Boycott: Organizations that Currently Profit from Relationships with the Trump Family

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The Trump family has business lines across many industries and geographies. This guide can help navigate you towards places where your purchases will not serve to support the Trump family and politics. Your purchases do matter.


Over 3 dozen stores currently profit from their relationship with the Trump family brands:




Often, the Trump affiliation with a place is easy to notice: the Trump name is usually displayed prominently on Trump properties. However, the Trump family does have some businesses in unexpected places, including family attractions in New York City’s Central Park!  Learn where these hotels, restaurants, spas, golf courses, bars, and other Trump properties are located so that you can make informed choices with your purchases.



Donald J. Trump is an Executive Producer of the “The Celebrity Apprentice“, even now as the President of the United States. Boycott the show, it’s network, producers, and advertisers while they allow the US President to profit from the ongoing conflicts of interest. One of the premises of the show is raising money for charities, yet given Trump’s record with charities, this seems dubious.




The Trump presidency would not have been possible without financial support from wealthy donors and endorsements from public figures. While it is understandable to offer support for one’s political ideals, it can be a fine line that separates acceptable support from a potential conflict of interest. These contributors may not warrant a total boycott on their businesses and ventures, but it is wise to be aware of where the money you spend will ultimately land.



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141 thoughts on “Boycott: Organizations that Currently Profit from Relationships with the Trump Family

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  2. Allan

    You folks need to get a life!!!! When Obama was elected you didn’t her conservatives bellyaching and whining and starting up websites against him and his administration. (Even though we thought he would take us down a terrible path, and he did!) Just get over it and give him a chance to help our country. We need to stop being so divisive!!! What you are doing is counterproductive to democracy!!!

    1. RC

      There is an important, multi-billion dollar marketplace that has not been, but should be, added to the boycott list – certain professional sports franchises. For example, Robert Kraft (owner) Bill Belicheck (head coach) and Tom Brady of the New Englan Patriots are all Trump supporters. Kraft and Belicheck are also members of Mar A Lago. Woody Johnson (Johnson & Johnson CEO and NY Jets team owner) held fundraisers for Trump and hopes to become ambassador to England. Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, is also a big Trump supporter who aspires to join his administration. These are just a few examples and I’m sure there are many more. Take a look around next time you’re out in public (or check your own clothing collection, for that matter) and you’ll realize how pervasive professional sports related merchandise is. Personally, I was a NY Jets fan for over 50 years but refused to even watch one of their games on TV last fall when I found out about Johnson’s support. I don’t buy Bandaids any more, either!

    2. Libtroller

      Uh, Allan…Tea Party ring a bell??

      1. susan

        The tea party was fighting for our rights under the constitution and for the greater good of our founding fathers values for this country! Not a hate filled violent protest group that’s main goal is to stop the peaceful transition of power at all costs! Your party is a PC controlling bunch of buffoons that can’t see past the nose on their faces and are a threat to our nations values and freedoms, unless it fits their narrative!

        1. Libtroller

          Hilarious! Remove “PC” from your description and you’ve accurately described the current Republican Party. ?

        2. Sarah

          Libtroller-thanks for good humor in these depressing times. Keep up the boycott-pressure to divest and release taxes!!!!!

          1. Steve

            Trumps whole life has been biilt in scams . lies . conning people. Lawsuits. Phony businesses.. Home Depot is a crappy store that hasn’t changed in 30 years still the same overpriced garbage from China

    3. MC

      Let’s just get to the truth. Boycotts never really work. The only one that gets hurt are the peopke that work at these businesses and companies. When a company does well it usually can share that with their employess through wages, benefits, perks and privileges. When sales go down because of boycotts these financial benefits can not be pasted on directly to the employees. The companies will survive and the person(s) or group you are fight against is not changed. Boycotts are ineffective and bad, Period.

    4. LilRed America

      You would still have us loyal to the king of England! “give him a chance, stop being so divisive, what you are doing is counterproductive to democracy!!!” HA, we live in a democracy Allan, we live in a country that is based on standing up for our beliefs, whatever they may be, we don’t fall in line, so don’t expect it!

