? Bless your little heart…

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