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The Trump family has business lines across many industries and geographies. Grab-Your-Wallet.com can help navigate you towards places where your purchases will not serve to support the Trump family and politics. As even Trump himself has advocated for boycotts of over 10 companies (and countries) in recent years, it is clear that your purchases do matter.


Over 3 dozen stores currently profit from their relationship with the Trump family brands:




Often, the Trump affiliation with a place is easy to notice: the Trump name is usually displayed prominently on Trump properties. However, the Trump family does have some businesses in unexpected places, including family attractions in New York City’s Central Park!  Learn where these hotels, restaurants, spas, golf courses, bars, and other Trump properties are located so that you can make informed choices with your purchases.



Donald J. Trump is an Executive Producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice”, even now as the President of the United States. Boycott the show, it’s network, producers, and advertisers while they allow the US President to profit from the ongoing conflicts of interest. One of the premises of the show is raising money for charities, yet given Trump’s record with charities, this seems dubious.



The Trump presidency would not have been possible without financial support from wealthy donors and endorsements from public figures. While it’s understandable to offer support for one’s political ideals, it can be a fine line that separates acceptable support from a potential conflict of interest.



This site was created to highlight the conflicts of interest between President Donald Trump and the United States Citizens and U.S. Assets he now governs. Discussion regarding matters pertaining to this boycott of Trump products is encouraged throughout the website. Profane, threatening, or off-topic statements will find better forums elsewhere.

Information is deemed to be accurate at the time of publishing but is subject to ongoing changes in both directions (the list of Trump supporters may need additions or subtractions depending on actions).

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  1. Hi, What about adding the companies with execs who have not left Mr. Trump’s executive council? -> Executives who said they are staying:

    Jeff Immelt, GE.
    Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical.
    John Ferriola, Nucor.
    Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool.
    Mark Sutton, International Paper.
    Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup.
    Michael Dell, Dell.
    Dennis Builenburg, Boeing.
    Michael Polk, Newell Brands.

    Executives who declined comment or have not responded to CNNMoney:

    Marilynn Hewson, Lockheed Martin. Declined to comment.
    Bill Brown, Harris Corporation. Declined to comment.
    Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson.
    Greg Hayes, United Technologies.
    Jim Kamsickas, Dana.
    Rich Kyle, Timken.
    Inge Thulin, 3M.
    Wendell Weeks, Corning.

    (Note: Klaus Kleinfeld, Arconic, and Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar, were listed as members of the jobs group. Both have left their companies and it is not yet clear whether they were replaced.)

    President’s Strategic and Policy Forum

    This economic advisory group was created in December. Officials said Trump would call upon them to share experience and knowledge as he implements his economic agenda.

    Executives who have left the group:

    Travis Kalanick, Uber. He dropped out in February after Trump’s travel ban order.
    Musk, of SpaceX and Tesla. Resigned because of Trump’s Paris climate decision.
    Bob Iger, Disney. He also left in June because of the Paris decision.

    Executives who have said they are staying:

    Mary Barra, General Motors.
    Mark Weinberger, EY.
    Adebayo “Bayo” Ogunlesi, Global Infrustructure Partners.
    Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic.
    Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart.

    Executives who released statements about Charlottesville but did not explicitly mention their council roles:

    Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone.
    Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo.
    Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase.

    Executives who declined comment or have not responded to CNNMoney:

    Paul Atkins, Patomak Global Partners and a former commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
    Larry Fink, BlackRock.
    Rich Lesser, Boston Consulting Group.
    Ginni Rometty, IBM.
    Jim McNerney, the former CEO of Boeing.
    Daniel Yergin, a Pulitzer Prize-winner and the vice chairman of IHS Markit. Not available for comment on Tuesday.
    Kevin Warsh, the Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University and the former member of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Stanford said Warsh was not available to comment.
    Jack Welch, GE’s former chairman and CEO. Wasn’t available for comment Tuesday.

    CNNMoney (New York) First published August 15, 2017: 4:57 PM ET

    1. Saul

      You are all punks…this is a free country and anyone can donate to who they want…And should be able to without CREEPS like YOU threatening their livelihood…Perhaps the same should be done to you and wherever you work…

  2. Mountainlady

    Please suggest to your followers to increase their boycott to include all products made in red states. For the products that you routinely purchase, it’s easy to find out what state they were manufactured and write to the company owners saying something like: “I do not know your political leanings, but I do know that your Republican legislators are destroying health care in this country to give tax cuts to the rich. I will boycott your products until this stops. I encourage you to contact your legislators and let them know that their actions are creating a boycott of ALL our state’s products and tourism and affecting our state economy, and your company’s business, in a negative way. If this concept takes hold nationally and hits red state businesses in a big way, this could make a huge difference!

    1. DoitBetter

      Boycott Trump’s Business Council members

      Before you shop, consider how these business leaders are willing to work with a president – a reluctant critic of white supremacy & pushing to start a war with any country to distract / before showing his tax returns.

      Business leaders on Trump Business Council:

      Stephen A. Schwarzman (Forum Chairman), Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone;
      Paul Atkins, CEO, Patomak Global Partners, LLC, Former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
      Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO, General Motors;
      Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic;
      Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co;
      Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock;
      Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney
      Rich Lesser, President and CEO, Boston Consulting Group;
      Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.;
      Jim McNerney, Former Chairman, President, and CEO, Boeing;
      Adebayo “Bayo” Ogunlesi, Chairman and Managing Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners;
      Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM;
      Kevin Warsh, Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics, Hoover Institute, Former Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System;
      Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO, EY;
      Jack Welch, Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric;
      Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winner, Vice Chairman of IHS Markit;

  3. Sid

    Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons donated $1M to the Trump campaign/inauguration.

    1. Esther Glvover

      I have read some comments that you have stated saying you have had threats etc from Trump supporters. You on the other hand fail to realize how threatening your behavior is to thousands of working Americans. Because this country voted on somebody you disagree with you have decided to throw a tantrum the bests my three old. A tantrum that is out to destroy this family and anybody who associates with them therefore the thousands of employees that work for them and these companies. This family has done more good for this country then you ever could. Your message is a negative one and when you surround yourself with constant negativity it makes your life that much more miserable. Instead of focusing on the bad of everyone, why don’t you focus on the good. If you want to make a real difference try a campaign promoting companies that go above and beyond to do good, promote what they do that so valuable and push for people to shop with those companies. In the end, you end up helping the companies, maybe push other companies to change their ways to be put on your list, by helping the companies you help the employees. You become a builder instead of a destroyer.
      Just maybe you could help start to change the conversation in this country from being so negative and hateful to being more positive and loving.