  3. Waynw

    What about the organizations that employed those who put the fake pres. into office?

    1. a.k.a. Rogue Hunter

      Remember we are TRUMP supporters. We must BOYCOTT these people who are against our
      elected president. These RACIST people are crazy. Remember when if you said anything
      against BHO you were called names. But now we have these SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS who
      are truly RACIST against TRUMP. We “WON” you lost, get over it! If we ever have another
      DEM president, we will treat them like you treated TRUMP. Lets see how you like it.

      1. Libtroller

        You’re right, Rogue Hunter, I’m totally racist against the president. I have an irrational hatred for giant Oompa-Loompas. I’m working on that.

  4. Monie

    Why are Elon Musk and Tesla not on your list?

    1. Alan

      Get some anger management please!

  5. Simple fact. Trump is tweeting about Nordstrom. Trumpet trolls are attacking (not very effective since their only weapons are logical fallacies). Even Trump himself said all publicity is good publicity. Every time he tweets about the failing NYT, their subscriptions increase. Clearly, GYW is having the desired effect. And keep posting the Trumpet attacks. They’re very good for laughs.

  6. Jennifer A

    Thank you for the information on the retailers supporting Trump family brands. I’d like to suggest you add the list of banks supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline (and Keystone Pipeline) to your lists. Trump has never revealed his tax returns and never proven he’s divested his interests in the companies building the pipelines. Taking our bank accounts away from the institutions helping Trump, his family and his cronies profit from contaminating drinking water sources and farm lands, and destroying sacred native sites would be another hit to Trumps wallet. Here’s a link to the list of banks.



      1. libtroller

        I dunno, Gisela, might be more than ONE person wants to see those tax returns. However, there’s certainly one person that DOESN’T want us to see them. Any guesses? ?

      2. Why so angry Gisela? I’m not. Trump repeatedly promised to release his taxes. Even after his inauguration he said once again he would release his taxes. As for divesting from his business interests-it is the only way to avoid the ethics entanglements that are sure to happen. His son in law Jared did the right thing. He needs to do the right thing. No anger here just concern about our great country.

  7. Renee

    I think that we need an area that allows us to post our WINS.
    Photo of a store receipt from say, Nordstrom

    1. Important…… Blackout All personal information
    2 Circle the Dollar amount
    every supporter deserves a voice no matter the $ amount
    3. Ask everyone to post use hashtag
    #grabyourwallet and the store’s name #Nordstrom

  8. Kathleen

    THANK YOU for doing this! I support this 100%! I am posting this EVERYWHERE and am asking my friends to pass it on! BRAVO!

    1. Paisley

      I agree entirely. Sadly, ethics are not a concern of the Trump family. It has gone too far when Ivanka’s products are plugged on nationwide TV. What part of conflict of interest does the Admin. fail to comprehend?!

      1. It is so important to push for the president to release his taxes and divest. If Trump does this he would win my trust and I’m sure many others would calm down as well. BOYCOTT with the message-
        Release your taxes and divest your business. There will be a March sometime in April to promote this message. I hope to see all of you there!
        Support Nordstrom -I think THEY are being very unfairly treated by the Trumps.

    2. RC

      Well, you better sell all your mutual funds, check your 401k and IRA’s for these companies, otherwise you are still connected with them…Don’t fly any airline, stay in any hotel or rent a car since all the travel agencies are connected as well….Idiot!

      1. libtroller

        Trump has too many financial interests for this boycott to be perfect, RC. But it can still be effective. And it has been effective. Who’s the idiot??

  9. Warren

    This site reveals that some of the masses are indeed asses. We finally have a President who says what he means, actually had a job and was in business and knows where to find the best people for the posts to be filled.
    Oh by the way, Mrs. Clinton won the most votes in what, four or five ultra liberal states where President Trump and the Republicans won the rest of the United States.
    If you truly support this site, the best way to truly show your support is to cash out your IRA,s and retirement accounts and any other investments in stocks or stock based funds and put it in one percent bank accounts, You will then be making about what you made for the eight years,

    1. libtroller

      Popular vote is a nationwide tally. We vote for the president of the whole country, not a few states, so nationwide popular vote makes sense. And sure, he says what he means and does what he says. I guess wrecking the country and its institutions is OK as long as we get a heads-up. ?

    2. Donna

      I think this action is mean spirited and ridiculous. As a result, I plan to buy TRUMP as much as possible. I have never thought of buying any Trump, Ivanka Trump products, goods, services previously. However since I read about this campaign, I plan to fight it in the only way I know–buy, buy, buy.

    3. Lovewillwin

      I agree. This is just evil. You never hear about Trump children using drugs, they have charities who help children with cancer when Clinton’s foundation was selfish, pay for play. God help our country, those who follow the other side is self serving, angry, and hateful. Why would you want to hurt Trumps children when they are such upstanding citizens. I love Ivankas designs. lets boycott Nordstom and Neiman Marcus. And Mrs Trump is absolutely beautiful and angry actors and entertainers told designers they’d boycott them if they designed her inaugural gown. How petty is that. Maybe we should find out who they are and boycott thier concerts and movies.

      1. libtroller

        Trump children, like all rich children, have the BEST drugs.

      2. I agree that this is just downright wrong what grab your wallet is doing. Your hatred and loss of the presidential election to President Trump has made you sink to a low level. When you are vindictive enough, to trash someone else to the point that you have to the Trump family, you need to take a long look at yourself and consider your actions, There are many people who disagree with many political decisions and political representatives in the past eight years. However, we put up with it because we supposedly live in a democratic society. You may say your reasoning is because of what Mr. Trump did, but if thats the case, look at What President Cllinton did in the WHITEHOUSE. Seems like a double standard to me. Both were wrong. LET THE TRUMP FAMILY ALONE

        1. libtroller

          Ah, the standard conserva-sheep deflection: “Let’s not talk about Trump, let’s talk about past presidents who are no longer in power. Nothing to see here, move along! Oh hey look, a squirrel!”

          1. Tina Sveinson

            Just pointing out the stupid hypocrisy that shows the intolerance of left.

            1. libtroller

              You’re right, Tina, I AM intolerant. I don’t tolerate racism, I don’t tolerate sexism, I don’t tolerate mysoginy, I don’t tolerate xenophobia, and I certainly don’t suffer fools, so you can imagine that I don’t tolerate a narcissistic sociopath trying to destroy my country.

              1. tina sveinson

                Where was the outcry when Bill Clinton was in office? Did not see american women protesting over his intolerant behavior. Oh right, he was a democrat.

                1. libtroller

                  Tina, it has nothing to do with being a Democrat. There was no evidence that Clinton’s sexual encounters were non-consensual. Trump, on the other, brags about sexual assault, in addition to generally disparaging and belittling women. See the difference?

                  1. Tina Sveinson

                    No difference. Several women came forward against Bill Clinton saying it was not consensual just as they did with Trump. Comes down to who telling the truth and who you want to believe I guess

                  2. Tina Sveinson

                    Not right to take advantage of intern who works for you.



  10. Jack

    I am a registered Democrat since 1981. Loved me some Ted Kennedy. I cannot support this action. It is nothing but intimidation and thuggery. The only people you hurt with this are the people on the bottom of the company chart; not the top. You also cause injury to the non-profits and the charities that these companies support. There is no endgame, just a whining online about the “unfair” election. Get over it. The people have spoken. Mr. Trump is our President. Ask yourselves, if this type of action occurred eight years ago after Mister Obama’s election, how would you have reacted then?

    1. libtroller

      Geez, Jack, it must suck to have been hit in the head so hard that any memory of the violent reactions to Obama’s election in 2008 were completely wiped from your memory. Read this:

      The types of movements you see on websites like this one are peaceful, effective and “American” in the truest sense of political speech and action. I would have much preferred this type of reaction when Obama was elected than what actually happened. Finally, when companies become politically active, they risk backlash like this. Any negative effects to workers falls on the shoulders of these companies’ leaders.