  4. Jason Casey

    Thanks for information. I will be shopping intently at every business listed here. Thanks for making it easy by making a list for conservatives to know where we can support pro Trump entities.


    1. Tina

      Well said!

  5. T. Lewis Garrett

    Hi: I would like everyone to boycott the TV shows Pawn Stars and Bar rescue as the reality stars, Rick Harrison and Jon Taffer are avid Trump supporters and gave a glowing endorsement on the CNBC show Closing Bell with supportive hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans.

  6. Issa Smith

    Hi my name is Issa and you are a hero not only to the community but also to women . I was unaware of all the websights that support trump some I am really saddened by because I shop frequently . If you could contact me I would really appreciate it I need your help to push back on trump in my own way and tell you my story and just like you I need to make a difference but in order to do that I need the help of such an amazingly inspirational woman as yourself. Because my ex tried to murder me and cost me the lives of three of my therapy dogs he is in prision for five years I prosecuted without hesitation abuse against women children pets has to stop and it started with me . I am unable to have face book to get people’s attention. So if you could please contact me I would very much appreciate it I do believe you will be very inspired and impressed by my story and purpose.
    Keep up the amazing work and never forget what other people say and there Hateing selves are insignificant to the amazing inspiration you have created they live to spew hate onto all of us . For those of us who didn’t know how to make our voices heard like a immobile individual we all have a way to help the resistance every small act adds up . It always starts with one and turns millions in zero .five seconds . You are a warrior and my sister in a fight that will never stop or lessen until we the American people stand united once again.
    Keep your head up your hard work is truly makeing a difference.

  7. kit

    many of the links in the list are intercepted with scary warnings that they are dangerous websites, all these warnings are attributed to fave.com. has your website been hacked?

  8. no1stunna

    Change the name to fatuglywomenhateprettygirls.com MAGA!

  9. judy

    received an email yesterday 4-04-2017 stating that “grab your wallet” was wrong is stating that they are discontinuing Ivanka Trumps line. I was never going to shop at BB& B again if they dropped her products. Glad to hear they have some COMMON SENSE not like the founder of “grab your wallet” this is beyond ridiculous. I will print out your list of stores etc to boycott and try and shop at these places . You have done a great disservice to our country by taking out your frustrations on the people you pretend to be helping, the working class. I am a 71 year old woman, voted for Trump, worked in more campaigns over the years for Dems, but I know the country is headed in the wrong directions with all these snowflakes, we need strong leadership, not left leaning loonies. YOU LOST, get over it!

  10. Nan Parnell

    So happy to have a list of WHERE TO SHOP!!!!! I want to shop every pro Trump store I can!!!!!
    Thanks for helping me out with that!!!!

  11. Kay

    I forgot one point I wanted to make in my previous post. How is what Trump as done to anger you any different than what Bill Clinton did to the many women he solicited, or when he looked in the eyes of the American people on TV and lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. What about the women who claimed they were sexually assaulted by him. HIs transgressions far outweigh a comment made on a bus. If you are going to go after Donald Trump, wouldn’t it be safe to say that maybe you should be boycotting Bill Clinton.

    One last comment. Bill Clinton is still at it and yet everyone turns a blind eye. I don’t know how you square that. Just like I said in my previous post. I pray you take that into consideration as you continue to try to destroy a family. It would be hard to lay my head on my pillow and that my maker would be disappointed in me. I don’t know how you do it.

    1. Carlos

      GrabYourWallet.org, you are a disgrace and you stand for everything un-American. Your leftist ideology is sick and very damaging to this nation. There is no doubt subversive organizations like yours act as kindling to an eventual civil war. I hope you’re proud of that.

    2. Fancy

      Thanks Kay for your excellent response to this organization.
      I’m happy for the list. Now I know where I won’t be shopping.

  12. anonymous

    I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to say to you. This whole how do we make Trump and his family go down in flames is really unfortunate. Is this what you want to be your legacy. A legacy that wants to take down a family because you have different views. I can’t imagine having a job that is about trying to make people suffer because they don’t think like you do. Do you find joy in the negative atmosphere you are creating. If you claim to be a party who is “for the people” and creating what you deem is a better America, you should take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is really creating a positive affect on our country.

    What has Ivanka done to get you so revengeful? She is a woman who has championed for other women to get the same rights as men. She is a woman who wants to support other women and you want to take her down. Please, tell me what horrible atrocity has she done to make you spew such hate. Do you really want to be the kind of woman who wants to take another women down simply because her father decided to run for the president of the US. How do you sleep at night knowing that all you are doing is creating an atmosphere of hate. I would hate to be you when it is time for you to meet your maker. What will you say when you are asked if you had a positive influence on others. It saddens me that you have taken it this far. Did you do this to build your own ego and to be seen.

    Just remember that something like this could happen to you. I wonder how you would handle that. You are to do unto others as they would have done to you. I pray for people like you (really) that you would somehow find a better way to leave your mark on the world. That you are person who is creating a positive change with your gifts. That you would be the kind of person democrats claim to be. A group who stands for all kinds of people, not a person who creates tension and hate. I personally could never be that kind of person.

    I will continue to pray that somewhere inside of you there is a place where everyone is important not just the ones who think exactly like you. That maybe we are all different so we can bring some of our own gifts to the table without being ridiculed and made to suffer.

    May you be the kind of person who does something good for all of the people in this country. May you find the place inside of you who is tolerant of ALL of the people who live in the US. May you find peace so that will soften your views so as not to hurt people.

    1. Lady – There are so many worthy causes in this world and your goals are absolutely ridiculous!
      I will now boycott every store and business that has taken the Trump wares and name down. I will give my business to all of the retailers that carry their line.

  13. Standing Up For All

    It appears Bed Bath & Beyond no longer sells Trump merchandise. Is that true?

  14. JV

    If anyone is boycotting Uline for shipping supplies I just found a site called Papermart.com that sells a lot of the same products for even lower prices. I don’t see it on any of the Trump supporter lists so I hope this helps!