      1. tommy

        libtroller __0- to bad your mother didn’t swallow and or aborted you . did you get hit in the head when you fell out , you are like all liberals here is a phone number to call 1-800-cry-baby and they will mail you free except you pay shipping it contains tissues, coloring books and crayons , safety pins, security blanket, and instruction manual with illustration with photos on how to pee pee on each other

        1. libtroller

          Nah, tommy, I didn’t give mom a hard time growing up, it was fine. Your mother, however, is to be commended. It takes a lot of character, perseverance and patience to raise an imbecile. I’m impressed. Anyway, good to see the nurse gave you back your internet privileges. Stay off the “pee pee” sites this time.

    2. Sarah

      Yes! You are correct we must have an endgame!!! Thank you for pointing that out. Trump must divest his business and release his taxes. I would like to support him but cannot support someone I do not trust. So go to these email lists and start contacting these businesses with the message DIVEST/RELEASE MR. PRESIDENT. Keep up the good work grab your wallet!

      Other ways to actively boycott
      Reserve/cancel tables, rooms, tee times
      buy/return merchandise with the same message
      Any ideas people on how to get the attention of Goldman Sachs?

    3. Jaes

      i wish to say Thank You. I really appreciate the lists of who to support and boycott. Though not quite as you wanted. Those sites that you have listed to boycott is where I WILL be spending my money. And I will actively avoid those vendors that you support.

      1. libtroller

        On behalf of decent people everywhere, Jaes, I wish to say you’re welcome. Though not quite as you wanted. You’re welcome to jump off a pier. ❤️

        1. rhonda cieplechowicz

          Amen sister. I totally agree with you.. Nothing like this political backlash and political blackmail has ever happened with anyone including Obama. It is totally un-American and I am appalled at the number of businesses buckling under the stress of politics. It is getting so bad that you can’t go to an event, watch tv, or even shop without the ugly head of these millionaires that have their own agendas and want to ruin Trump.

      2. Hillary did ‘pay for play’ with her foundation allowing a Russian company to mine 20% of America’s uranium, and said Margerate Sanger is her hero. Sanger said in 1939 ‘we can’t let America know our sole purpose is to wipe the negro off the face of the earth.’ There are many books on her in library. Sanger also wanted to get rid of people with disabilities. She said they were a waste of natural resources. Hillary lied about Benghazi and tried to get a law passed in the senate giving sovereign rights to the UN over American people with disabilities and special needs. She was careless with our nations secrets by having them on her personal server among other things. And like Obama she was horrible on the military. She was not a better candidate. I like that President Trump is a straight shooter. The only way to get things done is to work together and to agree to disagree intelligently.

        1. libtroller

          Hillary is not the president, so comparisons to her are irrelevant. Try to focus, or we’ll have to up your Ritalin dosage.

  11. George

    Libtroll, You need to seek some professional help!! These next four years are going to be rough for you!!

    1. libtroller

      This is my therapy, George. Thanks for your concern, buddy!

  12. EWhitman

    LLBean is a strong supporter of community organizations here in Maine. We would not have our incredible homeless teen shelter and clinic, bought and renovated,furnished and supported by LLBean money, here in Portland Maine. Yesterday I went to our great annual NAACP celebration dinner in honor of MLK and one of the largest sponsors of the event was LLBean. The LLBean foundation does major work on land and natural resources preservation. They are one of the most decent companies to work for in this area, that is in sore need of good jobs. I have a diversity of friends, ethnicity, sexual orientation, backgrounds, who have or have had great positions and well paying jobs with LLBeans. They are all politically liberal and would not stay if they found the work climate to be racist, sexist, homophobic. If you want to hurt Linda Bean who personally made the illegal donations, post her personal businesses. I agree in holding her responsible for her positions, but to hold LL Bean’s as a whole responsible is irresponsible, reactionary, not the moral road in this situation. My grandfather was a racist, sexist alcoholic, but if you held me to blame for his behavior, actions, impact, you would be doing wrong. Please remove LLBean off the boycott site and correct it with information on Linda Bean’s business.

  13. Trez Vining

    I LOVE my LL Bean boots. Only thing, once in a while I have to hose off the liberal sh**t that accumulates.

  14. James Lewis

    What a waste of our time. There is no reasonable need to boycott good businesses just because they do not agree with your perspectives. Let’s talk about who is bullying now. Go after businesses because someone in their employ doesn’t agree with you. Stop your bully practices against good businesses that provide employment to people in USA. It appears you all want to he the next Hitler and telling everyone what to do, say and think. There is such a thing as freedom and the constitution. I am so sorry you here are so near sighted and can’t wait to see if there is a better way.

  15. Bigot Trump

    People are getting their china made stuff from grage sales and online and sending it back…bankrupt really really fast

  16. I am racist Trump

    Buy their china made stuff wear it and send it back …its starting to hurt their bottom line…great work…bankrupt in a few months

    1. Tina Sveinson

      Yeah right. Ivanka perfume #1 seller on Amazon

  17. Renee

    LIbtoll, this confirms my response above. you are one angry troll, spending all your time searching for sites to leave hateful comments on, is the very definition of angry.

    1. libtroller

      I know I’m pretty awesome, Renee, but I don’t think I’ve made it into the dictionary yet. And kudos on reading my comments and understanding them! ??

  18. Jym

    Love you folks..because of you pointing out how messed up you liberals are….just placed $1500.00 order with LL BEAN….long live the conservative patriotic Americans…keep stopping the progressive politically correct idiots.

    1. libtroller

      “Stop the progress!” Was wondering when I’d see the conserva-sheep mating call ?

  19. King

    Let us know for whom you liberal folks work for (if anyone) so that we may stop patronizing those businesses. I’m guessing this page is sponsored by Huggins because there sure are a lot of diapers that need changed in here

    1. libtroller

      Pretty sure liberals work all over the place…you might just have to live off the land. And what the hell is a Huggin?

  20. wolf

    this is forethought at don’t like someones political slant so you wish them a slow pain filled life..your aim is wide and careless and you don’t care who you hit or hurt or for how long..there are many employees that actually may agree with your POV but not your tactics..and then of course are all the unseen and unthought-of “supply chain” workers..that may be unemployed due to down sized sales..well to hell with them you say..but your for the workers you say..just as long as they agree with we know your limits..

    1. Bam!

      Political speech and association is free, but can have real-world consequences. That’s America. For example, if I had a nickel for every conservative that said they boycotted Target over its progressive bathroom policy involving transgendered people, I’d be rich as hell. And that’s their right and privilege living in this country. If any jobs are lost because of this boycott, that falls squarely on the shoulders of the business leaders that decided to commingle their business interests and contributions with their support for a specific candidate.

      1. Please push the message for Trump to divest his business and release his taxes. We must focus our outrage and have a firm goal.

        1. Jaes

          Now you know how I’ve felt for the last 8 years.

  21. Thomas

    You folks insist on your rights to express yourself, be it through your speech, action and/or wallet. Other people express themselves and they do not agree with you, and they need to be shunned, called out, made a pariah and boycotted, as the may be the opportunity. Obama said ‘no red states, nor blue states, just the United State’. He also said “elections have consequences’. You do not even offer your RSPECT to others like Sheen and the Unite for America people.

  22. thomas j mclaughlin

    Home depot should be on the list, as well as the Atlanta Falcon’s, whose owner, Arhter Block, is a very public supporter of Donald

  23. Renee

    You must be the most angry, unhappy, miserable person! The amount of negative energy you’re spewing out here in your comments is very sad. May I suggest yoga, meditation or some sort of counseling to deal with your anger issues? The intolerance of you and your leftist group of those that do not agree with you is despicable. You clearly didn’t think this plan through before stating this site. The only folks your hurting here are the employees that work at these companies, have nothing to do with the owners and some of whom did not vote for Trump. You’re basically taking much needed wages out of their wallets. Maybe the site should be called grab-libtrolls-wallet or grab-your-wallet’s-wallet to pay back all those hardworking American’s that you’re stealing from!