  15. MJ

    Just saw an article from Huffington Post on Mercers — Trump millionaire buddies who supported him. They hate publicity and having their photo in print. Why don’t we start a “Wanted Poster” of all the millionaires who will profit under Trump’s budget cuts to all social services? I would be willing to boycott any businesses owned by the Mercers and other Trump millionaire buddies. Can you come up with a list for them? And maybe some photos?

    1. Sue

      You show how despicable you are with your endorsements of those companies with whom the vile “snoop dog” is affiliated and his horrendous cousin who wants to “pimp” the First Lady. As woman who began this stupid website, I would think you would stand against this slander even the First Lady who has hurt no one and for you to condone the possible assassination of the President by this Dogg truly shows how these are the company you want to keep. I hope all boycott this web site, old navy and all the other advertisers who use these horrific people.

  16. Shopping Now

    Thank you so much for the wonderful and most helpful list of companies and stores where I can purchase the Trump family products! I’m “grabbing my wallet” and keys now to go shopping!

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Can’t agree more, well said. So hypocritical

  17. JON

    GREAT BOYCOTT , trump family making more money than ever , oh and newsflash for the leftys who think this ALLEGED BOYCOTT against trumps INNOCENT family members who aren’t responsible for OUR PRESIDENT I know you hate that part , FORCING THE RETAILERS OR BULLYING THEM AND SUCCESSFUL WOMEN HEY AREN’T YOU LEFTYS AGAINST THAT TOO ? BOYCOTTS ARE VOLUNTARY PEOPLE YOU DON’T BULLY ,YOU WIN SUPPORTERS WITH REAL FACTS and EXHIBIT THE FAIRNESS YOU SAY THEY DONT HAVE , two wrongs never have made a right and still don’t

    1. Rick

      Trump is the best President this Country has seen in modern times. You idiots have not affected the Trump name or product line in a negative way. You have been successful in increasing sale because we stand by our President and his entire family. you unhinged violent idiots also seem to want a war. Well bring that on, what do you think us Conservatives have been doing for the last 8 years. So bring it on. When the smoke settles let us all know how that worked out for you

      1. Rick

        Why should I moderate my comment. Its called FREE SPEECH. I guess this site is run by little snow flake libtards

  18. Rich

    Ivanka’s sales have gone through the roof. Keep you the good work, phonies.

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Bought Ivanka perfume on Amazon, never would have thought of purchasing without this website

  19. Barbara

    Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales
    BY JUDY KURTZ – 03/07/17 05:06 PM EST 2,728

    Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales?

    Ivanka Trump’s eponymous women’s fashion line is reporting record sales figures despite calls for a boycott and controversies surrounding President Trump.

    “Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, the president of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand, tells Refinery29 in an interview published Tuesday. “For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”

    The news of a sales surge comes after Nordstrom announced in early February that it would no longer carry the 35-year-old’s clothing and accessories, citing poor product sales. The move caused President Trump to tweet shortly after the announcement that his daughter was being “treated so unfairly” by the luxury department store giant.

    Also last month, Neiman Marcus stopped carrying the first daughter’s jewelry line on its website, and employees of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores were instructed to throw away any signage advertising her wares.
    The Office of Government Ethics recommended disciplinary action against White House adviser Kellyanne Conway after she urged viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff” during a February interview on “Fox & Friends.”

    A campaign called Grab Your Wallet, which is critical of the Trump administration, asked shoppers to boycott retailers with any Ivanka or Donald Trump-branded products.

    According to the e-commerce aggregator Lyst, from January to February, Ivanka Trump sales increased 346 percent, Refinery29 writes.

    The mother of three announced in January that she would take a formal leave of absence from her apparel and accessories firm after her father became commander in chief, saying she would “no longer be involved with the management or operations” of the company.

    Klem, a registered Democrat, says she attempts to limit any chatter between herself and the company’s namesake. “I really like Ivanka. We’re business associates. We’re very close in a way. … But I want to do this with real integrity. So I feel like, while we’re not banned from speaking personally, I think it’s easier if we talk as little as possible.”

    Ethics counselors advised that the company cease using images of Ivanka Trump in “new promotional, advertising, or marketing materials,” according to the profile piece on Klem. The guidance apparently doesn’t impact existing marketing materials, such as the company’s website.

    “It’s unprecedented what this brand is dealing with,” says Klem. “We are really committed to having the brand be separate, even from [Ivanka], so certainly her dad is even more distant from that. We’re committed to doing everything we can to carve an identity for this brand that is about what the brand stands for and the core brand attributes. And so absolutely, it complicated matters.”

  20. Alida Engel

    Please know that there are millions of us out there supporting your efforts. I don’t understand how people can support someone who makes fun of handicapped people, spreads hate and discrimination and claims that unflattering news is fake.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Steven Scalici

      Millions – 1 (me)! Ha!

    2. Phil T.

      You people are such hypocrits,you would rather have a crook and a person who let 4 americans die in Benghazi (HRC.) took money from countries that brutalize women and has a rapist for a husband be the president.You are a disgrace to this country. Shame on you all.

    3. Standing Up For All

      I agree! No way would I ever buy Trump merchandise! I never bought Trump anything before he ran for president! Never respected anyone in the Trump family!

  21. EricS

    Do you have a list of which companies are the largest tenants of Trump hotels and commercial properties? No reason to patronize them so they can pay rent and/or royalties.

    1. rph

      I would like to thank this site for listing all the stores I will continue to shop at. please list the stores and business that have cowered down to your threats so I can stop shopping there go TRUMP make us great again and as for this web site the sooner you leave the better

      1. Standing Up For All

        Nike is one of the stores

  22. Steven Scalici

    I just learned of your website. You’ve really got your nose out of joint. I’ll shop in those exact stores, and wherever Ivanka’s goods are sold!

    1. KRM

      I just learned of this website and it is amazing. I will NOT shop at these exact stores. And to Mr. Steven Scalici, you can help destroy the american government and line the Trump family’s pockets with money at the expense of the American people as he sucks wealth from the middle class and kicks the lower class. I’m sure you’ve already been hurt by Trump policies.

      1. Steven Scalici

        Fake-name KRM, I’ve not or ever will be hurt by President Trump policies. He’s cutting off already the freebies and entitlements during the 8-year ruinous reign of Obama.

        Btw, as broadcast by CBS News 2 nights ago, Obama deported more than 1,000 more illegals than President Trump when comparing Jan 2016 to Jan 2017. Hahaha. The fun is over, and “anything goes” is over! Hahaha.

        I can’t get enough of President Trump; let it bug you to death!

        My daughters no longer shop at Nordstrom’s, but only in places that stock Ivanka Trump merchandise.

        0ne last zinger…she’ll be the first woman president.

      2. Tina Sveinson

        Democratic Governor brown of California is now taking away the middle class scholarship that uc schools give to middle class families to help pay for college but keeping/raising aid for dreamers and illegals. We middle class already getting kicked around and we’re tired of it. Need change

        1. Steven Scalici

          You got it last November

        2. Standing Up For All

          Are you teaching your daughters it is acceptable for a man to “grab their pu{{y” especially if it’s a rich man? Are you teaching your daughters to hate people that have different beliefs or different race? Shameful!

  23. Bob Parker

    I don’t understand why there are active links to the sites that a boycott is recommended. I clicked on TJMaxx name and their retail website opened up on the page. I know that TJMaxx has discontinued selling trump merchandise, but it is not yet identified as discontinuing and placed on a list of places to shop. I suggest deactivating all links to retail sites on the boycott list.

    1. KRM

      Please do not activate the links. I find them very helpful. But it would be good to remove those from stores that no longer sell the products and make indicate so. I would like to reward those stores that took action to remove them. I would like to contact them and let them know I will shop their again.

      1. Steven Scalici

        Fake-name KFM, go go go to Canada if you don’t like the way things are…you can meet crooked liar Hillery there!

  24. Karen Holliman

    I see Amazon is on the list. It would be nice to see some alternatives listed under Amazon. Where do I go? Target? Other stores?
    I know other department stores but I certainly don’t know of another alternative to “Amazon”

    1. Elaine Larson

      There is a very harmful downside to a blanket boycott of Amazon. I am a small business owner who receives most of my income from sales on Amazon. There are tens of thousands of other small business owners who would be devastated by an Amazon boycott. Please limit the boycott to products sold by Amazon itself and delivered via FBA.

  25. VFox

    Thank you for publishing this list. I appreciate what you have done here. I’m sorry for all the hate comments. You have every right to publish this list. We each have free will and can choose or not choose to patronize these stores according to our own beliefs. Thank you.

    1. Tina Sveinson

      I agree. Lot of hate directed towards Ivanka.

  26. cd r

    “Ivanka Trump’s Perfume Soars to No.1 Bestseller on Amazon”

    How’s that boycott working out for you? Bunch of morons. Make America Great Again!

    1. Ginette Champeau

      Have you heard of PINK SHIRT DAY! You want to donate to a really good organization, donate to them …kids stand up to “BULLIES” which is exactly what your organization is: Bullies. I don’t know who this woman is that started this stupidity, but why don’t you put your money to good use like helping people instead of all this hate of one person. Walmart just donated over 1 million dollars to under privileged kids to pay for their college education and you want us to boycott them. Tell that to Ellen Degeneres… Shame On You!

  27. Sean

    Thanks for the list of places we can buy more Trump and Ivanka products. I just bought my wife $8k in Ivanka dresses and shoes. Your list helped to find everything she wanted. Keep up the good work! Trump 2020!

  28. This company needs to be boycotted ..what a bunch of crap..lets stop supporting all the stores that stopped supporting the Trump brand…Time to boycott the people who support these loons..it takes ciurage to stand up for what is right and this is WRONG!!!!!

  29. Keith

    Grab your wallet, what a bunch of un-American sh^t heads you all are. I did not support Trump, nor do I particularly care for him but because of this silly little organization, I will ONLY shop at stores Grab your Wallet is boycotting! I most likely will not be buying Trump products, not in protest, I just don’t really care for his stuff. In addition, I will make sure I spend some extra money to offset some of the money perhaps one of your sh^t heads decided not to spend……….Thanks for motivating me!!!!

  30. Shelle

    Thank you for providing me with a complete WHERE TO SHOP list! Your boycott list is now my go-to list. Wouldn’t your time be much better spent helping those in real need?

  31. Joanie Beau

    THis is absolutely ridiculous. We have a choice and you are taking away that choice. if you do not want to buy products by certain people, that is your choice. If I want to buy an Ivanka pair of shoes or a Trump tie that is my freedom of choice. This nonsense has to stop. You should have been protesting when our tax dollars under Hillary as secretary of state never made it to help the poor people in Haiti, billions of dollars disappeared and these people still living in huts. Where was your big mouth then? All you are doing is creating more division, disgusting. And it is going to backfire. Thanks for the list because all the people left in this country with half a brain will be sure to shop in those stores more than ever and guess what we won!

  32. Thank you for letting me know who you are boycotting. It appears these are the businesses where I will spend my money. Shame on you for attacking the American workers and for attacking the president’s family…his family. You are not hurting the president, however you are taking money out of American’s paychecks they would otherwise use to pay their bills. Shame on you. How is that mother supposed to feed her children if the business she works for fires her because sales dropped? No, no, you are not hurting the president you are hurting the American people you say you are trying to fight for. Disgraceful. I’ve not been a Trump supporter but I find your actions to be distasteful and I will now be a patron of the businesses you oppose.

    1. Joanie Beau

      Yes, agreed!
      THis is really insanity.

    2. BobFromLI

      Which American workers are you referring to? All Trump stuff except the wine and spirits are made in India, Viet Nam and China. If it is jobs you’re considering, look elsewhere.