    1. libtroll

      Way to make assumptions. You referenced me in your comment, but I don’t run, own or have any connection to this site, or any other. I’m a nomad…I surf the web, bringing idiots to justice through trolling. ?

    2. Sarah

      SO RIGHT RENEE! We must remain focused on the goal of getting Trump to DIVEST/RELEASE!


      Girls night out at trump restaurant-sipping tea for several hours. Just make sure you tip as if you had a meal. We don’t want to punish the wait staff.

  24. warren Price

    Thank you for providing the “list”. In order to thank them for their support, I will make sure to purchase from them when needed. I will also forward the list to all of my friends

    1. libtroll

      I think you meant “friend.” The imaginary ones don’t count.

  25. I hope we can grow as a people… and not keep bickering….
    Find Peace

    1. All of us should want to understand exactly what our President’s interests are-it is the only way I will find any peace over the next 4 years. There is no reason he cannot release his taxes and divest his business.

  26. Vince

    L L Bean is a wonderful company…each of us is entitled to have an opinion… hurting American workers does no good for anyone….. This is the Land of the Free.. not a dictatorship where everyone has to follow one person’s lead….. Neither candidate wore Angel’s wings.. this country has many challenges ahead of us…. whether a Republican or Democrat leads us.. we need to all pull together and help our country grow strong again.

  27. Eileen Chilson

    Thanks for letting me know which stores I need to shop at to counteract your boycott.
    Karma is a bitch!

    1. libtroll

      Karma is a bitch, and her name is Eileen.

  28. Ben Dover

    I will strongly support every single one of those companies you said should be boycotted. Do something useful and take up sword swallowing.

    1. libtroll

      Oh, Mr. Dover, you drip with irony. It’s not every day you see someone who clearly sucks tell someone else to swallow.

    1. libtroll

      Respect for spelling “y’all” correctly.

  29. GWS

    All the more reason to BUY from L.L. Bean with an organization such as yours advocating such action.

    1. libtroll

      Another typical conserva-sheep. Did you notice that the Bean isn’t even on the boycott list on this site? Probably not, as that would require you to actually think for yourself and do your own research.

  30. Hope

    Your boycott is ridiculous. But thanks for the list. Like some of the earlier remarks now I know what company’s to shop and support more.

    1. libtroll

      You’re level of originality is ridiculous. Typical conserva-sheep.

  31. D. Howie

    Thank you for the wonderful website that easily tells me where I can purchase great products. I have never purchased LL Bean before, but will be soon! Thank you D. Wilson for the tip on the Port Clyde Lobsters! My mouth is watering already.


    I just ordered a pair of boot from LL Bean.
    I hate you liberal idiots.

    1. libtroll

      Hope you got a pair of pant and a pair of sock to complete the look. And don’t forget a pair of glass for when it’s sunny. And when you’re not busy hating, you should work on growing that pair of ball you sorely need.

      1. Jaes

        Maybe you should take your own advice.

        1. libtroller

          I guess we’re playing “guess my gender” now? Typical.

  33. Mike Bean

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you think Trump will resign? What is your goal? Who has financed you? BLM? SEIU? CPUSA? Soros? This seems like just another Alinskyesque trick to divide the American people. Why do you wish to divide the American people? Are you anti-American or just little crybaby bullies? Or all of the above? Cowards is really what you are, miserable sniveling loser cowards

    1. libtroll

      Wait…so people setting something up to promote politically-based action is un-American? It’s actually one of the most American things there is. You would know that if you knew…well, anything. Then again, you likely voted for Prince Pouty, so sense is an “area of opportunity” for you. Good luck with that, Mikey, I’m pulling for ya buddy.

    2. We are TRYING to get our President to DIVEST HIS BUSINESS AND RELEASE HIS TAXES!!!!!

      1. Jaes

        Why? I DON’T Care. I voted for Donald Trump to DO exactly what he is doing.

        1. libtroller

          You sure post a lot for someone who doesn’t care.

  34. melissa grasyon

    I would like to see the list of people who started this so that I can boycott them, they are nothing but a bunch of bullies who don’t think people are entitled to their own opinion.