      1. Tina Sveinson

        The American workers at stores you are boycotting

  33. Why don’t you do something more useful like boycott gas stations that sell drug paraphenalia

  34. Deborah

    I visited this website out of curiosity and WOW! The content honestly felt mean-spirited, vitriolic, and obsessive. The long lists of companies boycotted, unboycotted, and reasons for each, simply feels excessive and disconcerting. These companies are just selling their goods, and boycotting any company that has any association whatever with the Trump brand will accomplish nothing in revitalizing the economic health of our country and all the complications we face. Do we really want to penalize the long list of vendors and all the goods they provide, to their detriment, just because they may carry a particular line? This almost feels like an illogical personal vendetta or witch-hunt instead of a site which empowers positive social change. Maybe this website could shift its focus and engage in something more altruistic, meaningful and life-changing to people who are suffering and less fortunate in our country. The amount of time and effort that’s spent on lists and updates and more lists, could be better utilized advocating for the suffering and less fortunate who are living paycheck to paycheck and barely hanging on or worse. Just a thought…



  36. Peter Trendler

    Thank you so much for publishing all your lists. This info will save me a lot of time……now I know exactly where I can spend my money to support the Trump family and all their friends and associates. Get a life …….loser.

    1. Joanie Beau

      Yes exactly! Agree

  37. Julie Moore

    What a joke—I am gonna grab my wallet and go spend as much as possible on any and all Trump branded products. I see the the Democratic party has you brain washed and exploiting you as well as any minority that it can–amazing how mindless blind followers are. I use to be a Democrat–proud that I wised up, oh yea, it was because after I was out of college and had kids and career of my own I realized that my professors were indoctrinating me into liberalism so I would hopefully grow up and want to pay lots of taxes to support their tenure/unions/federal government employees, etc for nothing in return but more propaganda supporting their nutty views on America.

  38. Jack Mackie

    Why are Andrew Pudzner’s retail chains excluded? Just because he quit his attempt to heist the Department of Labor doesn’t mean that his labor practices at both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr false-food joints will change. He’ll continue to treat his workers like crap, under pay them, and sexually harass them. He should be on GrabYourWallet’s permanent hit list.

  39. RCJCS

    This is getting ridiculous. Boycotting stores because they carry products by someone you don’t like is being a bully just as you say Trump is. You are trying to force people into feeling bad for shopping at certain stores or telling them they shouldn’t shop somewhere because you don’t like they carry products by Trump. How does this make you better? There are people that work in these enviroments that are supporting their families. If you feel the need to do this why don’t you boycott everything place that doesn’t think like you etc. This is America, we get a choice of what we want to buy and where we want to shop and we don’t need people like you trying to limit our choices and tell us where we should or should not shop. I don’t see how you think you are doing any good for anyone. There are elections every 4 years so if you want a change work on that. This is a democracy. Or join the military and see how lucky we have it here.

    1. Fred

      I just purchased my wife some Ivanka Trump shoes for Valetine’s Day. Usually, I get her a gift card to Nordstrom’s. But, thanks to you worthless, ignorant, hypocritical, POS crybabies, I will NEVER shop at Nordstrom’s again and any other cowardly organizations that fall for your extortion. Time to grow up, LOSERS!!!

    2. Agree with RCJCS. Boycotting stores is just a double edged sword. You are hurting families who work for the stores and the laborers making the products. You are a bully, just like many others. Just do good work for the world like planting trees, cleaning water, feeding children, etc. It’s easy to tear down people and things, but it’s much harder to achieve productive and effective goals that help people. I despise people like you…you probably go home and feel as though you are some type of warrior, fighting a pretend war. I challenge you to create a business where you employ thousands of people and then provide them with healthcare coverage. You are pathetic and lazy. I will now shop at all the stores that you have advised not to shop at…thanks for your ‘hardly’ working effort.

    3. Excellent work. Now I will shop at all the stores listed. It is sad where you have people like yourselves “thinking” you are doing something wonderful for the country. You must spend hours and hours trying to shame retailers. For what purpose? To reduce sales of manufacturers, and take money out of laborers’ pockets who live on a minimum wage? Again, nice work. I hope you enjoy your small minded life while people are being destroyed due to your ignorance. Please go to your local church and ask if you are being a good citizen. Then you will be enlightened.

    4. Fred Richarsson

      I will search to ONLYpurchase TRUMP products due to people like you!

  40. Lulu Ramos

    You are a bunch of small minded idiots that happen to be sore losers. Why don’t you put your energy towards helping the people you supposedly represent.

    1. Kenny

      I’m really glad to see most of the comments are pro Trump. I had planned to let them know my family and I will be supporting the companies that support our new President, But I see a lot of you beat me to it. “Independent Thinker” expresses it well. This makes a great go to list for merchants to support and shop at. Here’s to “all us Deplorables”. We will be supporting those who support our President, the Military and our Police and 1st responders. If you don’t do that, you ain’t gettin’ a fxxxing dime. Got it? Good. PS: Keep it up Lefties. We’ll have the WH 8 years.

  41. BP

    SO GLAD I’m not a liberal!!! Thank God!

  42. BP

    Great website! Now I know where to find my Trump products. Keep making America GREAT President Trump!!!

  43. Why can’t you left wing dummies admit you list the election and get on with your lives!!! Getting a real job might be a good start and going to church could not hurt either!!!!

  44. Wdflyer

    Take your liberal/fascist ideas to Venezuela or Cuba and leave US businesses alone. Maybe some more laid off employees is your goal.

  45. Marie

    If you don’t support the cause why are you even on here?????

    1. Johnboy

      You people are pieces for crap

    2. Fred

      Because he’s tired of worthless POS crybabies like you who think you run the world. Might wanna take a look in the mirror, hypocrite and GET A LIFE!!!!!

  46. Cynicon Implant

    I don’t think your name (Grab Your Wallet) quite says it. Maybe “Bullies R Us” or “Grab Your Virtue Signal” — or perhaps “Fascism for Dummies” would be more appropriate. Yeah, “Fascism for Dummies” sounds about right.

  47. Independent Thinker

    Thanks for the list. This is my new “go to” when I go shopping. I’m making a point to SUPPORT the retailers on your list instead of boycotting them. I don’t need a group of intolerant hypocrites telling me where I can’t shop! Until you boycott anything Clinton-related or anyone who doesn’t scream out in disgust of the Clinton family, I will not consider boycotting any of the companies you name.

  48. Amy

    You people are idiots! You’re pouting just because your candidate didn’t win. GROW UP!! You all haven’t given PRESIDENT TRUMP a chance. You all need to get off your lazy butts, get a job and support AMERICA instead of dividing.

  49. Caroolin

    Please take Nordstrom off of your list, and scan it carefully to make sure that it is up to date.

    1. Please check the Nordstrom site and their position – even though they have said they plan to not carry Ivanka Trump’s line going forward – they are still selling and profiting from Ivanka products. They will be taken off of the list once they stop selling all Trump-branded and licensed products.

  50. momma

    Why would you want to boycott a successful young women who has worked to create a company of her own. This is a disgrace to what America stands for and that is that everyone has the same freedom and rights. And if I don’t agree with your way of thinking it DOESN’T MAKE ME WRONG
    So please remember their are other people in the United State of America that don’t agree with you but that DOESN’T MAKE YOU WRONG EITHER, Thats what is great about our country we can agree to disagree. We need to learn how to put our differences aside and work together. Compromise is the only way that America can survive. Not by doing protests or boycotts this only causes hard feelings. We need to start setting better examples for our youth, they are our future.

    1. Gary

      Of course if you disagree with their position YOU ARE WRONG! Haven’t you been watching the news? There is absolutely no tolerance for any views that are not from the far left!

    2. Steffie Bozic

      yes, why would you want to do this to a woman who is fully in support of women and women’s needs in the workplace. It is shameful that you would destroy her hard work to satisfy your temper tantrum because your candidate lost. Shame on all of you who seek to punish Ivanka . Seriously sad.
      Also to other Trump business. Who do you think you are? Concerned citizens? The only thing you appear to be concerned about make you look petty and small.
      What if someone did this to you because they did not agree with your stand on just about anything.
      So, you decide in front of your little laptop to rally the troops to destroy a successful young woman..an amazing example of all things woman are capable of doing.
      I hope this mean spirited push of yours fizzles out quickly. Again, you and your cause are nothing more than a misplaced temper tantrum. I will only shop at places that don’t boycott this lovely woman.

      1. Joanie Beau

        Glad to see most people realize how ridiculous and damaging this person’s behavior is. Thanks!

  51. nobait-n-switch

    Please consider a campaign against book sellers from carrying Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success. Ivanka Trump has repeatedly promoted this book. While she has “pledged” to donate her share of earnings to charity, the White House’s wanton disregard for ethical rules and norms should be disturbing to America. Let’s show the Trumps that they cannot benefit in any potential way from the White House!

    1. Anne

      You people are a disgrace to this country for doing something like this. Will you boycott Chelsea Clinton too for everything her father did. How can you feel good about bringing someone down. You should all be deported.

    2. Michael Wood

      Your arrogance and that of the liberals is simply multiplying those who will vote for Trump again in 2020. It’s awesome. Keep it up. You just can’t admit that at least one half this nation voted for Trump. Your outrageous attitudes and dysfunctional view of America is burying your “cause”. You are the fascists and don’t even realize it. Pure arrogance coupled with total ignorance. I am using your lists to send compliments and notes of support to the stores that sell Trump merchandise. I have my own website that I share with many friends and co-workers. Outrageous behavior will put an end to the subversive, liberal onslaught. We’re done with it and the purge has begun.

      1. Rhonda

        I have been sharing this site on my social media sites as well to all Trump supporters so they can help with our #Stopgrabyourwallet campaign.
        It’s time the left realizes that their “cause” is only hurting our country!

      2. Joanie Beau

        Agrees, thank you!

  52. Virginia

    I say we choose a day (maybe a week) to go into Nordstrom and Neiman’s and shop our brains out. Let our dollars do the talking. In a democracy, the citizens must find legal and effective ways to influence our government and private industry. This isn’t bullying, it’s the American way.

    1. Rhonda

      Yeah, let us know which day so we can organize and be there too!

      1. I say we go to all these stores, buy as much as we can. Then the next day return everything, and get our money back.

  53. Jim Ignatowski

    Thanks for that list that carry Trump family products.
    I don’t show much, but I will make sure that I will
    make every effort to shop at those companies that
    carry Trump products. This is our president that was
    overwhelmingly elected by American Citizens even though
    there was shameless opposition by the establishment which
    includes corrupt politicians, clueless celebrities, and biased media.
    Shame on you!
    I know many many people who support Trump’s agenda because he
    is working for the American people first and foremost.
    They will go against your recommendations and will spread the word to
    crush the companies that succumb to your so called pressure.
    Your fighting against millions of people, not President Trump alone.

    1. April

      Couldn’t agree more with you Jim. This grab your whatever thing is ridiculous. Some mad grandmother’s idea I believe? He’s our President, show some respect.

  54. mary

    Thank you for the list. Trump wants Americans to buy American made but Ivanka Trumps lines are made in china and Vietnam how is that bringing jobs to the United States. Now you have Kellyanne Conway pitching for her using her position in the White House. She needs to be told to keep her mouth shut and worry about all the massacres happening here. Her line was not doing well anyway and Trump with his twitters did more harm to the stores. He is not president to line his or his families pockets but that is what he is doing. Get a clue, if you are not rich Trump could care less. Trump is not in this for all the little people.

    1. Jim Ignatowski

      Go get a degree in Engineering and see if you can find a decent job in the US.
      You have no clue what has been going on here for decades.
      Trump is the only one brave enough to speak for the people who are sick and
      tired of being ignored by corrupt politicians. Trump will be successful because he
      has the backing of many very intelligent people who will fight tooth and nail to
      make our elected officials for for us first.
      Again, you have no clue what you are talking about. Go learn something before you
      talk instead being a puppet of the media.

    2. Rhonda

      Her company as of yesterday was up 21.7%. Kelly Ann is new to government. She said it in jest and she was talked to you can be assured.
      Yeah Trumpof in it for the $$ that he isn’t taking pay and paid for his own campaign. If he was looking for more money then why would he become president with a definite of 20 billion?

  55. Jenny

    How about a list of charities that DON’T pay Mar-a-Lago hundreds of thousands of dollars to host galas? I’m not advocating a boycott of the Red Cross, Dana Farber or Cleveland Clinic, but if you want to support refugees, disaster relief, cancer patients, etc, it would be nice to choose a different charity and know your dollars are not going into Donald Trump’s pocket as he undermines refugee safety, defunds women’s health worldwide and threatens health and science research.