    1. libtroll

      Wow, you’re sensitive, Melissa. Seems to me whoever put this site together is just making suggestions. This is instructive, though. I know conserva-sheep just swallow what they’re given and then puke it out for the next conserva-sheep to swallow, but I never really understood how it worked. If they’re all as feeble-minded as you are, it makes perfect sense.

        1. libtroller

          I am like a database Tom S, I know a lot of stuff. Thanks for noticing, I appreciate the support! ?

  35. Nlb

    Grab your wallet… Get over it!!! Common sense and the people have spoken. Hillary and her communist party have been defeated by the majority. You are the minority! Every company you claim to boycott will be the ones I support. MAGA!!

    1. libtroll

      Uh, “majority” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Did you see those popular vote numbers? Pro tip: the bigger number is bigger than the smaller number. I know, math is hard.

      1. Sarthurk

        Keep spewing your communist agenda there, Libtroll. We’re on to your program, and we’re not going to put up with it. That’s the American way, Now, go move to Canada , Cuba, or NORKO! I’m sure you’ll be happier there.

        1. libtroller

          Finally, someone who understands that the “American way” is tossing childish, hyperbolic and uninformed vitriol at strangers over the internet! Oh, wait, was confusing you with Trump for a second there. I’m not a communist, Sarthurk. And if you don’t understand that political action of all kinds against power you don’t agree with is the true American way, maybe you should move someplace where you don’t have to think quite so much.

  36. roger e.

    Have printed a list of trump stores you are boycotting. I will now make it a point to shop those stores every chance I get. I will spend my money the way I choose, not the way you think I should.

    1. libtroll

      Roger, you will do what you are told. Captain Grabby Mini-Mitts commands it…’atta boy ?

  37. Paul Wendl

    Thank You for you list. Now I know where to shop !!!

    1. libtroll

      Jesus, you’ve been waiting this long for someone to tell you where to shop? Take some initiative, Paul!

  38. Rob Nye

    Thank you for bringing the high quality of L.L. Bean products to my attention. I plan to purchase my next pair of boots from them. How would you like it if someone tried to get you fired for supporting a politician you supported? You should be happy to live in a free country. You lost. Get over it and work a little harder to get people to vote for your canditate on issues not by using strong arm tactics to scare people to vote your way and punish those who don’t.

    1. libtroll

      Hey, Rob, if you consider a site like this is a “strong-arm tactic,” I hope you don’t work for the CIA or something and have access to secret stuff. Can’t imagine it would take more than a titty-twister to get you spilling the beans.

  39. Le Powell

    I’m happy to take up the slack for those who plan to boycott certain companies affiliated with whom you disagree with politically.
    Thanks for bring this to my attention I have a large family & group of friends we will do our part to support the LL Bean

    1. libtroll

      Please stop breeding.

      1. Lisbeth

        Hello libtroll
        I am Canadian and this thing happening in the US of A is really none of my business – many of us up here have given up caring that south of us dwell some very unusual characters – however I am with you and your organization ….. By the way … Your responses to your ” friends” are tooooo funny
        Laughing very loudly – can you hear me?

        1. libtroll

          Ha! Glad you had a laugh. As much as I’d like to, though, I can’t take credit for this site, it’s not mine and I’m not involved with any organizations. I was just visiting, scrolling through the comments and thought it’d be fun to respond. ?

    2. Jaes

      I don’t think even your family likes you.

      A liberal Progressive is a wannabe Socialist and a socialist is a wannabe Communist.

      1. libtroller

        That’s cute, Jaes, but ridiculous. By that logic, you’re a fascist Nazi. And my family likes me just fine, but your mom LOVES me!

  40. Dave Miller

    You are a misguided, ridiculous site that is the product of a worldwide web that gives fools a forum where there should be none. Yes, you have the right to open your mouth and show everyone your stripes. That freedom is due to people who are or were willing to risk their lives for that opportunity. When will you learn your rantings are accepted be an extremely small group of people who have nothing better to do that bitch and complain. Get a life, get a job, get real!

    1. libtroll

      Dave, do you “math” much? The majority of voters voted against your charlatan-elect. You know, that pesky “popular vote” thing? Which means that a majority of Americans would likely appreciate this information. I guess I can’t expect much from someone who misses the irony of a fool posting a comment on the internet while railing against internet forums populated by fools. ?

  41. Jo McLellan

    Your entire boycott is based on the fact that you believed all the lies about Donald Trump that have been perpetuated by Democrats and the Mainstream Media. It’s really sad that there are so many people who are so ignorant that they can’t even do their own research and find the truth. It is out there and it is easy to find, but you choose not to look for it and make an informed decision. It may not have changed your vote, but at least you would have had all the facts. Although you have the right to boycott any business, so does everyone else. I personally will do as much buying as I possibly can at every store you have targeted and I, and many others I’m sure, will boycott you. You reap what you sow. If you ever have an urge to do a little research, look up Dixie Chicks record sales history from about 14 years ago and Target’s sales about a year ago. Conservatives are well known for raising their voices via their wallets.

    1. libtroll

      Jo, really?? The only research you need to do is listening to what the raged Oompa-Loompa says…no spin, no angle, just his OWN WORDS. Everything you need to know about him is in what he says. A few examples at

  42. Debbie Borgatta

    Thank you for this list of companies that you recommend everyone boycott. Many are my favorites. I will be sure to patronize them MORE OFTEN now that they are on your ridiculous list!!!!
    Thank you, again!!!

    1. BigDawg

      You took,the words right out of my mouth. These ##sholes won’t tell me where to spend my money and their list of organizations to contact help me to know where to never send my money. Suck that losers

      1. racist bad teeth donnie

        Buy their China made stuff wear it and return it they will go bankrupt really really fast

      2. libtroll

        I don’t know, BigDawg, based on who I think you voted for, seems like you’re pretty good at doing what you’re told and being talked into bad decisions. You must’ve been lots of fun in college. See that? I’m assuming you’re educated…I’m nice 🙂

  43. Roger Wilson

    About the LL Bean boycott, Linda Bean has her own company, Linda Bean Lobsters aka as Port Clyde Lobster Coop. It has a chain of lobster restaurants and sells live lobsters world wide. Boycotting the lobster company will have more effect the boycotting LL Bean.

    1. John Mirra

      I purchased my first LL Bean product back in 1976 at the age of 18 when I graduated
      high school and I still own that canvas bag. I own so many clothing and accessory items
      from LL Bean that I usually have at least one on through out any given day, so it pains me
      greatly that I will no longer purchase items from LL Bean due to the actions by one of
      the family members. Company president Shawn Gorman will need to do more than argue
      about being placed on Grab Your Wallet’s boycott list to win back my loyal patronage! Very
      sad day for me!!!

      1. Anne

        You’re pathetic.

        1. libtroller

          You used “you’re” correctly! Wow! You’re still a moron.

    2. Steve

      Let’s hurt American workers L L Bean is a good company let’s mess with the company and put more Americans out of work. You people are just hurls me me’s who get catered to and cost more jobs. So shut up and go away !! I’ve never heard the Demacrats tell business you go out of the country to make your product you’ll have a big tariff bringing it back in. Bill signed nafta and Hillary went along

      1. racist donnie

        Bocott or bankrupt
        1 million people buy a 100$ item use it and return it they will go bankrupt
        Buy items wear then return it and they will go flush

      2. I M racist DT

        I just ordered a few thousand dollars worth of item. I will wear it ans send all of it back. super idea.

      3. Ginny

        If Ms. Bean cared about her workers, perhaps she should have placed her voice and financial support elsewhere. Like John, I love the product, but cannot put money into the pockets of someone who has supported Mr. Trump, a man who, even before he has taken office, has endangered the freedoms and safety my loved ones and all Americans.

      4. libtroll

        Hurting American workers? What about the American workers your orange overlord is hurting by not paying for work done on his properties? Oh, and Spellcheck…use it bro.

    3. Jaes

      Thank you. I’m going to order some lobster.

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