    1. Rhonda

      So, what you’re saying is you’d rather boycott these charities from holding their event at mar-a-Lago free, for fear the potus may profit (even though it has been turned it over to his boys?) So, you want to hurt these non profit organizations and take money away from them? Totally makes no sense. Course, this whole boycott against the Trump family is so hypocritical.
      You made the statement that Trump wouldn’t be potus if it wasn’t for all these billionaires. Do you realize that hrc spent 250 million dollars. Oh and are you forgetting that he is not taking pay and paid for his own campaign until he became the candidate?
      Remember Karma is a bitch. His success is our success. It’s our country and you all look like fools!

      1. Joanie Beau

        Thank you! I agree. Good to see most people here find this behavior so damaging for the country and insane, really.

  56. Common Sense

    Hey Grab Your Wallet…Great Idea…Trump Won’t Separate His Business Conflicts So The Public Must Do it For Him. I have another Idea. Boycott the Actual Companies that Own the Trump Branded Hotels. For Example: The Trump International Hotel and Tower in NY at Columbus Circle is Managed by the Trump Organization but is Actually Owned by the General Electric Pension Fund. As a GE Stockholder, I am letting them know that they should remove the Trump Name for their building

    1. Turk

      What a bunch of bullies.

  57. Russ Falconer

    I intend to support all businesses so that Americans can get back to work after 8 years of being ignored by Obama and the Democrats. We are all one country and you disrespect your friends and neighbors with these silly boycotts which merely seek to punish those with whom you disagree.it is this boycott mentality that caused Hillary’s defeat.

    1. Dave Hughes

      Gee, Russ. It must have been great working while George W. Bush’s policies rang up huge unemployment, record Wall Street losses, people were left bereft when their savings dried up. Now we have someone who is a draft-dodging, self-admitted sexual offender and you are lining up behind him! What did Obama do to you? He only stabilized a wobbly economy, lowered unemployment to the lowest levels in the last 15 years, and slowed down wars for oil. No wonder you hate him!

    2. momma

      Very well said. I agree with you 100%

      1. momma

        I should have stated that I am agreeing with Russ not Dave.

  58. Southern Belle

    How sad, how classless. So you don’t like Trump, boohoo, you don’t like his family, boohoo. It is morally wrong to target someone’s business. These people have done NOTHING wrong to you personally, yet like so many airheads, you set out to ruin Ivanka’s business. I am sure that she has worked very hard to have gotten it where it was. Why the hate? Jealousy? It’s not her fault for the choices, good or bad, that her family makes. Why does she have to pay for it? I pray that someone will do something like this to you one day, karma is a real _itch! This is just plain WRONG on every level.

    1. VFox

      It is not ‘morally wrong” to target someone’s business. In what moral bible did you read that? Morals have nothing to do with make a choice to buy or not buy a product.

  59. Dennis

    This is nothing more than leftwing liberal BULLYING. This whole boycott is based on half truths and outright lies. If you would fact check everything you supposedly stand for, then you would realize that Trump is not racist, supports gay and womens rights and actually cares about this country. The 11 women the NYT’s reported that he groped and sexually harassed has all been proven false. This is nothing more than bullying. I understand your beef with Trump, but his daughter Ivanka. This is downright hateful and just shows what fascists you are. Trust me, we will fight back against your injustice.

  60. Clayton88

    Grab Your Wallet is a great service and it speaks the language that the right wing understands – the power of money.

    You should add all businesses related to the Ricketts family:

    TD Ameritrade and the Cubs

    Yes, boycott the Cubs because that puts money into Trump’s pocket.

  61. KLV

    Thank you for organizing this list. One area I haven’t heard discussed is the ethics of these businesses lining the President’s pockets, while he simultaneously dangles the power and penalties of the U.S. government in front of them. It’s really back door lobbying. This family doesn’t see anything wrong with using the office as a path to personal enrichment, but companies can certainly use that message of a conflict of interest as an out for dropping Trump products.

  62. Laura Bancos

    Well, companies, what goes around, comes around, although I think their management is using this boycott to ELIMINATE STAFF; after all, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Belk are publicly traded companies and ARE NOT DOING WELL FINANCIALLY. LIBERAL FASCISTS that developed this strategy, and the companies that abide by it, DON’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN WORKERS. We The People voted for Mr. Trump because his agenda MADE SENSE. WE ARE WITH HIM and our numbers are much larger than the LIBERAL FASCISTS that purchase at these brands. Remember that We The People can also speak with our wallet. You have been warned!!

  63. Jodielee

    What’s wrong with you people at Grab Your Wallet??? You disgust me. I put up with Obama for 8 years and never once thought of protesting, rioting, or boycotting any business that would hurt people just because they supported him. Grow up!

    1. John Yeagle

      Yes this organization sucks…Whiners and cryers…

  64. kris West

    Grabyourwallet…get over yourself. The election is over and you are a whiny loser. If Hillary had won and the right was acting like the left…Oh wait, conservatives have political class so we would never act like the left. I don’t think you realize that by starting such a ridiculous low class movement you are actually encouraging people to support the Trump clothing lines. I just recently started shopping at Nordstrom’s but I will never set foot in that store again. Mission accomplished!!

  65. B. Fitzgerald

    I thought bullying was a bad thing. All these groups that are anti-Trump are demonstrating the very traits they hate about Pres. Trump, except worse! If you don’t want to buy a product, don’t buy it. Products succeed or fail on their own merits. I’m so sick of the constant whining and hate speech from you progressive left facists. You’re trying to shut down all dissenting ideas, opinions, and conversation. People get beat up just for supporting the President?! Hmmm, sounds like Hitler’s and Stalin’s world. I’ll be sure to patronize as many of the businesses you are listing as I can!!

  66. Katherine Watts

    Your boycott accomplishes nothing towards Ivanka except putting her staff out of business. Yeah, you are contributing to harming Americans and their jobs. Congratulations. I will shop where I darn well want to and purchase from whomever I choose to.

  67. Mrs. Heather M. Whipple

    this is just mean and not American. i will not be boycotting walmart at all.
    i just checked wal-marts website and found some of her clothing line. and i could not find anything in Soft or light pink. but if it was affordable and one of the dresses would have come in soft pink and white and in my size i would have bought two. i mean really , seriously ?
    just wait Donald trump will do a good job. he is working hard to keep our country safe from bad people entering our borders and our country and hurting us. do you want to get hurt by bad people? i do not. and to keep our jobs here in America. i am all for that. so please just because you do not Like President Trump, do not ask me to boycott wal-mart or any other place i shop or eat at. because if i worked for these stores i would not want my lively hood taken away from me. so please stop asking us to take away those stores employees lively hoods i will continue to shop at Wal-Mart and i will continue to shop on Amazon.com

  68. Rocky

    Please provide a list I can print and carry with me.

  69. Sawfingers

    Thank you for your list. I patronize most and will continue to do so.

  70. Sandy

    I understand the boycott and while I don’t support the Trump family or their businesses, I wonder how the boycott will affect those people working at these businesses. The boycott won’t affect the Trump family, but it could and possibly will affect the average working person. Please, please think before you boycott these businesses and how it will affect people like my son who works for one of these companies. He depends on his job, just like others do. If the boycott works, and there are studies that say boycotts don’t actually do what they’re supposed to do, many people could lose their jobs.

  71. Rebecca

    Wow, you are all hypocrites and here is why. Maybe you don’t remember actions speak louder than words and Hillary Clinton stood by a liar/cheater. Who made a 22 year old look bad. Mr. Clinton was a predator of so many women and Hillary a liar who supported him and dragged these women through the mud. So you think your doing the world a favor, your not. Go help the poor, feed the homeless. Stop being petty losers. Hillary lost because of what she stands for and I am a woman and I can forgive words, but I can not forgive actions. I’m happy to have the list because I will purchase from it only, except not from Nordstroms.

    1. libtroller

      For Pete’s sake, none of these protest movements are about the election. The election is OVER! Quit obsessing about the election. It’s about TRUMP and what a nightmare he currently is. I know it’s hard to focus on what is actually going on instead of continually stroking your hate hard-on for Hillary, but let’s try, ok?

    2. Yvonne

      How is this any different than a small bakery choosing not to make a cake for a lesbian wedding? You are no different than that bakery. Yet they were sued and went out of business I believe in free market but you only believe in a free market under your terms. Disgusting. I will stop going to the companies that falter to your demands your such sore losers get over yourselves.

  72. Amy

    I’m very disappointed in this website and group. I will support all the retailers that made your list. Get over yourselves! People could lose their jobs because of you, but that doesn’t seem to bother you at all. I’ll make sure to repay you when a Democrat wins the presidency by boycotting retailers that support them. It works both ways.

    1. libtroller

      Finally, somebody who gets this! Feel free to boycott based on your political positions. That’s your right as an American. ?

  73. Play Nice

    People supporting this so called “cause” missed the revolution of the sixties and need something to feel important about. Basically a bunch of whiny, spoiled elitists who have no understanding of social injustice. If you have this much time, money and effort to waste…Go work in a soup kitchen or women’s shelter.

  74. Sharon

    You should be ashamed. I have never seen such mean-spiritedness in all my life. How would you feel if this was done to you. At least Ivanka has done something worthwhile with her life. I maybe do not agree with the politics, but to champion a cause as vile as yours is the extreme economy of jealousy, hatred and you are doing the very things you are upset with your opposition about. You are taking a low road, missy. Sorry for you.

  75. TJ Hardcase

    I’am an Independent voter , Obama 1st term , Trump this time , You still can;t see why Hillary got her ass kicked , WHO LIKES A SORE LOOSER & who would vote for someone that makes people hate them , I seriously doubt I will ever vote Democrat again & it lies at your feet , SUPPORT AMERICA ! HOLD YOUR NOSE & SUPPORT TRUMP , you will get more voters with HONEY than STRYCHNINE ! Stop this cowardly attack campaign .

    1. Sawfingers

      Very well stated. I disagreed with so many of the former administration’s policies and practices. Anyone who disagreed was categorized in the default response: racist; xenophobe, etc. I always wanted the prior administration succeed, but as it turns out it didn’t.

  76. asdfasdf

    Diapers.com appears on the “green” list, but they are owned by amazon, which is a boycotted company.

  77. L. Leonhardt

    You are providing a great public service by letting us know who supports Mr. Trump. These are the stores I shall continue to buy from. I shall not buy anything from any store/company that bows to political pressures from anonymous malcontents. I am no big supporter of Mr. Trump but I have no appetite for trying to cut off someone’s livelihood because of his political beliefs.

  78. TIM S

    Get involved with a real struggle like rural poverty or opioid addition, then pitch a meaningful boycott and Ill be all in. Your self indulgence in this selective outrage is vain and disappointing to those who have truly worked for meaningful change. Trump isn’t the problem, you are….

  79. Tony

    There is a long bar which appears at the right of your list of retailers to be
    boycotted which prevents one from scrolling down the list.

  80. Cat

    Ridiculous: your left-wing rants are a waste of time! We finally have a President who actually cares about America again!!

    1. Reasonable Person

      Couldn’t agree more. I do, however, appreciate the list of Trump owned businesses so I can now purchase there if I have a need versus other options. Thanks for the list Shannon.

      1. Nana

        Getting next years Christmas shopping done early. Thanks for the list. Guess what members of my family will be rewarded with quality, classy gifts.

    2. libtroller

      Cat, you clearly aren’t paying attention. Someone should put away the laser pointer.

  81. Debbie Jones

    Thanks for the list if stores to boycott, I just got online and maxed out my credit card shopping at those EXACT stores. Hope that is what you intended!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXOO Debbie

    1. Susan Chambers

      I’m with you Debbie, what a God send this list is! I not only shopped all the stores, I specifically bought the Trump products and will continue to do so…life is good. Best wishes to all!!

      1. libtroller

        Hmm…if God sent you the list, that means He supports the people who created it…Awesome!

    2. libtroller

      Enjoy the debt Debs!

    3. Remember to thank the President for loosening banking regulations when they raise the interest rate on your maxed out credit cards.

  82. Iris C. Wilson

    I have a question about your list and about how to add to it. the Mayor of North Charleston, SC, Keith Summey, publicly endorsed Donald Trump and openly supports him and I would like more info about adding to your list.

  83. Iris C. Wilson

    Can the City of North Charleston be added to you list where the Mayor Keith Summey publicly endorsed Donald Trump and openly supports him?

    1. Sawfingers

      Why don’t you do something constructive and volunteer at a social service agency. I’m a 64 year old Vietnam veteran and support veteran causes. That’s how I survived my disgust over the failed Obama administration.

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